Shakeology Success Stories


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE transformation stories. There’s something so inspiring and empowering about seeing people become better human beings and find success! It makes me feel like, “If they can do it…I can do it!” Know what I mean?

So, today I wanted to share with you some amazing Shakeology transformation stories from people with various backgrounds, health issues, and struggles. Hopefully these stories will be as inspiring to you as they are to me! It’s because of stories like these that I am SO passionate about giving people the tools they need to change their life for the best!

natalieNatalie N.

“Shakeology is like premium fuel rather than watered down, cheap gasoline.”

“When my 8-year-old son started saying that we were going to have another baby because ‘mom’s belly is big,’ I knew I had to change my diet. Before Shakeology, I was a horrible eater. I never ate breakfast or lunch, instead I’d rely on coffee to get me through the day. Then around 4 I’d be starving and gorge on everything in sight. My husband was already drinking Shakeology and convinced me to give it a try so I could train my brain to crave healthy food. Once I started having a shake for breakfast I actually began to want lunch. Now I no longer crave junk food and my digestion has improved. Thanks, Shakeology, for making me feel fulfilled and alive!”




Yecenia C.

“Shakeology saved my life, and my Air Force career.”yessenia

“No 31 year old should be 90 lbs. overweight —so I turned to Beachbody for help. I drank Shakeology together with doing Hip Hop Abs and the fat got blasted, my core got stronger, and I no longer endure pain in my back and legs. Then I did the Ultimate Reset. And in 5 short months, I lost 76 lbs. and 14% body fat. Shakeology fueled my body with the nutrition it needed and I’ll be grateful to its creators for the rest of my life!”





dianaDiana D.

“Sometimes I can’t believe how much Shakeology has helped me overcome my challenges.”

“I gained over 60 lbs. with my first pregnancy and by the time I had my second—I was huge, because I never lost a bit of the weight from either pregnancy. I was always tired, always ashamed, and always miserable. So I said ‘enough’—started working out and drinking Shakeology. I truly believe Shakeology turned my world around. Within the first couple of weeks, my cravings disappeared, my energy returned, and now I don’t even drink coffee because Shakeology gives me all the energy I need for the day. Thanks to Shakeology and INSANITY, I’ve lost 95 lbs.!”



Lisa J.lisa

“I truly believe that Shakeology saved my life.”

“At nearly 200 lbs., I was not healthy. But food was always my ‘comfort,’ so the more depressed I got, the more I ate. When my dad died from cancer, I ate and ate until I couldn’t eat anymore. But I hit rock bottom when I developed a ‘softball’ in my neck. At first, they thought I’d had a heart attack. It was only an infection that required surgery. But the scare of a heart attack sent me to P90X, and then ASYLUM. In all, I lost 76 lbs. And I thank Shakeology—it supported my transformation, helped me lose weight, AND it changed my life. When I was in the hospital, my mom brought me Shakeology every day, and I truly believe it gave my body everything it needed to thrive.”




tylerTyler D.

“Shakeology was the game changer!”

“After losing more than 50 pounds doing a couple rounds of P90X, I found myself stuck on a weight plateau around 185 lbs. After drinking Shakeology for a week straight, however, I felt amazing, and before long, it propelled me to my current weight of 151 lbs. That’s a total weight loss of 90 lbs.! The combination of P90X and Shakeology turned out to be my recipe for success—there were some days when just the thought of that delicious chocolate shake was enough to get me through my workout. I still drink it every day and I plan to drink it forever, because I know it’s giving my body what it needs. The stuff is worth its weight in gold!”




Deirdra P.deidra

“I chose Shakeology to help get me on my feet with nutrition.”

“After I had my second child, I could not get the weight off. My biggest challenge was eating. Nutrition is 70–80% of weight loss—but I love ice cream—especially at night. Big issue! So when my cousin—who is a Team Beachbody Coach—got me started with Shakeology, I felt a great change in my energy and my digestive system. To me, it’s like eating ice cream . . . except I’m losing weight, gaining energy, and Shakeology has finally taken care of my cravings! I have my shake in the evening to replace the ice cream I would normally eat at night. It works, trust me. I am leaner, I’ve lost the weight I needed to lose, and I finally have control over my diet. That’s a big change and I thank Shakeology.”



leoLouie S.

“Dollar for dollar, you can’t beat the price and taste of Shakeology.”


“Even though I achieved incredible results from INSANITY, I felt like something was missing—so I ordered Shakeology alongside FOCUS T25. Turns out, adding Shakeology to my diet has made all the difference in the world. After just a month of drinking Shakeology I’m sleeping like a baby, my outlook is amazing, my digestion/regularity is excellent and consistent, my energy has improved, and I’m seeing even more amazing results from my workouts. Plus, I’ve lost so much weight that now I’m in the best shape of my life, no longer have a double chin, and I’m loving my 4-pack. Shakeology is helping me achieve my goals because now I’m living a healthy lifestyle and training hard.”



Jessica H.Jessica

“I was used to eating huge fast food combo meals and eating way too much for one person, but when my Coach introduced me to Shakeology, I loved the way it tasted. I felt full without feeling bloated and I had more energy than ever before. Eating became easier. I can resist the treats at work now, because I know my tasty treat each day is going to be a glass of Shakeology. I look forward to that first sip every morning the way other people look forward to their first coffee. So far, I’ve lost 63 pounds and 54 inches. I am invigorated and energized after every workout. I’m active and much more outgoing. I am ridiculously happy . . . people say it pours out of me. I’m so proud of myself. I DID IT!”





Aren’t these AMAZING!!!!! SO inspiring, right?! I just love it! If these stories peaked your curiosity about Shakeology and what we do in our challenge groups to get results like these, let’s talk! You can always reach me at You can also read my research I put together on my Shakeology page here.

Also, just incase you missed my announcement, starting July 1st, I’m running a 14-day Shakeology test group! No alteration to food or exercise required. The only requirement is to consume 2 servings of Shakeology each day for the 14 days. Read more here.

Ready to try it for yourself? Click the button below!

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*Results may vary. Please consult your physician before beginning any supplement or meal replacement product, particularly if you have any unique or special needs or conditions, such as food allergies, dietary restrictions, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
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Is Shakeology Safe for Pregnancy & Nursing Mama’s?


Oh sweet teeny tiny humans…they bring out a ferocious protective instinct within us to do everything in our power to protect them from the day we know they’re conceived. We’re created that way intentionally. This “mama bear” or “papa bear” instinct unfortunately can cause us to take opinions at surface value without looking into the evidence behind the opinion. If you’ve had a baby and done any kind of research into what is potentially harmful or beneficial for your growing nugget, you know that there are a WIDE range of opinions out there. Raw milk for instance…some say it’s the most dangerous thing you can drink while pregnant and others stand behind it’s healing and incredible nutrient density for mama and baby. The list goes on regarding conflicting opinions and beliefs.

Today, I wanted to set the record straight regarding the safety of Shakeology during pregnancy and breast feeding. First, let me say, I am not your OB Doctor. I am not a midwife. I know nothing about you or your specific situation, so please don’t take this as medical advice. It’s always smart to get the opinion of a medical professional and make your own educated decision for you and your babe.

Here’s a quick background on me and why I even have an opinion.

I’m a Registered Nurse with my Bachelor’s in Nursing. I am a certified Health Coach. I have spent the past 8 years researching holistic health, nutritional therapies, integrative medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and how to heal the body at a foundational level. I also have an 18-month old son who I stopped breastfeeding one month ago and I am 12 weeks pregnant today growing our next tiny human. So, my heart is in this with you because the health of my babies depends on me doing the best research possible to protect them. I don’t take this lightly.

Shakeology & Pregnancy

First, let me address the most common 4 reasons I hear as to why someone should NOT drink Shakeology while pregnant:

1- Too much Vitamin A or (Vitamins in general)

This is probably one of the more common questions I get. Studies have shown that too much Vitamin A in the form of retinol are correlated to birth defects. This is where most people stop researching and throw the baby out with the bath water (no pun intended). They see that each serving of Shakeology contains 100% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of Vitamin A at 5000 IU. Let me specify the HUGE difference here. The Vitamin A found in Shakeology is in the form of Beta-Carotine from a whole food source, NOT from Retinol. There is no correlation of birth defects with beta-carotene. If there was, that would mean we should have warning labels on eating too many carrots during pregnancy. See more on this here. untitledSo, when people use this reason as an argument as to why they won’t drink Shakeology during pregnancy, they should also be worried about carrots.

For those of you “sciency” peeps like me, you can refer to the U.S. Government’s official research on the difference between preformed Vitamin A (retinol) vs. Beta Carotene Vitamin A related to birth defects on the NIH (National Institute’s of Health) website here.

Screenshot 2014-05-08 12.32.13

It should also be mentioned that the vegan formulas of Shakeology are probably the best and most gentle during pregnancy for a couple reasons. One is that it’s the most gentle on the digestive tract. Pregnancy comes with it’s own set of digestive issues, so we need all the help we can get in this area. The second reason is because the vegan formulas are unfortified. A fortified food means it has vitamins, minerals or other nutrients not normally present in the food added to it during processing. Since the vegan formula is unfortified, it ONLY has the vitamins and nutrients that are naturally present in the whole foods that they used to formulate Shakeology. We don’t go around counting the vitamin content in the food we’re eating, afraid that we’re going to overdose on our vitamins, do we? Of course not because it’s pretty much impossible!  In fact, the Beachbody website has a specific note regarding this topic-


On a completely unrelated topic of nutrition and safety, the vegan formulas also TASTE DELICIOUS! They’re now available in Tropical Strawberry, Chocolate, Café Latte, & Vanilla. Taste is a big deal for a preggo woman. Our taste buds have a friggen’ mind of their own! I literally cannot eat vegetables…which is SO weird for me. I’m so thankful I can drink a chocolate milkshake and get all my nutrients in that way!

I will say, I personally use my Shakeology in place of my prenatal vitamin and I supplement with folate. Some mama’s choose to supplement with added iron as well. I would say talk to your doctor about this decision and see where your blood levels are to see if you need a supplement. Your daily dose of nutrition in Shakeology is equivalent to a prenatal vitamin minus the added folate. That’s amazing news for me!

2- Ashwagandha

I know you might be thinking…what the frick is “Ash-wa-what?”. Lol… Ashwagandha is an amazing superfood! The argument regarding safety during pregnancy here basically comes down to Western Medicine opinion vs. Ayurvedic/Holistic/Herbology Medicine. In Western Medicine and on the NIH website, there is a warning that if this herbs is consumed in very high doses it may cause premature birth (Please resist the urge to go gnaw on all the ashwagandha bushes you see all around you, k?). Note that this opinion is based on HIGH doses of Ashwaganda. The amount in Shakeology is nowhere near the doses necessary to cause preterm labor. This herb traditionally has been used for thousands of years in countries like India to actually strengthen the uterus before and during pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. It is also interesting to note that Ashwaganda is used in India as a galactagogue—a drug to increase milk production in breastfeeding women!  Traditional herbalists who have used this herb for years with no side effects say that it actually helps prevent a miscarriage. Another major benefit is the stress balancing effects of this herb. Ashwaganda is known to be an adaptogenic herb. Herbs that fall into this classification help the body return to baseline (when you’re anxious or fatigued) and become more resilient to stressful situations, which pregnancy itself can be. When it comes to fertility and pregnancy, this herb is also considered an aphrodisiac, helping improve the health of the reproductive tissues and to awaken and enhance sexual energy. This is beneficial for obvious reasons when trying to conceive. 🙂 Lastly, studies have shown ashwagandha has anti-inflammatory and immune-protecting properties and antioxidant activity, reducing damage from free radicals in the body. You can read more about all of these benefits here.

3- Moringa

Moringa is another exotic superfood most people don’t know about. Western Medicine warns that Moringa can cause miscarriage through stimulating the uterus to contract. It is important to note that “Moringa” may be referring to Moringa leaf (as in Shakeology) or Moringa bark/root. All the studies I reviewed regarding Moringa’s use as an abortifacient or contraceptive was when Moringa BARK/ROOT was used, not the leaves. I couldn’t find any studies linking Moringa LEAF to either of these uses. In fact, once again, I found evidence of use of Moringa throughout pregnancy both in Ayruvedic medicine and African medicine as well. In a US study, Moringa leaves have been recently proven to be safe during pregnancy and lactation and to even decrease cholesterol. Refer to the study here. In fact, there are phenomenal studies that can be found on this superfood at In a separate study, Moringa was proven to be effective at safely increasing a mother’s milk supply, specifically after giving birth to a premature infant before 37 weeks. For the full study, visit TOXNET here.


Moringa leaves are known to contain over 90+ nutrients, many of which we are lacking, either due to poor diet or the need to heal our bodies because we are not absorbing nutrients properly. From what I can find out it seems to have seven times the vitamin C found in oranges, four times the calcium in milk, four times the vitamin A in carrots (beta-carotene, not retinol) three times the iron in spinach, three times the vitamin E of almonds, three times the potassium in bananas, and two times the protein in milk.  (source)

As you can see, this one superfood in Shakeology is pretty badass and could be incredibly helpful to anyone, including a pregnant or nursing mama.

4- Don’t use a meal replacement or cut calories while pregnant

This is fantastic advice. When you’re growing a human, you need all the healthy meals and nutrients you can get. It wouldn’t be smart to be on a diet and use a meal replacement while pregnant or breastfeeding. The solution? Don’t use Shakeology as a meal replacement. Use it as a supplement on top of your meals. For my clients who are continuing to exercise using the Beachbody programs and who are trying to still follow the meal plan programs, we bump them up a calorie bracket to ensure adequate calorie consumption while maintaining a clean and nutritious lifestyle.


Now that we have all of that out of the way, I have a couple more points I’d like to make in my pro-Shakeology during the human growing process argument. 🙂

1- Delicious, Convenient, & Easy nutrient density for mama and baby.

Let me just say as a currently pregnant woman: Hormones. Are. Powerful. Just ask all the baby daddy’s out there! Haha… I have always been a health nut, choosing quinoa, sauerkraut, and broccoli over pizza and ice cream any day. Since my super hormones kicked in to grow this babe, I haven’t been able to eat quinoa, salad, or most vegetables. I’ve been craving Cheetos, pizza, and chocolate shakes. My husband literally looked at me in disbelief and thought someone else had taken over my body. Well, someone did! It’s my tiny baby boy who is currently the size of a small plum, but wow is he powerful! It can be TRULY DIFFICULT to eat healthy foods only when you’re preggers. I have very strong will power, but even I succumb to the pizza cravings. The fact that I can have a chocolate peanut butter shake that provides my body with over 72 incredibly dense ingredients is MAGICAL! Why would you NOT want to drink this daily?!

2- There are MUCH more dangerous and harmful ingredients in the foods most preggo mama’s crave and eat every day.

This is not to “mom shame” ANYONE. Nor is it intended to scare you, but to inform you. I guarantee probably 90% of baby growers are not scrutinizing every single thing they put in their body. Back to the hormones…they’re powerful suckers that can empower you to down half a pizza and half a bag of Cheetos in record time. It’s ridiculous. Those who are worried about the ingredients in this nutrient dense formula should be much more worried about the fast food, processed food, high sugar, preservatives,  hydrogenated oils, and artificial ingredients they’re eating usually on a daily basis. GMO’s are a real threat to our growing babies and they’re in pretty much ALL processed non-organic food. Artificial sweeteners as well as high sugar diets can lead to diabetes for mom and baby. Aspartame, MSG (monosodium glutamate), excess fluoride, mercury, and aluminum are all neurotoxins (they’re toxic to brain cells) that people consume daily that can effect the growing baby inside of you. We haven’t even touched on the chemical pesticides on non-organic produce or the hormones and antibiotics in all non-organic animal products. Ya…I know. Overwhelming.

Aside from food & drinks, chemicals that we put on our skin go to our blood stream, and can also effect baby. It’s SUPER important when pregnant to use as pure, natural, and non-toxic products as possible. Here’s a list of top toxins to avoid while pregnant. It’s a great idea to start switching over to non-toxic alternatives while you’re pregnant, so when baby arrives, you can use all non-toxic products on their little bodies. A great resource and website to check the safety of your cosmetics and skin care products is

3- Don’t be discouraged if your doctor says not to drink Shakeology during pregnancy and nursing.

While, I always encourage talking to your doctor before making any changes to your health regimen. Know that most medical doctors are very smart and educated in MEDICINE. That’s what they know. In medical school, you get 1 small basic course on nutrition, that’s it. The rest is pathophysiology and pharmacology. Usually, they don’t take courses on herbology, integrative medicine, preventative health, and more holistic modalities, so this may be out of their comfort zone. When it comes down to it, you are your best advocate. Do your research and you make the best decision for you and your growing babe.

4- New perspective on “Eating for Two”

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear women say “I can eat for two now!” as they shove not one but two McDonalds double doubles down their throat with a diet soda and super sized fries followed by 10 snickers bars. There are cravings…and then there is a lack of knowledge on what’s best for baby. Again, I don’t say this out of judgment, but out of passion to grow healthier babies in our country. When you find out your pregnant, it isn’t an excuse to eat whatever the heck you want. It’s a reason to get as many nutrients into your body as possible and to do the best you can to avoid all potential toxins. Granted, I am not perfect at this, but I do try. What you put into your body are the building blocks of your baby’s insides and outsides. That realization alone should make you want to down all the superfoods possible! Yes, eat for two in the BEST way! You are now your baby’s advocate. It’s up to you starting NOW on what your child’s foundation of their health will be built of. Ya..that’s a crap load of pressure! Welcome to parenthood! That feeling never goes away! Haha…


I hope this analysis was helpful for you and maybe helped clarify some incorrect preconceived notions flying around out on cyberspace about Shakeology and pregnancy. Here are some additional blogs that I found helpful on this topic:

If you’d like to know more about the ingredients and contents in Shakeology, you can check out my Shakeology research here.

If you’d like to try Shakeology yourself or if you have any questions, I’d love to talk with you! You can contact me at Usually I can respond within 24 hours.


Have an awesome day and thanks for reading my research! 🙂

  • The Health Patriot
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Shakeology Test Group: Registration OPEN


I’ve been inspired and I’m going to follow that inspiration. My team is absolutely CRUSHING their goals! People are dropping pounds and inches left and right. Mommas are still pushing play even when they have babes who don’t sleep through the night. People are FEELING better than they have in YEARS! Some are off their medication for the first time in years…blood pressure is dropping, resting heart rate is dropping, chronic high blood sugar is being reversed. I’m telling you, LIVES ARE CHANGING!

Did you know in 2014, Beachbody paid for a third party clinical trial to be done on Shakeology? An actual science based, controlled study on the effects Shakeology alone had on participants. This study consisted of 50 participants who were selected after a rigorous selection process. The requirements? To drink Shakeology twice a day for 90 days. That’s it. No change in diet, no change in exercise.



Shedding pounds.
Turns out, when participants drank Shakeology for breakfast they had a significant reduction in the desire to eat lunch. Over the course of 90 days participants lost an average of 9.3 pounds, with the highest weight loss coming in at 24 pounds. WOW—losing that much weight in 90 days is quite impressive!

Another interesting fact about the results is that participants continued to lose weight throughout the entire study. This shows that the continuous use of Shakeology resulted in the healthy type of weight loss—slow and steady. And those are the kind of results that are sustainable for the long haul.

Cholesterol plummeted.
In addition to lowering the digits on the scale, another very important number that shrunk was participants’ cholesterol. The average total cholesterol reduction was 7% with the maximum reduction being 50%.

Lowered blood sugar.
The study also monitored participants’ blood sugar levels. And rather than testing just a single day’s blood sugar (which can vary based on what you ate that day or even the day before) the study evaluated the average blood sugar for each day over the 3-month period (also known as HbA1c). Turns out, participants reduced their blood sugar (HbA1c) by an average of 5% while some reduced their numbers by up to 19%. And keeping your blood sugar levels steady is important in helping reduce the risk of diabetes.

For complete details on the study, refer to the Shakeology website here.


For those of you interested in the science/medical opinion of these superfoods, you should check out “100 Doctor’s Don’t Lie”, where 100 medical doctor’s were interviewed about their personal opinion of Shakeology. Pretty fascinating!




So, in light of my team inspiring me with their results…in light of this amazing study, I’ve decided to do a smaller shorter version and conduct my own test group. Here are the details:

DATES: July 1- July 14th- 2 week duration

TEST GROUP REQUIREMENTS: No change to nutrition or exercise necessary. Drink 2 Shakeology shakes each day. These can be used as meal replacements or snack replacements.

ACCOUNTABILITY: I can’t watch you drink your Shakeology every day, so instead we’ll use the Challenge Tracker App as well as a private FB group where you will log BOTH Shakeology drinks each day. You can use these groups to also ask questions along the way.

SUPPORT: If you participate in this group, you will receive daily health tips, recipes, and encouragement from me to keep you on track and support you through these 14 days. We will also have a weekly call available to call and ask questions.

TRACKING: You will be required to take the following measurements before and after the test group:

  • Full body photo in exercise clothes
  • Blood pressure
  • Resting pulse
  • Waist circumference
  • Fasting Blood Sugar * Optional
  • Complete a health survey addressing digestion, energy, hormone balance, drive, and stress levels.

Shakeology-worksIf this is something that interests you, please email me ASAP ( so we can get you registered, added to the group and plugged in. If you are not a current member of our team or if you’re an inactive member and need to order your Shakeology, the last day to register or place your order is JUNE 24th! You won’t get your Shakeology in time if you order after that date.

–> You can purchase Shakeology directly by clicking here <–

You can still take advantage of the HUGE sale with Beachbody’s biggest challenge pack yet here (It’s only $30 more than Shakeology alone!)

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Operation: Make Your Pants Loose- Starting May 1st!

Pants went from muffin top status to I need a belt status in a little over a month!

Ha…you loved that title didn’t you… that’s the only reason you opened this blog post…wasn’t it! 🙂 Lol…

Ok, so for real, I am going to be doing another 30-day challenge for all of you who missed out on April’s!

Here are the details:

  • Dates- 30 days May 1- May 30
  • Challenge Requirements:
    • Drink Shakeology every day
    • Do any Beachbody program 6-7 Days/Week- It is HIGHLY encouraged to make 1-2 of those days a Beachbody Yoga routine
    • Follow the 21 Day Fix personalized meal plan
  • Accountability Challenge:
    • There are two ways you can participate in our team accountability challenge- via our private Facebook group or via the My Challenge Tracker App (or both).
    • Of COURSE there is a prize involved, but you’ll have to work for it! At the end of our challenge, we’ll be doing a raffle for a Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System! You have the potential of earning a total of 30 raffle tickets in the entire challenge. Each day you post a picture of BOTH your Shakeology shake AND your post workout “selfie” proving you did both, you will earn yourself a raffle ticket.


  • Membership Requirements:
    • In order to make everything fair across the bored, we have a few requirements to participate. If you’re registered as a Beachbody coach, your account must be in active status. If you’re registered as a customer, you must have an active Shakeology home direct order.
    • You must be on our “Team”. If your coach is not affiliated with Team Health Patriots, I’m sorry but you will have to join your own coach’s challenge group.

Ready to get started???

Here is how to join us…

  1. Option 1- If you are currently a member of our team, make sure you meet the membership requirements then reach out to your personal coach to add you to our accountability group.
  2. Option 2- If you are NOT currently a member of our team, but would like to be, let’s get you registered! You have two options, you can register as a regular customer or as a coach. If you’d like to know more about the “discount coach” option, click here. Once you take a look at those options, if you’d like to register as a coach, email or text me asap. or 209-840-0900.
  3. Option 3- If you’d like to register as a regular customer, you’re going to want to do so with Beachbody’s insane sale this month in the All Access Challenge Pack. This challenge pack has absolutely everything you’ll need for amazing success!  Click this link to see all the details. Once you click this link, you can follow through with your purchase. It will ask you to register. Under coach sponsor, make sure it says my name or you won’t be added to our team. You can use my email: . 🙂


Once your registration is complete, you’ll receive a welcome email (for all our new peeps!) and you’ll be added to the May Challenge group so you can start getting ready for our challenge! I’m SUPER stoked about this you guys!

Where will you be June 1st? The time will pass regardless, how you’ll feel, how lean, strong, slim, & healthy you’ll be is up to no one else but YOU!




Talk to you soon! You’re awesome!

~ The Health Patriot


P>S…Here’s some added inspiration!

Image result for beachbody success stories

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Image result for beachbody success stories

Image result for beachbody success stories

Image result for beachbody success stories




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Super Saturday Event April 8th in Sonora!

Super Saturday (2)


Hey Everyone!  

I am SO excited to announce that Team Health Patriots will be hosting our first ever public Super Saturday in Sonora!

What is a Super Saturday event? Check this out…Beachbody corporate puts together these AMAZING surprises and announcements and decided it would be awesome to bring together coaches around the country to make those announcements and make a celebration out of it! We’ll be sharing transformation stories, feedback from some of our local coaches, and explain what exactly Beachbody programs are, how they work, and what we do as coaches. That very same day, there will be hundreds if not thousands of other Super Saturday events happening all around America. Pretty cool, right?! We get to put our own spin on it, and that’s exactly what we’ve done this year. To make this an even more unique and amazing experience, we have partnered with some local favorites to bring you a super fun and enjoyable Saturday evening.

We will be kicking off the event with a LIVE group workout! You’ll then get to sample Shakeology flavors, here more about the company, programs, and coaching opportunity. I’ll then be handing it over to my good friend Nicole who knows all about keeping it healthy in the home with her non-toxic nail art company! Who doesn’t want a beautiful mani/pedi?? Amazing! We’ll also be featuring local artists such as Annie Stayer from Thirteen Eleven Olive and Bobby Aubrey from Mettle & Wood custom furniture. AND since we’ll be hosting this event in the beautiful Re/Max Gold building downtown Sonora, you’ll have some time to peruse the new Re/Max “Gifted” Gift shop with it’s grand opening that night!

Wait! And there’s more…

Ha! I had to do that. 🙂 That night is ALSO the 2nd Saturday of the month, which means ALL of Washington street will be open with free snacks and live music! It’s going to be such a good time!!! You have to be there, you just have to! Seriously…what else do you have to do? Laundry? Dishes?

Here is our schedule of events:

Super Saturday

For more information, feel free to contact me at We hope to see you there!

  • The Health Patriot


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I wanted “abs” for my 40th Birthday


The following inspirational transformation story has been shared from the Team Beachbody Blog. Check out the original post here.

Steve Valenzuela lost 18 lbs. with 22 Minute Hard Corps, Shakeology, and the Beachbody Performance supplements. Here’s the story that he shared with the Beachbody Challenge contest.

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?
I wanted to see my abs for my 40th birthday, so I took the 22 Minute Hard Corps challenge and finally found my abs. I work long hours as a medical sales rep going from hospital to hospital, eating like crap, and not having any energy to go to the gym. I was turning 40 and needed to change my life lifestyle so I picked up 22 Minute Hard Corps and it literally kicked my butt. Shakeology was my go-to shake everyday. I am now 40, nowhere near being a borderline diabetic. I’m in the best shape of my life. Thank you, Tony.

What inspired you to change your life and begin your transformation journey?
I have a family history of diabetes. My father died when he was 42 years of age due to diabetes and an unhealthy lifestyle. I had to make a change for my family and myself. I literally was unable to bend down and tie my shoes without losing my breath. I was so out of shape.

What is the greatest challenge you faced before beginning the program? How did the program and Beachbody help you overcome that challenge?
Trying to follow the meal plan while traveling for work was hard. I had to watch my portions and take my 22 Minute Hard Corps meal plan book with me. It helped make the best choices for me on the road. Beachbody On Demand along with Shakeology helped me stay on track and work out either at home or in a hotel room.

What in particular did you like about the program you chose?
I liked the boot camp like style workout. You get in and out in less than 30 minutes a day. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and burpees are my favorite kind of workouts. Gets the heart pumping, and you’re sweating like hell every time.

Describe the results you achieved with your Beachbody program. Which achievements are you proud of?
Being able to stop eating processed foods was the major win for me. Of course revealing my abs is something I am proud of at 40. I’m also proud that I stayed on track with my meals and I finished the program.

How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program?
I wake up with more confidence and energy every day. I feel like a million bucks and my family and friends are now trying Beachbody workouts and Shakeology. I’m also a Beachbody Coach now.

How did your Team Beachbody Coach support you on your journey?
Checking in on me and lots of words of encouragement.

How did a Beachbody Supplement or Nutritional Product or Program (such as Shakeology or Beachbody Ultimate Reset) support your transformation? What are the greatest benefits you gained? Did you see benefits to your energy, sleep, mood/mental clarity, digestion/regularity?
All of the above. Shakeology and the Beachbody Performance Line helped me recover and achieve my results. My mood has changed for the better. I’m a way happier person today.2

Tell us about your experience with Beachbody On Demand. If applicable, how has it helped you achieve your goals?
Beachbody On Demand helped with my workouts while I was traveling for work. 22 minutes was the perfect workout on demand!

You can change your life, too. Take the Beachbody Challenge for the tools you need to Decide, Commit, and Succeed! Complete any Beachbody program, and enter your results for a free gift and a chance to win cash and prizes. What program are you committing to next?


Results vary depending on starting point and effort.
2These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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New 30 Day Challenge!

30 Day Refresh


I’m SO excited to share that I will be starting a new challenge group with a new spin on how we run them! I’ll get straight down to business. Here are the details and requirements to participate…

Challenge Details

  • Dates: Program will run from April 1-April 30


  • Fitness: Participants will be required to do some sort of Beachbody workout each day. It is recommended that yoga is integrated into two days each week. Participants can follow one program for 30 days, such as 21 Day Fix, or mix it up each day with Beachbody on Demand and choose a different exercise routine each day.


  • Nutrition: Participants will be guided through and follow the 21 Day Fix nutritional plan with portion fix containers. I will help each person individualize this plan to fit their needs according to their goals.


  • Shakeology: All participants must have Shakeology and an active Beachbody account for the entire 30 days.


  • Participation: We will have an exclusive FB group as well as an app available to track progress. Participants will check in when their workouts are complete and Shakeology has been checked off for the day. The group will receive daily tips and motivation from coaching staff. There will be a large prize at the end awarded to one person! Chances of winning go up the more one participates!

3 Steps to Join

Sound like something you’d enjoy? Are you ready to shed that winter coat and get ready for Spring & Summer? Looking for motivation to get fit & healthy? You NEED this! You won’t regret it, I promise! Here is how to get started…

  1. Let me know you’re in. Text me at 209.840.0900 or Email me at I need to add you to our participant group and make sure you follow the proper channels to get started.
  2. If you are new to Beachbody, we need to get you a challenge pack ordered ASAP! Here are some awesome options:
  3. Mark your Calendar for April 1st! Spread the news to your friends and family and see if anyone would like to join you! These groups are much more fun when you have people around you, especially in your household who are doing the same program.

I am SO excited about this group! I am truly looking forward to seeing your transformation story! Remember, your results are guaranteed or your money back! Shoot me a message today so we can get you started and ready to go!


Happy Friday!



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Promise To My Wife


Hello everyone,

For Valentines Day this year I promised my wife i would write a blog post and tell a little of my story. I’m telling some of my story to show why I have come to believe in Beachbody as their programs and Shakeology has completely changed our lives in the past year.

So here we go… It was 2009 and I wanted more in my life, I had a calling to serve my country but did not know what that looked like for me. So, I did what any young man with this question does… off to the recruiters I went to see what jobs they had. The one requirement I had was i wanted a job that would allow me to jump out of a perfectly good air plane into the battle field. Walking into the Air Force recruiter with this one requirement, it made the potential jobs list very small. Four jobs to be exact. I chose the one that best suited my personality, and asked how fast I could leave. The recruiter told me I had to pass a physical agility test consisting of two (2) 30 meter underwater swims, a timed 500 meter swim, a timed 1 1/2 mile run, pull ups, push ups, and sit ups. My response was “When can I do it?” A date was set a couple weeks out for me to take the test and I thought I was ready. The day came and I started the test. It kicked my butt, I passed with descent numbers but realized I needed to do more in the gym to prepare for the job I had picked and the selection process that was coming. With that in mind, I set off to get ready for a selection only 10% of people who try actually accomplish.

Fast forward to the spring of 2010 where I find myself day one of selection. Sitting at attention on the pool deck dreading what could come. The swim coach shouts “500 meter warm up, go”. Other recruits and I enter the water and start with the warm up. I hear a loud voice yelling “Stop! Everyone out of the water! Smith didn’t enter the pool right”. The same voice says, “Grab the pool deck, 100 flutter kicks, ready go”. This continued for our 2.5 hour pool work out. All I could think was , “wow, 2 hours into day 1 and this sucks”. I came to realize the more you embraced the suck, the suck wasn’t that bad. Workouts like this continued day in and day out as week one came to an end. We had lost 5 recruits the first week and as we got to the weekend to rest, many wondered what was in store for the rest of us come week two.

Week two started much like week one. The recruits and I screwed up less but still got smoked every workout. Losing a couple more recruits, we started to come together as a team. I realized I had pushed myself harder and farther than I ever thought possible in those two weeks. I learned my body could withstand anything my brain was willing to push it through. After this profound realization, I found that selection was fun. It was a molding time in my life. I discovered I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. Due to circumstances out of my control I was not able to finish my military career, maybe i will write more about this later……

Fast forward to one year ago, I am happily married to my amazing wife and best friend. We both had started new careers 1-year prior and our first child had arrived. The craziness of life had set in. Finding time to work out was not in the day-to-day schedule for us. When our son was 3-months old, my wife discovered Beachbody and a work out called 22 Minute Hard Corps. She told me she wanted to do the program to get back in shape after baby. I remember her telling me it was only 22 minutes long and that part of the proceeds from this program, goes to Veterans. “I’m in!” I was thinking it would be easy workouts and I could fight off some of the office weight I had gained from my job. You have to remember I was the former Crossfit obsessed, functional fitness guru, workout twice-a-day guy and running to the gym was my form of transportation. “What’s 22 minutes of home workouts?”, I thought. Wow… was I wrong! This program Beachbody put together was no joke. Tony Horton…he’s no joke! Not only did the workouts kick my butt, a few weeks in, I can honestly say I felt as fit as I was years prior training for the military working out for hours a day! Best part of all, I got to work out with my wife at home while our son watched from his play pen.

Family time and fitness, what a great combo. From my perspective, if you are a person looking to get in shape, to lose weight, to build muscle, or even to strengthen your relationship and support your wife….DO THIS! Beachbody really does offer some amazing programs!

Even those of you who are working full time with families and a crazy schedule, you can find time to take care of yourself. Make it a family activity. You ALL will feel better. You ALL will feel stronger. You ALL will feel more energized and enjoy life together more when you’re healthy. You don’t have to spend hours at a gym each day. We are proof of that.

Just remember, whatever you choose to accomplish in your health, your fitness, or in your life… embrace the process and Never Quit.

Now, excuse me while I go drink some Shakeology with my wifey after our Cardio 2 & Core 2 workout. 🙂


–Mr. Health Patriot



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3 Day Refresh: My Experience

Image result for 3 day refresh

YESTERDAY marked my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY as both a customer and coach with Beachbody! I am SO overwhelmingly thankful that I said YES to this journey one year ago because WOW how it’s impacted our lives already and we are just getting started! 🙂 Speaking of one year…it has taken me that long to finally try Beachbody’s 3 Day Refresh program! Let me share with you the reason why…

I started my Beachbody journey to lose my baby weight after having our son. It was amazing and incredibly helpful. My extreme low back pain was nearly completely eliminated after one program, I dropped 20 pounds after baby and became stronger and leaner than I was before I was pregnant! Fast-forward one year…

This year around Christmas we found out we were expecting baby #2!! Our hearts were SO incredibly happy when those two dark blue lines appeared. Almost immediately I was overtaken by pregnancy hormones and they were stronger with this pregnancy than with my son. My skin was breaking out, I had strong food cravings, I was hungry ALL the time, and SOOO TIRED! The first part of pregnancy is never really fun…you’re sick, tired, and bloated. I felt ALL of that. My pants started to get super snug and I just felt BLAH…but when you have a baby on the way, you don’t care because all of that BLAH is totally worth it in the end! Our 9 week check up came around and our hearts were broken as we found out our little baby had stopped growing around 6 weeks. It completely crushed both me and my husband. It knocked me on my butt and it took me a minute to even want to try to get back up. For our complete miscarriage story, feel free to read my blog post here-

Physiologically speaking…even though I KNEW there was no longer a growing, living baby inside of me, it took my body a while to catch on. It is almost an unexplainable torture to grieve the loss of your baby while simultaneously battling pregnancy hormones. My body was still 2 months pregnant…I was still bloated, still battled fatigue, food cravings, aversions, nausea…It was brutal.

Thankfully, I have an amazing support system and I serve a gracious God who gave me the strength and perspective I needed day by day, sometimes minute by minute to continue fighting forward. Even though this pregnancy ended at 2 months…my body showed this pregnancy. I felt it…in my back, my growing hips, my belly…I felt it. This was one of the driving forces that helped me decide it was time to try out the 3-Day Refresh! It’s also why I am committed to this round of 22 Minute Hard Corps. It’s amazing how powerful the connection is between strengthening your muscles and your heart at the same time.

I hate sharing before and after pictures…it’s not any easier for me than it is for anyone else. I see ALL of my flaws and I see how far I have to go to be where I want to be…but there is something to be said about transparency and authenticity. I promised my followers that I’d share my results, so here they are… not huge results, but it was something for just 3 days! 🙂 PLUS the mental shift was the powerful part of this cleanse where the long term results will come. P.S…ignore the tiny monster who was having a melt down during my before pictures…HA!


I lost 1.5 inches in 3 different places of my abdomen for a total of 4.5 inches! That’s not too bad for 3 days! What really stuck out to me more than a physical transformation though, was the mental shift that happened for me during these 3 days. Let me explain…

Here is the schedule of supplements, shakes, & food for the 3 day Refresh:


As you can see…this truly is more of a cleanse. There is minimal food involved and a substantial amount of fluids with added vegetable based protein & fiber supplements throughout the day. As with anything, the majority of the struggle in trying anything new is in the mind. My body & mind are used to a routine. We have been meal planning regularly now for a year, so I’m used to my food portions spaced out every 3-4 hours. The 3 Day Refresh was successful in shaking up that routine. I found I APPRECIATED the food I ate more. I noticed my taste buds were more sensitive to the tastes of the vegetables. I could taste the natural saltiness in my celery, I appreciated the taste of unsweetened green or herbal tea. When I had sautéed kale, sauerkraut, and avocado for dinner, I genuinely appreciated my portion because it was the only actual “meal” I ate for that day. This was a nice shift…consuming with intention instead of out of habit.



This was my BIGGEST concern. I’m not going to sugar coat it, my life is a bit nutzo. I wake up at 04:00am to either get some work done with my challengers, return email, or complete a workout. These 3 days I chose to back off on my intense workouts so this refresh could do it’s job, so I used this time for some much needed research and follow up. At around 05:00 I attempt to juggle getting ready for work, packing lunches & breakfast for me and hubby (SO thankful for meal prepping!), holding my little monster who wakes up almost every morning at 05:00 and doesn’t want to be put down, getting him ready for the day, dishes, coffee/tea, and try to get out of the door on time for a 8-9 hour day in prison (Don’t worry…I work there full time as an RN 🙂 ). I pull in the driveway usually around 4pm and have 3.5 hours to get chores done, clean the house, run errands, host conference, calls return emails, get our workout in if it wasn’t done in the morning, post on social media, and spend time with my family before baby (and his parents!) needs to be put to sleep. So, I can’t afford to have a decrease in energy. Surprisingly…I felt great for the most part for the entire 3 days. This is a big deal considering I cut coffee out completely! The first day I was a bit groggy as expected and towards the end of the 3rd day I could feel my body losing a little stamina, but other than that I had great energy!



This little refresh is designed to help give your digestive system a break and eliminate bloating and inflammation. This was true for me. HOWEVER, I will say that the fiber sweep can make you feel a little bloated at times. The psyllium husk it contains is designed to literally sweep the colon. Not in a gnarly “explosive diarrhea” way, but the fiber pushes toxins out of the colon and in doing so can make you a little… “gassy”. I wasn’t really eating much food, but my tummy was always rumbling. This wasn’t my favorite side effect, but I knew that meant the fiber sweep was doing it’s job. One of the KEY POINTS to remember during these 3 days is how essential fluids are. If you aren’t drinking enough hydrating fluids, the fiber sweep could potentially cause constipation and bloating itself. You want to aim to drink ATLEAST half of your body weight in ounces of water/herbal teas.

I expected to feel hungry during these 3 days, but surprisingly I was quite satisfied the majority of the time. If I got hungry, I munched on some celery sticks. By the 2nd day I noticed my stomach was flatter and my pants were loose.



I think this is a great little 3 day cleanse for anyone looking to kick-start their fitness program, weight loss, or metabolism. Even 3 days after ending the cleanse, I have noticed lingering positive effects. My energy has still been great, digestion is strong, and no bloating has returned. I feel like this program is accurately described as a “kick start” program because that is exactly what it does! PLUS it teaches us to be mindful of what we’re eating instead of becoming a mindless eater. That being said, I am very happy to be back to my meal planning and exercising on the 22 Minute Hard Corps program. I will definitely do this again down the road!

If you’d like to order the 3 Day Refresh, you can do so by CLICKING HERE-

Image result for 3 day refresh

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

-The Health Patriot



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Ultimate Reset Diaries: His and Hers journey through 21 Days of Cleansing- Week 1

Image result for Ultimate reset

I have some AMAZING friends! Two in particular who are near and dear to my heart who have sacrificed their time, busy lives, and comfort foods to devote themselves to the Ultimate Reset 21 Day program AND to document their journey for all of us to see! How awesome is that?! I have to also mention that BOTH of these bad ass friends of mine work full time with a kiddo at home AND are in school! I seriously don’t know how they do it….but I know if THEY can do it, ANY OF US CAN!! Without further adue…I give you a snapshot into their experience in week one…

Pre-Ultimate Reset Day:
Today was what I can Murphy’s Law!! My daughter was performing at a Martin Luther King Junior Celebration which was supposed to end at 12:45; well it ended at around 2:30. We were all starving and since it’s the last day before we start eating “lettuce and tree bark” (hubby’s words not mine) and because I was craving Italian food we went out to eat!! We then came home and meal prepped for at least two days of meals. And of course I was starting to feel the beginning symptoms of a head cold!! Oh and here’s some words of advice before you embark on the ultimate reset:
1- Do NOT read the book in one sitting. It has a lot of information, instead try to take a couple of days and read it; I took a week to read it.
2- Do NOT try to prepare 21 days of different meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) unless you have three weeks off, and have nothing to do. Instead take a look at the back of the book where it gives you an ultimate reset in a crunch.
3- I color coded the book with tabs with which meal plan we were following to match up with same color tab as the recipe, otherwise you will go back and forth and drive yourself crazy- (see example below)

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 5.53.10 PM

Our reset in a crunch plan for week one was:
Breakfast Options:

  • Oatmeal with blueberries and yogurt sweetened with maple syrup
  • Farina with walnuts, apple and maple syrup

Lunch Options:

  • Lentil-Lime Salad with Microgreen salad and toasted pumpkin seeds
  • Quinoa Salad with ½ cup hummus and vegetable plate (tomatoes, baby carrots, green beans and red bell peppers)

Dinner Options:

  • Baked Salmon, with steamed asparagus and baby potatoes seasoned with lemon and olive oil
  • Southwestern Veggie Taco
  • Miso Soup, Stir fry veggies and ½ cup of brown rice (I omitted the Nori Gomasio- there is no way Chris is going to eat that!)

Snack: ½ a green apple with almond butter

Day 1
I woke up with a head cold! Remembered to weigh myself- I weighed 135.2 this morning. My normal weight is around 130 usually until last year when I was up to 145; I did 22 Minute Hard Corps– which is an 8 week awesome Beachbody program. I lost over 20 pounds doing that! Anyways last night was the first night I made overnight oats so I was super excited to try it this morning! It was a little runny but delicious! Hubby of course rejected it right away and said he will make his “own” oatmeal at work. My redneck just does not understand why someone would put yogurt in his oatmeal☺

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.36.17 AM

Lunch was awesome and filling to me. I got a text from hubby around 2pm regarding the “power greens”. I had to excuse myself from a meeting because I was laughing so hard. See for yourself. And those “power greens are nasty!

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.36.33 AM

Overall Day 1 wasn’t bad. Things I noticed- I went to the bathroom a lot more then I usually do (5 bottles of water will do that to you). I was tired but I think some of it was due to me being sick. Salmon asparagus and baby potato dinner was awesome and very filling.

(Hubby) I was really hating the power greens. I later found that mixing it in warm water instead of cold and cutting the volume to about 10 ounces really helps. Less of it to drink and not gritty.
Day 2
The quinoa salad was awesome and hummus tasted so good at lunch because I was starving.  So proud of hubby as he went duck hunting in the morning but took his oatmeal and all the reset supplements withScreen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.36.42 AM him proving that if you have the will you will find a way!!

I came home after lunch today as the head cold is getting worse and crashed for two hours.  Dinner was southwestern veggie taco, we skipped the rice in the tacos and had two tacos instead of one and I stayed up till 1pm to finish all my school assignments for the week (I’m in grad school as well☺). I am really feeling good so far besides the crud that I have.
(Hubby) I was doing well with day two. I was surprised that I had no caffeine headache. The biggest reason I agreed to this restart was because I knew that I was consuming way too much caffeine and sugar. I shouldn’t be able to take in the sugar due to having a gastric bypass about 3.5 years ago. Unfortunately, I am one of the lucky/unlucky bypass patients that can tolerate sugar. Another issue that I have been dealing with for some time is inflammation in my feet and in my hands. I had heard that a possible cause for inflammation was a gluten allergy. A work buddy had told me that he cut gluten and feels a lot better with his severe arthritis problems.
Day 3
Day 3 is a blur. I don’t remember much of today except hubby missed his dinner! I worked late today and he had class this evening (we are both in school) and couldn’t finish making dinner so I took over after I got home and made green beans (swapped them for asparagus in our baked salmon dinner) and texted him to drop it off to his class but he said NO!
By the time, he got home (around 10pm) he was not hungry☹
(Hubby) Well the headache found me on day three. The caffeine headache was so bad I thought I was coming down with the flu. Absolutely felt like crap and skipped dinner and went to bed.

Day 4
I woke up early and made Farina with walnuts and strawberries (we eat green apples and almond butter for snack) so I swapped the green apples in this recipe for the strawberries we had left over from last week which needed to be eaten. I know I am supposed to pick low glycemic index fruits but I was improvising plus hubby skipped dinner so I figured it will be okay. Breakfast was delicious. I savored every last bit of it.
Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.36.52 AMI was in a training off site from work and the pizza they had for lunch and cookies for after lunch smelled so delicious! I almost caved in with the cookies but a friend reminded me to stay strong and I stuck to it- Yay so proud of myself because I physically reached out for the cookie and stopped. I had taken my lunch with me –quinoa salad and assortment of veggies with hummus and I gobbled that up like a turkey.
Dinner was left over salmon from yesterday that hubby did not eat and I had made enough last night for two days’ worth. Thank God we are Salmon lovers!

Since the next two weeks are supposed to be vegetarian, this is the last day we will be having any type of meat/fish.
OH and get this!! Hubby weighed himself this morning and had lost 8 pounds!! And I have lost ONLY 0.9!! WTH
(Hubby) The headache was less than the day before but still there. Still a less than normal appetite. Ate most of the food during the day.
Day 5
Yay, it is Saturday! But I woke up feeling blue and emotional. I skipped breakfast…I was not remotely hungry but I drank all the water and supplements I was supposed to. Hubby was out hunting again so I had the house to myself and did some major cleaning. By lunch time I still was not hungry but had my lentil-lime salad with microgreens and toasted pumpkin seeds.
Hubby had the southwestern taco (dinner) for lunch since we are trying to get rid of leftovers and also plan menus for next week.
I found miso paste at Raley’s so I made miso soup and stir fry veggies for dinner since it is the weekend and I have more time on my hands. I also took the time today to plan out next week’s meals and make a grocery list.
Day 6
Arggh, I did not sleep all night long! This cold and cough kept me up pretty much all night but I still had energy all day. We had Farina for breakfast, I combined the Qunioa and veggie plate for lunch into a stir fry and for dinner we finished of the Southwestern Veggie Tacos. All prepped and set for next week which for us starts on Tuesday. Sorry no pictures today, I may not be feeling good from the lack of sleep, my brain is not functioning at top capacity today. Even though I did not sleep last night I went to bed at 1am on Day 6- I was wide awake and lots of energy- and of course got tons of assignments for school done.☺

(Hubby) Well the headache is gone and the appetite returned. We went shopping and the smells of grocery store roasted chicken and the samples at Costco were harder to walk away from than I suspected.

Day 7
5 hours of good sleep and ready to conquer the day- or so I thought!! Murphy strikes again and I did not get around to eating my Farina until 11am. I had all the energy and felt like my body was in overdrive today. I had a bunch of staff call in sick today (Monday) and 1 new person start today and it was a clinic day so work was crazy!!  I didn’t have lunch (in fact I didn’t notice the time until 5pm) and figured I’d just wait for dinner. Hubby made me miso soup and stir fired veggies- miso soup (or some form of it) is a definite keeper for us even after these 21 days are over.
Week two starts morrow and some of my takes from week 1:

  • Water is key, follow the water intake and supplements.
  • Have fun with the food, pick a couple and figure out how to incorporate it to suit you. Like today we put brown rice into our miso soup instead of eating it with the stir fired veggies- we both liked it better that way.
  • Hubby has lost approximately 10 pounds this week and I have lost 3 (don’t despair, the weight loss difference could be due to me being sick and stressed to the max with work and school) so my body is holding on to every last bit it can!
  • Those power greens taste horrible no matter what you do but they do go down a little easier in lukewarm water☺
  • (Hubby) One thing I realized today was that identifying bad habits or bad routines can help you after the reset is over. The last couple days I found myself walking towards the kitchen at home or the breakroom at work out of habit and not out of hunger. I look back now it seems like it would be a mindless act to forage in the pantry and come out with a hand full of trail mix or a granola bar. That may not seem so bad but you must make sure that if you do those things, don’t have the trail mix with chocolate and bars with corn syrup. So, I will stop buying those not so healthy snacks and find some better ones, but I will try first to just have a glass of water first. Hopefully that helps.

Wow!! What a week! I don’t know about you, but I am hooked! I can’t wait to hear what the next week has in store for these two! Stay tuned for more from this dynamic duo on Week’s 2 & 3!

For more information on The Ultimate Reset, feel free to contact me at


-The Health Patriot, Jessica

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