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Hey Everyone!

If you’ve been following my posts for the past few weeks on Social Media, you’ve been noticing a buzz about the new programs we’re launching and kicking off as a team starting January 1st! My inbox is FULL of inquiries about these programs, the details, pricing, etc, so I thought I’d breakdown all the details for you here! For those of you wanting to FEEL, look, BE amazing…Look no further. You have found the answer and I am SO excited to be able to offer it to you guys!

There are TWO test groups we will be running to CRUSH the first 101 days of 2018:



Below I will explain the two and why I’m SO excited for those on our team who will be completing BOTH!


ultimateresetheaderIn a Nutshell: This program is a 21-Day, 3-phase total body reset.

Nutrition: It is broken down into 3 phases. Each week the menu changes. The meals, shopping lists, and recipes are all broken down for you. You are told exactly what to eat throughout the program. There is a “crunch guide” to make meals easier and interchangeable within the phases if there are any foods on the program that you do not like. This is not a starvation cleanse. There are real meals with real foods for the entire 21 days.

Exercise: Rigorous exercise is not recommended through this program. No exercise is required, however there is a 21-Day Ultimate Reset yoga routine that accompanies the program and aids with cleansing, detoxification, energy, and reducing stress levels.

Supplements: When you order your Ultimate Reset kit, it will come with a variety of supplements including: digestive enzymes, probiotics, a fiber supplement, alkaline supplement, & a mineral supplement. These supplements as well as your Shakeology (preferably vegan) will be specifically divided throughout the 3 phases.

Important Dates: This program will begin on Monday January 1st and the final day will be Sunday, January 21st. YOU MUST ORDER YOUR ULTIMATE RESET KIT NO LATER THAN 12/25/17 IN ORDER TO RECEIVE IT IN TIME TO START WITH THE TEAM.

Support: We will have an online support community & a tracker app available to keep each other motivated and accountable. There will be days that are harder than others, so completing this program as a team will be HUGE to make us all successful! You will have all the support you need to get through these 21 days.

Common Results: While no results are guaranteed as everyone is coming from a different starting point, many (including our CEO) believe The Ultimate Reset program is THE most powerful the company of Beachbody has to offer! That’s a big deal! The reason is because the internal transformations have been phenomenal! I personally know people who have been taken off several chronic medications after completing the Ultimate Reset program. Cholesterol has plummeted, Triglycerides decreased, high diabetes markers fell, chronic fatigue eliminated, chronic PAIN that had previously been diagnosed as arthritis…GONE! It’s SO amazing to watch people’s lives be transformed in 21 days. If you missed it, I actually had a close friend of mine and her husband complete this program together and they documented their journey all the way through. Their results were phenomenal! You can read more here- Week 1 , Weeks 2& 3. Here are some before & after pics of program veterans…

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.00.25 PM Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.00.32 PM Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.00.42 PM Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.00.49 PM Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.00.57 PM

How to Participate:


Related image

In a Nutshell: This program is BRAND NEW! It is a 13-Week (80-Day) challenge aimed at shaping your arms, abs, & a$$!

Nutrition: The nutritional guide for this program utilizes science based timed nutrition. It is customized for each individual’s starting point & goals and broken down into simple steps for how to get you your best results inside & out.

Exercise: For the first time EVER, this ENTIRE program will be unique workouts for each day. You will never repeat a workout! There are 80 separate workouts to get you through the entire program. How awesome is that!? Each workout length averages to be about 45 minutes long and is definitely on the more intense side. This program will get you in INSANE shape, but requires a TRUE commitment!

  • Equipment: You’ll need a set of light, medium, & heavy dumbbells, a mat for hard floors, PLUS the program specific bands & strength sliders. These come with your 80 Day Obsession challenge pack!

Supplements: Shakeology is a MUST for this program, especially if you’re looking to get incredible results inside & out. From the original test group participants, it is STRONGLY recommended to also take advantage of the Beachbody Performance line- Energize (A plant based clean pre-workout) & Recovery (A clean BCAA’s formula and extra source of protein for muscle recovery). There are challenge packs designed to save you a TON of $$$ so you can take advantage of these products. 

Important Dates: This program will begin on Monday, January 22nd. ALL 80 Day Obsession challenge packs are on sale NOW through January 14th. The final day to order your challenge pack will be Sunday, January 14th. YOU MUST ORDER YOUR 80 DAY OBSESSION MATERIALS NO LATER THAN 1/14/17 IN ORDER TO RECEIVE IT IN TIME TO START WITH THE TEAM.

Support: We will have an online support test group community & a tracker app available to keep each other motivated and accountable. NONE of us have done this program before, so as a TEAM we will be testing out this brand new program and new nutritional approach together.

Common Results: Since this program hasn’t been launched yet, the only results we have are from the original Beachbody test group participants. You know what’s powerful about this though?? These test group participants have been involved with Beachbody for years. Most of them have tried several of the different programs if not all of them! So, their response and results are genuine and in comparison to all the other successful programs they’ve tried! After reading through several of the testimonials, I noticed a theme…Is this program easy?? Uhh…no. But…that shouldn’t scare you! Why should great results come easy? This program takes a commitment and is a fun challenge from HOME! You must realize that you will struggle here and there, but know you can rely on your team and push through to get head turning results you’ve never before achieved for yourself! How AWESOME will that feel?? Check out these phenomenal results these regular, busy people got in less than 3 months…

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.04.19 PM Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.04.34 PM Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.04.54 PM Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.05.02 PM Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.05.11 PM Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 5.05.18 PM



These photos don’t even TOUCH on the internal transformations that took place inside each of these individuals. The confidence, inner strength, and BELIEF that was restored in each of their minds and hearts was truly incredible to hear about! That’s something we ALL could use, right?!

How to Participate:

OK, so there you have it! There is a breakdown of the two most epic programs I have to offer you guys to get you the most incredible results in 2018!

I would really love to speak with you personally to see what your goals are, how I can best help support you in your goals, and answer any questions you may have about these options.

My BEST recommendation and what I will be doing once I’m approved by my midwife to do so is BOTH programs!

Listen…time is going to pass whether you make this investment or not! Money will come and go, I promise you. We ALL can make smarter financial investments. There is NO better investment you can make than investing in your health and the health of your family. Truly…nothing else matters if you aren’t enjoying your life and feeling amazing.

The most common objection I get about joining a challenge group is finances. I 100% understand being fiscally responsible. I support living a debt free life and being frugal with your money. That being said, THIS is not the area that should be cut back first. See what other areas you can cut back on in order to invest in yourselves. EVERY AREA of our life will benefit from us being energetic, healthy, vibrant, passionate, confident, and STRONG! This is YOUR time to feel your absolute best. The reality is…you know you can’t afford NOT to anymore.

Message me and let me know how I can help! I can’t wait for us all to feel absolutely incredibly inside & out as we get healthier & stronger together in 2018!




IG: @Health_Patriot

FB: www.Facebook.com/thehealthpatriot

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Wow…This will be a GAME CHANGER!

I have big news for you guys…something that has NEVER ever been offered before. Something that will make my life and potentially yours much easier when it comes to keeping your health a priority. But first, let’s talk about transformation…

These are my most favorite pictures to see and stories to read. These people have struggled. Hard. They have tried multiple diets and products, wasted money on empty promises for weight loss, they have lost hope at one point…or many points. But all of these people have one thing in common…they tried one more time. They got back up, one more time and they took that leap of faith one more time, but this time….IT WORKED. This time, it made sense for them. There was an internal transformation that far outshines the external. Yes, excess fat was lost, but internally, confidence was restored, hormones balanced, digestion improved, pain eliminated, energy rejuvenated, there was JOY and vitality rebirthed in these individuals. This is why it’s different this time, and it can be for you too.

Image result for beachbody results Image result for beachbody results


Image result for beachbody results Image result for beachbody results

Image result for beachbody results Image result for beachbody results

Image result for beachbody results

Image result for beachbody results


I HOPE SO! These are all real people…no magical filters used. 🙂 They all used one or multiple of the Beachbody workout programs, followed the personalized nutrition guide, and integrated Shakeology into their daily routine. They slipped at times, absolutely, but they got back up and kept pushing forward and day by day their efforts compounded and paid off. Congratulations to all these amazing individuals who took a chance and bravely shared their results to encourage you and me. 🙂


If you’re still reading this, it means somewhere in your heart, you desire your own transformation story. Here’s your opportunity to make that a reality…

Now for the big announcement. Are you ready???

Ok, here it goes…

Beachbody has blown our minds once again with a LIMITED TIME OFFER PROMOTION that will knock your socks off. They are offering an All-Access Pass Challenge Pack between December 27, 2017-February 28,2016. Wait ’till you hear and understand what this means for you….

Beachbody has been around for years…they have created hundreds of workout programs, nutritional guides, cleanses, etc. With THIS new exclusive membership, you pay one fee and you have access to..wait for it..

EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING! All Beachbody programs ever created PLUS all 2017 Beachbody programs that will be released! You pay ONE price ONE time and have access for an entire year!

If you’re a Beachbody On Demand member right now, you are enjoying being able to have access to a large portion of Beachbody programs for a quarterly fee of $39.95, but you still know that you have to pay extra for the premium programs such as 21 Day Fix, 22 Minute Hard Corps, and Core de Force among others. With THIS membership, you have access to ev-er-y-thiiing! It is a KILLER deal! You guys, this literally is $6,000 in product if you break it down to price of each program that we are getting access to.

I know what you’re thinking…”Ok Jessica…I’m intrigued, but you still haven’t told me the price yet. It’s probably way too expensive for me like $800 or something.” HA… This is my favorite part.

First, let me break down what comes in the Challenge Pack:

Image result for beachbody all access pass challenge pack

  • 1 YEAR ALL ACCESS PASS BEACHBODY ON DEMAND MEMBERSHIP: Live stream any workout, any meal plan from any smart device at anytime.
  • 1-MONTH SUPPLY OF SHAKEOLOGY ON HOME DIRECT: Dramatically increase your health & fitness results with this superpower formula.
  • 1 SET  PORTION FIX MEAL CONTAINERS: Abs are made in the kitchen. This 7-piece container set really helps to make meal planning easy & effective.
  • 1 SHAKEOLOGY SHAKER BOTTLE: I seriously use mine every day when I take my Shakeology on the go-or- I put a scoop of Shakeology in my bottle and add water when I’m ready for it.
  • 1 YEAR VIRTUAL HEALTH & FITNESS COACHING: As long as you’re an active member, you have access to ME, your coach for FREE! I’ll help motivate and guide you to your goals!
  • 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE TEAM SUPPORT: We have an amazing team, and to help keep everyone engaged and motivated we have weekly team calls, prizes, and an exclusive Facebook team page for our members only. We share struggles, victories, recipes, meal plans, and encouragement to help eachother stay committed to our goals and have fun doing it.
  • **FREE COACH REGISTRATION & BUSINESS STARTER PACK!: For anyone remotely interested in growing a residual income from home, getting a 25% discount on all products, and helping people in the process, this is a HUGE opportunity to get started at NO extra cost!

ALL of this…EVERYTHING you need to truly reach those health & fitness goals you’ve been dreaming about reaching for so long is at your fingertips and it’s only going to cost you $199. WOAH!

THAT’S IT?! Let’s break down what we’re saving here…

  • No gym membership necessary…at an average of $50-$120/month, that saves you $600-$1,440/ Year
  • No extra supplements or protein powder necessary…you plug in what you currently spend on multivitamins, supplements, and muscle milk and enter that savings here.
  • No more over purchasing groceries and throwing them away. The majority of people who stick to our meal plans end up saving $50-$100/week on groceries! That’s $200-$400 savings per month OR $2,400-$4,800 savings PER YEAR!
  • No personal training or Health Coach fee’s needed…Personal training is usually between $100-$200/session. Health Coaching is the same. Ya…you see where I’m going here. This is HUGE! PLUS, if you’re healthier, think of all the doctor visits you won’t have to pay for, the emergency surgeries, the specialists visits, the medication…wowzas!
  • No weekly or monthly “weigh ins”, no membership fee to pay for, no driving to the gym or a club or anyone! You do all this from your own home! Think of the gasoline we’re saving here! Think about how much the environment will love you!? Maybe… 😉

All of that considered, each year, you’d be saving $4,600-$12,240 EACH YEAR! Just by lifestyle changes and utilizing the tools available to you through this challenge pack. That’s not even including the business potential if you actually wanted to BE a coach and impact lives around the country. That’s an entire other blog post I would have to write and breakdown to you. 😉


I know everyone is swamped crazy busy with Christmas just around the corner, but I also know in the back of your mind, you’ve been thinking about changes you want to make happen. You’ve been thinking about wanting to do and try something different. You’ve been wanting to get you and your family healthy and far away from ever getting a scary diagnosis. So, now the seed has been planted. Think about this and come December 26th or December 27th, you know where to find me. Let’s get you started right on the path to success. The power is in your hands. The ball is in your court. No one is responsible for your future, for your health, for how you feel, other than YOU. What will you do with this opportunity you’ve been given?


Have a very Merry Christmas my friend. I look forward to hearing from you,


-The Health Patriot-




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$$$ 2 Million Dollar Bet…on YOU!

Image result for beachbody health bet



Heeeeey there!

I’m SO excited to share with you that the Beachbody Health Bet is BACK and it has DOUBLED since the last time!

If you recall, just a few months ago, Beachbody made a bet on all of us. They put their money where their mouth is. They were so sure that we would love our results with their programs that they bet over $1 Million on it. For those individuals who were apart of a challenge group during this time, who tracked 5 Shakeology drinks and 3 workouts a week in the My Challenge Tracker App for 4 weeks…they were all given a check. The huge pot of over $1 Million was split evenly among all of those committed challengers and coaches. WOW…that’s dedication. If the prize pool is not enough to convince you to run a Challenge Group during the contest period, consider these stats reported by participants from the last
Beachbody Health Bet:

  • 75% of customers and 86% of Coaches met their health and fitness goals
  • More than 85% of Coaches and customers were satisfied with the contest
  • 85% of customers would most likely participate in another Beachbody Health Bet

There were THOUSANDS of people who got amazing results with the last Health Bet! It was so successful in fact, that Beachbody is offering it to us again and they have DOUBLED their bet! The pot is guaranteed to be at least $2 Million! For every single challenge pack that is sold between October 31 – December 31, 2016, they will add $5 all the way up to a max out of $3 Million!

You literally will get paid to commit to a healthier lifestyle for 4 weeks… You could get paid enough to completely cover the cost of our entire Challenge Pack plus some!

If you’ve been waiting…if you’ve been thinking about your new year’s resolutions…if you’ve been wanting to feel better, to get stronger, to shred excess fat, to feel confident inside and out…NOW IS THE TIME! THIS is what you’ve been waiting for! Whose with me????

I promise, if you stick with these programs…we take the guess work out, the workouts are short, the meal plans are effective and delicious, and don’t even get me started on how AMAZING Shakeology is….You WILL get the results. YOU WILL. It’s not a question. The only question is if you want it and how bad….WHY is this important to you? I want you to email me your response to that question. WHY do you want this. Let me know and we can talk about your struggles, your strengths, and if you qualify for this awesome opportunity.


–> TheHealthPatriot@Gmail.com <–

I look forward to connecting with you my friend. Let’s make 2017 the best year yet!




-The Health Patriot-

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January 1- Juice, Jesus, & Gym


Happy first day of the best 2014 EVER!!!

Haha…see what I did there?? 🙂 I hope you had an amazing first day of the year today and that it was full of excitement, anticipation, motivation, and taking steps towards new goals. I wanted to share with you a few fun pieces of my first day!



I’ve had many requests recently for juice recipes, which is is SO awesome because many of you are getting into eating more live foods and juicing is a great option to do that when done right! To be honest, I don’t juice all that often, but when I do, I usually make a large amount of it and throw in whatever I have in the fridge. Here is what today’s looked like-


  • 2 lemons
  • 2 granny smith apples
  • whole celery stalk
  • 5 stalks of broccoli (just the bottom parts that I had cut off when I used the top part)
  • 3 inches fresh ginger
  • 1 pomegranate
  • 5 Kale leaves
  • 3 Fresh fennel tops
  • 5 large carrots

This made a gallon of juice! I added some inner eco probiotic to preserve it and drank it throughout the day. 🙂 Super delish!


Jesus Time


I love the beginning of the year when it comes to spiritual growth, because I can look back at all the Lord’s taught me and brought me through in the past 365 days and make new commitments to Him for the next 365 days. Today I opened my absolute FAVE devotional right now- “Jesus Calling” to January 1st. Such a great little book that takes 30 seconds to set the tone for the rest of the day. 🙂 And I also dug into Romans. Let me tell all my Jesus friends out there…Read Romans 2:17-28 in both NIV and in the Message version. Replace “Jew” with “Christian”. This got me so pumped up today because it’s exactly what our “Christian culture” needs to hear. There is SO much boasting about Christianity and someone’s religious actions, but Jesus wants our hearts. Our outward actions are not nearly as important as our inside heart and desires and the motivation behind our outside actions. Such a deep concept that needs to be shared. I highly recommend studying that and soaking it in for a while. 🙂




How many of you were in the gym today on January 1st?? Haha.. It’s the most popular gym day! I’m not going to lie, I LOVE working out. There is something so liberating and strengthening to the mind, body, & soul about breaking a sweat and earning every drop of it. I want to encourage you to keep up your exercise goals. Stop thinking about it, and just DO IT! Make a commitment to yourself to do something every day! Even if it’s a 20 minute brisk walk with air squats! And HAVE FUN, set a goal and achieve it, believe in the power of your body to transform. The mental part is THE most difficult part of getting healthy, so no matter what kind of workout you do, make sure your mind is in the right place. Stay motivated, make it fun, change up your workouts, and be THANKFUL for the ability to exercise! It’s a GIFT!

“I wish I didn’t feel so strong, fit, and lean” –  SAID NO ONE EVER!

If you need a program to follow, here are some recommendations and my personal favorites:


Remember, you are AWESOME! You have been perfectly created mind, body, & soul. Make sure you take care of all 3 areas. Believe in yourself, love who you are-where you are right now. Enjoy every day because you’ll never get it back! Cheers to an amazing 2014 and being Co-creators in our future!!





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A Real Reflection on My 2013


We’re only a couple days away from ringing in a new year. It’s a time of anticipation and preparation of the future and all it will bring, and a time of reflection of what 2013 brought us.

Have you seen those really cool instagram videos that have been going around with snapshots of people’s most liked pictures of the year? I love seeing those things. Most of my friend’s are filled with weddings, babies, and more babies. Haha.. It’s so amazing to see all the smiles, new beginnings, and happy moments so many are reflecting on.

A couple weeks ago I posted a video challenging myself and you to be real with ourselves and those around us. I talked about how on social media we usually only see someone’s happy moments and not their struggles, and when we compare our behind the scenes to someone’s highlight real, we will almost always feel bad about what’s going on in our life because it’s not an accurate comparison. So, I’m risking being vulnerable here and wanted to let you know that if you’re looking back at 2013 and your highlight video isn’t full of what you wished it would be, you’re not alone, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t have a purpose.

Today, I was reflecting on my 2013 and as a surprise to me, tears came to my eyes. First, let me say, the point of sharing this with you is NOT to get pity from you or have a pity party for myself. It’s a statement of authenticity and ends in thanksgiving. This time last year, I was in Spain with my husband. I was the wife of a basketball player living what many would call “the dream”, living in a foreign country, moving every year to different parts of Spain, living by the beach, soaking in the rich culture. It wasn’t a bad life. I look back at all that happened between December 29, 2012 and December 29, 2013, and if someone would have told me what would go down, I never ever would have believed them.

I lived in Spain on the coast of La Coruña until June 2013 when I went home for the summer to see my family.

I shortly after found out I’d be moving to Kansas in August for my husband’s job and completely shift my life from European culture to the heart of America, this was a very exciting and challenging time.

Shortly after the big move all my dreams of having my own home and finally being able to settle down were shattered on September 11 when my other half decided he had other plans that didn’t include me.

For those of you who have been through divorce, you can probably agree that it is one of the deepest pains our heart can feel. I was talking with my mom about this and we were comparing our experiences as she lost her high school sweetheart when my father passed away 15 years ago when I was 11 from the motorcycle accident we were in together. We both agreed, that there is something different about a divorce. The pain of rejection has a sting uncommon to other forms of grief.

The final months of 2013 for me were some of the most painful and most enlightening times of my entire life. I experienced the most brutal, deepest form of heartache and the most powerful, healing forms of grace and love I have ever felt.

This is the beauty about pain and suffering…if you allow God’s love and truth to penetrate your heart and come to a place where you fully trust HIM, you will ALWAYS come out stronger, refined, more patient, compassionate, and prepared to more deeply love the people around you. I can’t explain how I have overcome this huge obstacle so quickly, how my heart feels more loved than it ever has, how I have no resentment or bitterness on the other side, how I feel better than I have in years, how much JOY I have in my heart… all of that is supernatural, I can’t take credit for it. All I KNOW is that we are UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED by an AMAZING God. A God who is there through the thick and the thin no matter how many times you may doubt Him or turn your back on Him. He is aching to hold you right where you are. The idea that you have to do anything to earn His love is a lie. It was in my darkest moments that I was able to experience a supernatural strength in ways I never knew it. It was in those moments that I knew I was being molded for something greater…a calling I never knew I was cut out for, to love on others through some of life’s most painful moments including death and divorce. That may sound morbid, but I’ve lived through it. I know the pain, and I’ve experienced the grace, peace, and hope. I’ve reflected on life and instead of tragedy, I see beauty from ashes, strength from fear, rejoicing after sorrow, and I am SO THANKFUL.

YOU, my friend, have your own story. You’ve experienced your own darkest moments that you never thought you would heal from. Many of you have experienced more heartache than 100 people will in their lifetime. I want you to know that not a tear is wasted. You’re being molded and prepared for something greater beyond yourself. We are not here on this crazy planet just to exist. We’re here to love on others and use the gifts and experiences we go through to help others through this insane journey. Together.

So, my 2013 may not have been full of smiles, butterflies, and rainbows, and I may have fallen on my face quite a few times, been thrown a few dozen curve balls, and had the rug pulled out from under me, but I am walking out of 2013 with a new found strength, love, grace, humility, understanding, wisdom, and appreciation of life. A new compassion for those who are hurting, a more mature view of the brokenness of humanity and desire to simply love on people and CHOOSE to be THANKFUL in EVERY circumstance and situation. It’s like a magic trick! Thankfulness is anger’s worst enemy. Try it, I dare ya! 🙂

The biggest lesson that I am walking away from 2013 with is to BE LOVE. Love everyone around you just like Jesus did. Don’t get so caught up in organized religion that you completely overlook the lessons and example that Jesus taught. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Religion has in many cases become a more effective tool of evil than of good.

To people who don’t know me, I’m a girl who lost her dad at a young age and now divorced at 26. Do you know how many labels the average person would slap on me without even knowing my heart or the situation? How many times do we do that? I know I have been guilty several times! Isn’t it time that we stop this madness and encourage instead of discourage, empower, inspire, strengthen, and lift others up no matter who they are or what they’ve been through. We can’t change the world all at once, but we can start in our little circle of family and friends and create a ripple effect throughout the world. We all want change, it’s time we step into action.

So, my challenge to myself and to you is no matter how 2013 went for you, let’s end it stronger than we started, because that IS our choice. YOU CHOOSE how you view your circumstances. Choose to let them make you stronger instead of weaker.

I know my foundation is in who my Creator made me to be. I know He loves me unconditionally no matter what I do or don’t do. I know in Him I can do all things. I know that nothing can touch the peace and joy that is from Him, because ALL things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. I KNOW that HE wins every time. So, I have nothing to fear. And I KNOW He’s just as crazy about YOU.

2014…Bring it.

Jessica Aubrey

RN & Health Coach


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2014 Challenge


We are now days away from a new year! How CRAZY is that?! Every year is the same, we make our goals, our lists, our half-hearted commitments…blah..blah..blah. Rarely do we follow through on these grandiose ideas of ours. So, let’s do something different this year! Let’s focus instead on the moment we are in instead of looking ahead into the future. Don’t get me wrong, goals are an amazing thing, but what I’m seeing these days, is a massive group of miserable people with amazing goals who are so focused on “I’ll be happy when…”, that every day they miss out on what could be making them happy right in that moment. Make sense?

Through having fun and enjoying every day, we will MUCH more quickly reach those long term goals, rather than running around in circles, never truly happy, exhausting ourselves day in and day out, when it really doesn’t have to be that way. So, this year, let’s ENJOY life, notice the little things, be thankful in everything, and love every moment.

Here is an example of a simple mind-body-soul strategy for starting this new concept:


“Today, I love myself for who I am, right where I am, and who I was created to be. Thank you God for this place I am in right now, whether I am surrounded in blessings, or my world is falling a part, it’s part of my story and it’s pushing me to become a stronger, more compassionate, loving person. I thank you that I am not here just for me, I’m here with a purpose to serve and help others! Right now, right where I am at, I am complete, I don’t need anything or anyone else to make me who I am. I love myself right here, right now, because I have been created for greatness, and ONLY I CAN GET IN THE WAY of that happening. So, I choose today to love who I was created to be, love the passions I was given, love the struggles I have and have had, and I will use those experiences and abilities to love on as many people as I can.

“Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;
    you formed me in my mother’s womb.
I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking!
    Body and soul, I am marvelously made!
    I worship in adoration—what a creation!
You know me inside and out,
    you know every bone in my body;
You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit,
    how I was sculpted from nothing into something.
Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth;
    all the stages of my life were spread out before you,
The days of my life all prepared
    before I’d even lived one day.” – Psalm 139:4 (MSG)



“Today I CHOOSE to love my body, and because I love it, I naturally want to take care of it through clean powerful nutrition, fun exercise, playing, laughter, hydration, and guilt-free rest. I will listen to my body and what it needs, and I’ll do whatever I can to take care of it. I love feeling my heart pounding when I have the privilege of exercising, I love the energy I feel when I fuel every cell in my body with nutrient dense foods, I love how happy I feel when I give my body the nutrients and vitamins it is craving! I know the science and facts behind what is good for me and what isn’t, I’m going to choose to eat a colorful variety of foods every day. I know everyone’s body reacts differently to different foods. Some thrive off of being vegan and some thrive off of being Paleo, I know what’s best for me and that’s what’s important. I know sugar, processed foods, gluten, and similar food-like imitations will only make me feel slow, sad, and depleted, so I’m just going to avoid those so I can feel the absolute best I can. I’m SO thankful I get to do that!”



“I feed my body physical nourishment, I feed my mind positive encouragement, but I know there is a third piece to the puzzle that cannot be left out. I have a deeper craving to connect with something much greater

beyond myself. Everyone has a different way of connecting with this greater power, but if I’m honest with myself, I know the feeling I get deep in my soul that no words can describe…this faith, it feeds me, it empowers me, it challenges me. I know without it, I am incomplete. From this source, I radiate love, joy, and hope that is not dependent on any of my worldly circumstances. This. This cannot be shaken. Today, I will take a few minutes to recognize this thirst in my soul and whether it is praying, meditating, or reading a devotional, I’m going to recharge my soul so that I can continue to be a fully charged being, ready to pour love and encouragement into whoever may cross my path today. I’m SO thankful for this deep connection I have…it goes beyond human understanding, and I’m ok with not fully understanding it, because I know. I know what my heart feels, my heart does cartwheels, I rejoice with thanksgiving in EVERY circumstance.”


Don’t ever forget how awesome you are and how much POWER you have to impact the world around you for the better! Happy healing!!




Jessica Aubrey

RN & Health Coach


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7 Simple Steps to Your Healthiest Year Ever

Happy New Year!!

It seems like just yesterday we were in the 90’s and now we’re in the teenage years of the 2000’s!! It’s so bizarre to me how fast time flies!

Today is January 1st. I LOVE firsts! I love new starts, clean slates, & new beginnings. The past is the past and we have a chance to do something different this year to get an even better outcome than the past year. Remember, the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Here is an example of how commonly this happens: Every January 1st it’s possible that you make the same New Years Resolutions…lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthier, exercise more, etc… and every year that lasts for about 1 week until you decide it’s too hard and psych yourself out of working at your goals, making yourself feel better by assuring yourself you’ll do it next time. Every year you follow the same pattern and you get the same result…by the time December 31st comes around you have only increased your bad habits and are kicking yourself for not achieving what you set out to do. You can’t get a different result with the same pattern, right? So, let’s DO something about it this year!

This is the first and only 2013 we will ever experience! You have a chance TODAY to make it the BEST year of your life! It doesn’t matter if your 13, 33, 63, or 83, if you want to reach your goals, YOU CAN! Only YOU can get in the way of your success.

Whether your main objectives are for your job, finances, family, achievements, or relationships, none of this can be enjoyed without your HEALTH. In this day and age, HEALTH IS WEALTH!

There may come a day where it may be very difficult to go to the doctor, get medication, or rely on any other medical crutch we tend to use. NOW is the time to get prepared, to learn how to take care of yourself and your family and be ready for anything that may come your way. We have learned over and over again by celebrities that you can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have your health, it doesn’t matter. Steve Jobs was a perfect example of this. He had access to anything and everything he could get his hands on, but in the end, tragically his health failed and he could not enjoy his incredible empire he created.

Make this year a year of ABUNDANCE in every area and focus on healing your mind, body, & soul at the core!

Here are 7 Simple Steps to Your Healthiest Year Ever!


  • “Eating clean” can mean many things depending on one’s interpretation, but it is quite simple. I like Micheal Pollen’s quote: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” It sums it up quite perfectly I believe! If you need a bit more guidance, here are the top foods to avoid:
    • Sugar, Gluten, Dirty Dairy, Processed Foods, non-organic & pastured animal products, GMO’s, Farmed Fish, artificial sweeteners, the dirty dozen of produce, and anything packaged. 🙂


  • We all know exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. January 1st, the gyms are packed with new members trying to start of the year right. The KEY to remember is consistently. This isn’t a phase of life, it’s a lifestyle. Exercise should be something you ENJOY that your body CRAVES! It is something we should be doing multiple times per week and never something we dread. Coming from someone who almost lost her leg, I can tell you that exercising is a privilege for sure! Make a habit out of it and you will be glad you did! My FAVORITE forms of exercise are the Beach Body Programs. I am currently doing Insanity and LOVING it! For more information, check out the programs here.


  • This is one of the most important things we can do to live a full life! Imagine if EVERYONE had a positive perspective in every situation. Your perspective is YOUR choice and cannot be dictated by anyone else. Having a positive outlook on life will dramatically impact every ambition you have for the better, whether that’s weight loss, finances, your career, relationships, anything!


  • I know it’s cliche…everyone tells you to drink more water and you know you need to, but it’s SO TRUE! Many illnesses can be traced back to one simple thing-dehydration. You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water, so for someone who weighs 160 lbs, they should drink 80 oz of water, which is 10-8oz glasses, not the 8- 80z glasses that is typically recommended. When you’re looking for what kind of water to drink, here are some key things to remember:
    • Spring Water is always best- go to www.findaspring.com to see if there is a natural spring near you! This water is extremely healing!
    • If going bottled always look for BPA-Free bottled water. Here are some brands: Neo, Essentia, Mountain Valley Spring Water.
    • If you have Reverse Osmosis water, be aware that it has been completely stripped of everything so it has no mineralization and can pose certain health risks. You must add minerals to this kind of water. Go to your local health food store to find some good options.
    • If you’re bored with water as I often get, try adding lemons, berries, cucumbers, orange slices, stevia, or drinking herbal teas.


  • We have a problem that are grandparents and great grandparents never had to worry much about- Environmental toxins. Did you know that there are now more than 80,000 chemicals in our food supply alone? That’s INSANE since not 1 chemical is actually a food source! I know it can be overwhelming to think about all we are exposed to, but taking it one step at a time to clean up your family’s environment is a great place to start. Remember our skin is our biggest organ. Whatever we put on our skin goes directly into our blood stream. That being said, you better make sure all that goes on your skin is edible! 🙂 It’s also important to start strengthening your body and transitioning from harmful medications to natural alternatives. I am able to work directly with my clients on their body’s specific needs to help with this transition. Here are some key areas to clean up in this new year:
    • Shampoos, soaps, lotions, face wash, shaving cream, makeup, toothpaste, laundry detergent, cleaning products, perfumes, hair products, non-stick cookware, air fresheners, etc.
    • An amazing resource you need to check out is www.EWG.org.


  • I am a HUGE Sunrider fan. Why? Because these foods have completely changed my life. When something changes your life you want to share it with everyone! Coming from someone who has a medical and holistic education, very clean diet, exercise routine, and healthy lifestyle, that is saying a lot! In all my years of research I still have never found anything comparable to the Sunrider Foods, there is nothing out there like it! There are tons of protein shakes, supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, superfoods, etc. All of these are great things, but they still are nothing like the Sunrider Foods! To learn more about these incredibly nutrient dense & super easy to integrate foods, and to watch my video on how they have impacted my life, visit my page here. I truly believe this is the biggest bang for your buck you can get and will incredibly maximize your healing process!


  • And finally take a look at your stress levels. Stress is our health’s worst enemy. No matter how much broccoli and quinoa you eat, if you are chronically stressed and have not found a healthy way to manage it, it’s going to work against you in everything you try to do. Interestingly enough the above 6 strategies will dramatically help with your stress levels. Exercise, eating clean, and a positive perspective can do loads of good! Changing your perspective alone has the capability to completely eradicate any source of stress! Look around your life and see what things may need to be changed or eliminated in order to have more peace and less stress. Doing so can do you a world of good. Here are my favorite stress managing techniques:
    • Exercise, deep breathing, EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique, journaling, praying, meditating/visualizing with guided visualizations or peaceful music, stopping what I’m doing and praising the Lord in thankfulness :).


There you have it friend! 7 Steps that could have a wonderful impact on your life and your mission in the world. We are all here for a specific purpose and my purpose is to help you stay strong so you can live out your calling! If you find all of this overwhelming and need someone to encourage you through this process, I would love to talk with you! We can create a specific plan just for you to maximize your results in the quickest amount of time possible. You can email me directly at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com.

Don’t forget ladies, I will be starting a new group in “The Empowered Woman” journey mid-January! THIS WILL BE THE LAST DISCOUNTED PROGRAM. After this next program, The cost of membership will go up to it’s original price. Remember, this is a 4-month journey together with 1-on-1 support the whole way. My mission is to empower you with everything you need to know to defeat what I like to call the 3-D’s- Disease, Depression, & the Devil! At the end of this Mind, Body, Soul journey you’ll know exactly what you need to do to live a life of freedom!

Have an amazing 2013 you guys!!! Thank you for doing what you do and living out your purpose in the world. Let’s optimize every day of this next year together, shall we?

In Health, Happiness, & Hope,


I rejoice in your word like one who discovers a great treasure.

~ Psalm 119:162

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What Will Your 2013 Look Like?

Hey Friends!

Can you believe this is the last day of 2012? It’s incredible! Time is flying by at a crazy fast speed! I hope you all had a wonderful year full of blessings and wonderful experiences.

Now is the time we look back on what we have learned and look forward to what we want to accomplish in the future. A new year is like a fresh piece of paper, a clean slate, and we get to decide what we are going to do with it! In a time where the world seems a bit hectic and uncertain, there are ALWAYS key elements that are in our control that only we can decide. These decisions we make are some of the most important of our lives. They have the ability to dictate our future and our level of vitality and success.

As we start out this new year, i wanted to illuminate the areas that each of us DO have control over in hopes that we all will achieve an even higher level of happiness and success in the new year. We each have a calling in this life. You have unique desires, skills, & resources that were given to only you and it’s your decision what you do with those. Your response to theses simple areas can have incredible power over the rest of your life…

  • You have complete control over your perspective.

  • You have complete control over your response to situations.

  • You have complete control over your attitude.

  • You have complete control over your level of loving others.

  • You have complete control over your goals.

  • You have complete control over your actions.

  • You have complete control over your thoughts.

  • You have complete control over your words.

Looking to the future with these in mind, how and what will you change in this new year? The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. NOW is the time to shoot for the stars, believe in yourself, don’t just think about an idea, DO it! Love those around you more than ever, CHOOSE to only respond to situations in faith instead of fear, CHOOSE to be happy, CHOOSE to have a positive perspective in EVERY situation, CHOOSE to take captive your thoughts and only meditate on what is good, CHOOSE to only speak constructive words, CHOOSE to have dreams and BELIEVE in them, choose to look your fears in the face and conquer them!

I know this may sound a bit cheesy to some of you, but just imagine with me for a minute if we all did this! How DIFFERENT would our world be! BE the change you want to see in the world. A change starts with each person taking an internal look and changing themselves for the better.

We are in week 5 of The Empowered Woman program and with each week I have more confirmation that this is what I have been called to do. This group is absolutely amazing and watching other women grow, learn, become empowered, and transform their health in every way is such a privilege for me to watch. I have decided to start another group mid-January for all of you who were not able to make the first group.

NOW is the time you choose what you want your future to look like. These next four months are going to fly by just like the past 4 months have. Where will you be? Will you be stuck in your same routine, unable to progress? Or will you be at your goal, where you have dreamed to be for so long, but didn’t have the tools and encouragement to get there? This is your opportunity, will you take it?

It’s Your Choice.

I am opening up this group to just 15 women who are passionate about becoming empowered in every area of their life. 15 women who want to learn how to make their bodies invincible to disease, their minds impenetrable to negativity and depression, and their souls stronger than iron, ready to defeat the devil and all his schemes.

This is a very unique program as we go through a 120-day journey together to heal your body in a step-by-step process founded on Christian Principles. If you are ready to take this step, if you want to change the way things have been going for your life in a positive way, then email me at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com to schedule a free consultation.

For more information about the Empowered Woman program you can visit my page here.

Have an AMAZING 2013 everyone!!! I’m so thankful for all of you!



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