10- Minute Fat Busting Exercise

Obviously, exercise is KEY to our health. Unfortunately excuses and every day life gets in the way and it doesn’t become as priority as it should. I’ve been reading Jon Gabriel’s book and doing research into his program, “The Gabriel Method”, every day for the past month or so. -Stay tuned for my review on his process and what I think of his methods!-

Everyone is talking about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) these days and how powerful it is. I totally agree in it’s effectiveness! Jon has a very simple and easy way to begin incorporating this type of training into your daily life for maximum health results. If you’re pressed on time and can only get in a few minutes, make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck!

Here is an easy step-by-step exercise that ANYONE can do!

  1. Wake up 10-15 minutes early and have your workout clothes and running shoes ready to throw on.
  2. Jump out the door and start walking, that’s it…walking.
  3. Somewhere along your run pretend all of a sudden you have to run for your life! It could be because someone is chasing you, a dog is running after you, or if you listen to our friends at the CDC, there is a zombie apocalypse and you have to get away! This spurt doesn’t have to be long at all, just go as long as you can, atleast 15 seconds.
  4. Try and repeat this a few times during your walk if you can.
  5. Go back home, jump in the shower and stretch out those muscles and relax. You just boosted your fat burning furnace, metabolism, and energy before the day even got started! Great job!

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