21-Day Habit Bet! Kicking off 2/6!

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What’s the February Habit Bet do you ask??

Let me just tell you… 16 days into 75-Hard and my husband has completely transformed who he is and how he shows up. I’m SO IMPRESSED!
Intrigued by 75-Hard, but looking for something a bit… softer?? 😂
I’ve got you!
February 6th, I’m kicking off a fun Habit Bet integrating the principles of 75-Hard with a few tweaks:
💪🏽 21-Days starting February 6th
💪🏽 $10 buy-in. Participants who complete all 21-days split the $$ pot.
💪🏽 2-Workouts have no parameters. They can be any length of time, any kind of movement.
💪🏽 Adding in my favorite daily wellness formula to support hormones, gut health, stress & energy.
Tweaking our daily habits changes our lives. Let’s learn to do it together in a sustainable way and have fun doing it!
* Current clients please venmo me $10 for your buy in at @coachjessica.
You can send paypal if you don’t have venmo- thehealthpatriot@gmail.com
** If you’re not a current client, click HERE to get your Annual Membership to all the groups I run, workouts, healthy recipes and your first month of supplements! (Then text me- 209-840-0900 to make sure I get you plugged in!)
⭐️ All Habit Bet participants will get free access to my Hormonal Workshop Recording + Resources!
Ready to jump in?! Awesome! Let’s do this! Direct all questions to me on Social or via text- 209-840-0900.
See you in there!
May be an image of one or more people and text that says '21-DAY Habit Bet Change Your Habits. Change Your Life. WORKOUTS/DAY FOLLOW MEAL PLAN 100% 20 MINUTES MINDSET GROWTH GALLON OF WATER SHAKE SUPPLEMENTS $10 BUY IN. DO THESE HABITS FOR 21-DAYS STRAIGHT SPLIT THE $$$ POT. StartingFebruary Bth'

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