Are You the Reason Behind the Drama?


If you clicked on this article after seeing the title, then congratulations!! You’re in a great place to learn, change, and grow into the best version of YOU!! Woohoo!! These words can be hard to hear, I know they have been hard for me to hear and absorb and apply to my life, but there is SO much freedom in it!!! I’m finding there is a word that many people in our culture and younger generations don’t like…


When we accept it, we admit it’s in our control to change and we are no longer a victim, so we can’t blame it on other people anymore. Sure, maybe it’s more humbling and difficult at first, but it is SO worth it! Check out today’s quick video on how to simplify the drama and live a full life no matter what your circumstances.


You’re Awesome!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.53.52 AM


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