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Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. Life’s been a little busy, but it’s now settling down a bit and you’ll be hearing alot more from me from here on.

Today I wanted to do a quick post on the benefits of working out with your main squeeze. Let’s face it, in this day and age, by the age of 30, many of us have experienced broken relationships at one level or another. I am one of those. It’s become a learning process for me and I am SO thankful to have learned all that I have through the rough days. There are various reasons why relationships fail today: lack of character, lack of fidelity, no work ethic, low self esteem, selfishness, the list goes on….but that’s not what I want to talk about today. Today I want to touch on one of the awesome ways we can keep our relationships strong. Ready…go!

7 Benefits of working out with your special someone:

1. Keep each other accountable

  • If you’ve tried exercising at any point in your life, you know it really does help to have someone to keep you accountableCouples that workout together, stay together! to workout and give your all in the gym. Why not make that motivator be “your person”? You’re responsible for encouraging each other, motivating each other, pushing each other to go further. You create an encouraging, motivating, fun, and exciting relationship together both in and out of the gym.


  • OBVIOUSLY hormones can change your life. It can either be for better or for worse. When we workout, we release feel good endorphins which gives us that post workout glow. We increase testosterone (not in a scary way ladies…we have testosterone too which we need for hormonal balance) which increases our drive for life in general-ALWAYS a plus! So, obviously, when you both are happier with increased life drive, life is going to be much better together!

3. Train with your life teammate

  • When you’re in a relationship, you’re a team. It’s you and your teammate in life. You conquer life struggles together, you celebrate together, you are a source of strength for your person and they are a source of strength for you. When you practice this “teammate-ness” in the gym, it comes much more easily in real life situations. This may sound silly, but it really makes a difference! Professional athletes train together every day. The idea is to learn to know where your teammate is and build trust and confidence that your teammate will always be there when needed. This creates a seamless and effective team when it comes gametime.

4. Increased energy

  • Living an exhausted, drained of energy life is awesome, right?? WRONG! Exercise is KEY to keep your mind and body full of energy. Every day every single human being gets older. Unfortunately, as we age, most people slow down and stop moving as much. As the body gets used to this it starts to slow down and lose energy even faster. We can dramatically slow down the aging process by simply continuing to move. Obviously rest is essential as well, but if you can maintain a regular exercise routine, your energy levels are going to be much higher than those who never get their workout on. It’s commonsense that in a relationship, you’re going to have so much more fun together if you both have energy as opposed to you both being exhausted all the time. DUH!

5. Me time becomes “us” time

  • A foundational part of building a relationship is having fun and spending time together. If you have kiddos, work, and other things that get in the way, your gym time can become your recreational companionship time. It can be a time to have fun, get sweaty, challenge yourself, and use your best friend to push you through when your muscles want to quit.

6. Increased self confidence

  • LADIES! This applies mostly to you, even though it’s essential for both parties in the relationship. Listen for a sec, IF YOU ARE CONSTANTLY BEATING YOURSELF UP AND THINK YOU ARE UNLOVABLE, TOO FAT, TOO SHORT, TOO UGLY, TO WHATEVER STUPID RUNNING THROUGH YOUR HEAD….YOU’RE GOING TO DRAIN YOUR PARTNER AND PUT STRAIN ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP. In a healthy relationship, you want to be confident (not cocky) in who you are as an individual apart from the other person. When BOTH people are happy with themselves, they come together and become a superpower team. Neither one is draining the other person, you’re not dependent on them for your happiness, you don’t become needy, you don’t “need” them to complete you… YOU are happy being YOU, but you realize with the other person, you’re a better version of yourself. They make you happy, you make them happy. You each are only giving to the other person instead of draining them. Make sense?? When you workout together, you are building your confidence. You feel more fit, healthy, sexy, the list goes on..who doesn’t want that in their relationship?

7. Reduce stress

  • There is WAY too much stress in our day and age. It’s everywhere we turn and is the culprit behind many health issues and relationship strain. Exercise is a key way to reduce stress, so why not do that together?



Not in a relationship?? AWESOME! Keep getting your fitness on, work on improving yourself, being encouraged in fitness by your friends, find a workout partner, and when that time comes that you meet your iron pumping, protein drinking, snuggle buddy, you’ll be the best version of yourself for them. That’s what it’s all about. Encouraging eachother to live to your fullest potential.

Have an awesome day!

– Jessica Aubrey

RN & Health/Fitness Coach


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