Feel Good Friday: Why I Feel SO Good

The other day I was reflecting on where I was just a few years ago with my health. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget how horrible you felt in the past when you start to feel good again! I remember sleepless nights, holding my stomach because it hurt so bad and was so distended. I remember being so scared as I was going through an MRI machine for a brain MRI, as the doctors thought I might have a brain tumor that was suppressing my hormones and causing me to not have a menstrual cycle for 7 years. I remember being in the middle of a conversation with a friend when all of a sudden I felt as if I had to burp, and a mouth full of mucous and undigested food came out of my mouth…ya, gross!  My body was in bad shape.

Reminiscing about the past years and knowing what I know now, it’s almost as if I’m watching an old film of my life and now I can recognize how my body began to deteriorate at such a young age. Thinking about the past, makes me SO thankful for all that I have been through, all that I have learned, and the people who have come into my life at the perfect times to help me get to where I am now. It also makes me excited for the future because I know my story is only beginning. I know there is so much left to experience, learn, and do, and THAT gives me goosebumps with anticipation!

As I was remembering how horrible I used to feel and the myriad of doctors, specialists, and even natural remedies I tried, I realized I need to emphasize the moment in my life when things really began to turn around for me. And with that, I introduce you to the Sunrider foods.

Maybe you’re thinking the same thing I was when I first heard about them…

   Oh, she’s just trying to sell me something…

      This is just another MLM Scam…

          I’ve tried products like this before and it didn’t work…

In June, 2010, I said these very same things. I was at my lowest of lows, and desperate for something different. I had some relief from switching to a holistic doctor in place of my regular doctor, but after a year and a half of loads of supplements, expensive testing, acupuncture, and anything else I could get my hands on, I should have felt better than I did at that point. I honestly was at a place where I couldn’t imagine myself healthy. That is a very dangerous place to be.

Then one day a friend of our family handed me a DVD and with excitement told me to watch it as it had changed her life. I thought, “sure, i’ll watch it but I probably already know what it’s talking about”. That night my husband and I watched this old home video together. It was nothing flashy or a grand production, but instead a home video made in the 80’s! The people sharing their testimonies were wearing puffy shoulder pads and huge bows in their hair. It was hilarious! Then JW Emerson started talking and teaching the principles of Regeneration and sharing how and why it changed his life and saved his wife from dying.

I was blown away.

We finished the DVD and the very next morning I called to see how I could register with the company and place my first order. I remember the woman, and now dear friend, Yvonne, who helped me sign up was pleasantly surprised that I wanted to sign up as an “IBO” (Independent Business Owner) before I even placed an order! The honest truth is that I really wanted the 25% discount, and there was something stirring within me and I just knew that this was completely different than anything I had every tried.

I immersed myself for 3 straight months with Sunrider Information- CD’s, CVD’s, testimonials, books, pamphlets, whatever I could get my hands on. I wanted to make sure I knew every inch of this company and the products before I started telling others about it. I NEVER would recommend anything I wouldn’t put in my own body. The more information I crammed into my brain, the more AMAZED I was that this information wasn’t in the headlines of newspapers and in every hospital! It is unreal!

Throughout the following 6 months my body did things I never thought it would do again…

Rather soon after starting the Sunrider foods, my digestion improved dramatically! Constipation- gone, bloating- diminished, chronic daily indigestion- gone, I was amazed! Little by little my body was responding, and faster than it had ever done before! My energy, concentration, drive, and focus greatly improved. I also had a very high viral load including HPV, Epstein Barr, Herpes simplex virus (the one that gives you cold sores), and more. I was sick ALL the time! Now my immune system is incredibly strong and I hardly ever get sick!

Two of the biggest landmarks in my healing journey was when my menstrual cycle started after 7 years of not having one and when my sebaceous cyst on my head…popped!

I don’t know another girl on the planet who gets excited to have her period…sounds weird, but after not having one for 7 years because my body was so out of balance, the day it came, I was ecstatic! It meant I was normal! That is such an amazing feeling to feel like my body is working properly after so many years of struggle!

Shortly after, I started getting a sharp pain in the sebaceous cyst that had been on the top of my head for 9 or so years. The doctor said I would always have it, but to keep an eye on it. When it started hurting, I was getting nervous that something was wrong. Then, one day as I went to look at it, it popped!!! SO GROSS!!! And it continued to “pop” for over a week until finally it was completely flat and went away. Ugh…it gives me the chills just thinking about it again.

Isn’t it AMAZING what the body can do when it has the tools to Nourish, Balance, & Cleanse itself? Those are the main principles of the Sunrider foods. I could go on for forever, but I will leave you with JW Emerson’s video.

When something changes your life so radically, you want to SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS!!! For those who need healing, I hope you’re listening, because I AM SHOUTING!!!

I have loads of information and research I can send you from my years of intensive learning, so if you’d like more info, send me an email at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com, and I’ll send you some amazing literature.

Here are some facts about Sunrider that you should know…Why this company is set apart:

  • Formulas are over 1,000 years old! Sunrider is the only company on the planet who has these specific ancient manuscripts that have been passed on through the generations. The company itself has been around for over 30 years and only continues to grow testimonies around the world.
  • No outsourcing- Sunrider NEVER outsources any of their products. They grow all of their herbs on their own property located in both America and locations outside of the US that is UNTOUCHED by civilization, meaning there are no chances for cross contamination, pollution, or pesticides to corrupt the Sunrider Herbs. Most companies get their products from other companies where they then put their label on it.
  • Products based on the Philosophy of Regeneration instead of Substitution. Most supplements and medications substitutes for a certain action the body should perform. These products feed the body to heal itself to function how it was created to. See the difference?
  • Each batch is closely inspected. If there is any piece of a batch that does not meet Dr. Chen’s extremely HIGH standards, the entire batch is thrown out. All herbs are BETTER than organic. Dr. Chen thought it was an insult to put a USDA Organic label on these herbs, as his standards are much, much, MUCH higher than the USDA’s organic requirements.

Here is a great documentary on the Sunrider company

Want to know more? Check out my Sunrider Page to get a FREE PDF! You can also read some of the testimonies of the wonderful people I have worked with and how it has changed their life on the TESTIMONIALS page here! 

Have a question? Email me at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com or leave a comment below!

Have a wonderful Friday!!


 “Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 8:39


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