Flu-Shot Alternatives- 11 Immune Boosting Tips

After yesterday’s article exposing some of the dangerous FACTS about the Flu-Shot, I wanted to follow up with ways you can keep you and your family strong so you don’t become vulnerable to the flu, and if you do get it, you will know how to get rid of it quick!

I know when I bring up the topic of vaccines, I am opening myself up to a world of insults, hate emails, and pro-vaccine protesters. Being that I am an RN, I get a lot of ridicule for my stance on this controversial topic. It doesn’t phase me because I am not called to “fit in”, in this world. I am called to speak the truth in love. It is never my intention to ever belittle anyone and their opinion. We may disagree and that’s fine. It’s your decision, however I don’t understand how some of these black and white facts  about the high risks and dangers of vaccines are overlooked. Maybe people truly just don’t know…. We have come to trust the governing powers in our country SO much with our health, and it doesn’t really make sense. Do you trust them with your money?? Most people would answer an obnoxious “no” to that question! So…WHY in the world would you trust them with your health??

For those of you who are more interested in strengthening the most POWERFUL tool against any disease, flu, virus, or illness, I wanted to put together some of my favorite ways to strengthen your immune system to fight off anything that may come your way. Just like cancer can only grow and survive in a specific environment, viruses and bacteria are the same. You have to be a HOST to these little suckers in order for them to take hold. Here are some ways to bullet-proof your body from illness…

-Top 11 Immune Boosting Tips-

1. Remove foods that burden the immune system.

  • The major culprits are gluten, dairy, sugar, & processed foods. Removing these foods from your diet will do WONDERS in your health! If your body is constantly burdened with these damaging foods, you can be left vulnerable to illnesses you are exposed to. Read more here…

2. Increase your Sunrider foods & superfoods.

  • I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I was sick and that is in large part due to the fact that I eat my Sunrider foods and some of my favorite superfoods on a consistent basis to make sure my body is getting incredible nutrient density!

3. Consume probiotic foods & beverages daily and increase when sick.

  • 80% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. Did you know that? That means that when you load up on probiotics, which are like little good-guy fighters that go in and clean house in your digestive system, you are dramatically improving your immune system! This is why when you take a round of antibiotics (which I don’t recommend unless life threatening), you are very likely to get sick afterwards because all of your good-guy fighters in your digestive system have just been killed. Downing probiotic foods and beverages or a good probiotic supplement will make a huge difference in your healing process and in preventing the common flu or cold. Here are my favorite sources for probiotics…


4. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of pure mineralized, alkaline, water every day.

  • This means, if you weigh 160 pounds, each day you should be drinking 80 oz of water.
  • Try to get as high-quality water as possible. In my health programs, we go over this in detail over an entire week! There are many options out there to get you hydrated! You can start by going to www.findaspring.com and looking for a natural spring near you!

5.Eat more garlic & onions

  • These foods are rich in antioxidants and selenium, both which help boost immune function. Garlic in particular is both antibacterial and antiviral. Both garlic and onions are part of the Allium family, which is rich in sulfur-containing compounds responsible for many of their health-promoting effects. The more of these foods you get in, the stronger you’re immune system will be!

6. Use Immune boosting supplements- Vitamin C & D3

  • I’m not usually a supplement pusher, but these to supplement superstars can do you a whole world of good when you choose the right ones! If you have been an Emergen-C or Airborne fan, I would recommend throwing those in the trash as they are loaded with JUNK and replace them with the good stuff! Here are my favorite sources for these two immune-boosting vitamins:


7. Move your body every day.

  • Physical activity helps to cleanse your body of impurities and stimulates the white blood cell production and Killer T cells which are responsible for killing the bad-guy invaders such as viruses and bacteria! If you’re sick, you don’t want to stress your body too much, but even a simple stretching routine would do wonders! Doing a simple spinal twist can increase white blood cell production and boost immune function. One of the most effective lymphatic cleansing and immune boosting exercises is rebounding! Get a mini-trampoline and bounce off the bad bugs!

8. Get more sleep.

  • Night time when we sleep is when our body rejuvenates itself and where most healing takes place. It is important to at the very minimum get 7 hours of sleep per night. Your body will require more when you are fighting off a bug. Listen to your body and rest when your body tells you to. Make sure your room is pitch dark to ensure proper melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone that helps you sleep. It is crucial that you sleep through all of your sleep cycles. The different phases of sleep contain two cycles that are deep enough to refurbish your immune system. The better you sleep, the better you’ll feel!

9. Stress Less.

  • Many consider stress as one of the main culprits for a compromised or faulty immune system. I always say, no matter how much broccoli and quinoa you eat, if you are a stress case, your health is going to deteriorate. It is incredibly important to learn how to manage stress in your life, change your perspectives, laugh more, lighten up, and love life. Your immune system and entire body will thank you for this!

10. Use homeopathic medicine to treat symptoms.

  • We all catch a bug from time to time. This is actually an opportunity for our immune systems to be strengthened if dealt with properly! When your find yourself with a runny nose, stomach ache, or any other ailment, I HIGHLY recommend using homeopathic medicine to get better quick! Homeopathic medicine is the safest most effective non-toxic medicine on the planet with an unbelievable track record for saving lives! When you’re in a pinch and don’t know what to get, go for a combo remedy that fits your symptoms. This will be found in any health food store in the supplements section.

11. Increase your greens & alkaline foods in any & every way possible.

  • Drink more green smoothies, eat more spinach, kale, celery, bell peppers (incredibly high in vitamin C!), cucumbers, avocados, etc. Make bone broths with greens and high mineral-content organic bones! That is a true miracle worker. Maybe even try my anti-cancer soup recipe! Another GREAT trick to get your body more alkaline is to drink lemon water each morning! Read my previous article here to learn more information about this super simple and powerful drink!



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In Health, Hope, & Happiness,


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  1. Great post Jessica! Such important info when the vaccine is shoved in our faced everywhere we go – running in to the Walgreens the counter girl gave me attitude because I said that we don’t get the shot!! wish more people were proactive with their health!

    1. Thanks Gina! It is insane how uneducated people get so annoyed when us educated people don’t want toxins injected into us! If they only knew what was in those things… Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

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