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Hey There!

Help me spread the good news about the subject specific CALL-A-THON being offered for FREE this week!
These calls are offered only once or twice a year and let me tell you, they are life changing!

I am SO excited about this week! Personal lives will be changed…families will be impacted…stubborn pounds will be lost…diseases will disappear…cancers will have met their match…and hope restored. All as a result of spreading the news about a secret weapon many are unaware of.

There have been countless people eat the Sunrider foods and dramatically improve their lives because someone cared enough about them to get them on these calls. Invite your friends and loved ones to get on the calls. They will thank you!

Call in to: 1 (832) 553-9635 PIN 9093 followed by # sign



Monday July 22nd 6pm PST–Kandesn Skin Care
Tuesday July 23rd 6pm PST–Kids and Sunrider – Raising Healthy Kids – From Pregnancy through Teens
Wednesday July 24th 6pm PST-Digestion
Thursday July 25th 6pm PST–Immune System
Friday July 26th 6pm PST–Women’s Issues (Women’s call only!) – Menstruation through Menopause
Saturday July 27th 9am PST –Sunrider as a Business- How to get your Sunrider for free 


If YOU have been wondering what Sunrider is all about and how/why it changed my life and is changing the lives of my clients, this is the BEST opportunity to listen to real-life stories and how it is affecting people around the world!

Talk to you there!!

In Health, Hope, & Happiness,

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