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I can already see the excitement in all you lady health-nuts out there when you saw the title of this article! If you are a woman passionate about things like spirulina, superfoods, green smoothies, coffee enemas, grounding mats, and homemade sauerkraut, you have probably seen an eye-roll or two from your significant other. Maybe it’s even been the source of many arguments. In your mind, all you want is for them to be healthy and take care of themselves, right? If we really think about those arguments, the truth comes out and we really just want to make them male versions of ourselves!

Hey honey, do you want to go walk barefoot on the grass together so we can get grounded and then come back and do couples coffee enemas followed by a probiotic superfood green smoothie and wheat grass shots??

HA! Well, maybe some of you DO have significant others who would LOVE to do this with you, and that is awesome!!! But if I said that to my husband he would look at me with those beautiful big brown eyes and laugh as he continues playing his videogame. Don’t get me wrong, I am INCREDIBLY BLESSED with the best husband I could ever ask for! He is AMAZING and actually the one who inspired me to write this article! But, usually it’s him taking pictures of me getting grounded hugging trees, not vice versa.

Health is my passion and calling in life, so it’s only natural for me to want him to enjoy all of it’s benefits! However, I’ve realized that health is MY passion and it’s normal that he doesn’t get as excited about a new bottle of Inner-Eco and a big box of Sunrider Foods as I do! Just like I don’t start yelling GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL at the top of my lungs when Atletico Madrid scores the winning goal! We have different passions, and that’s awesome! It’s part of the beauty of a relationship! So, I had to let many of my nutzo nazi ways go and just let him be him. Letting go of the nagging tendencies and just loving on him was the best thing I could ever do. Today I went into the kitchen and he was downing a superfood shot! To me that is way more special than a dozen roses any day!

It is so important in a relationship to respect each others opinions and desires on certain things, even when you don’t agree. But it just as important to value what your partner values. I sit and watch sports with him and he takes superfood shots with me. It’s a beautiful relationship and I can honestly say I LOVE every day of our adventure together. Over the past 7 years together, I’ve learned some tricks of how to “healthify” my husband, and I thought I’d share them with you in hopes that it will help all you nutty women out there!


-10 Tips to “Healthify” Your Husband-


10. Always have healthy alternatives.

  • It’s really hard to try to get anyone in your family to eat healthy if you don’t have healthy options for them. Maybe you used to be a twinkies, snickers, pepsi, pizza, doritos, & hot pockets family and now you want to transition to less lethal food. That’s GREAT! The first step is to replace all the junk with similar alternatives and get the junk out of the house. If you have time and creativity, you can make alot of these alternatives at home! There are TONS of recipes for gluten-free, sugar-free cookies, donuts, candy bars, etc. If you don’t have the time or will power, you can head into a health food store and look for some good alternatives. Here are some examples: Zevita or Blue Sky Free soda in stead of regular soda, Kombucha 2000 Multigreen instead of beer, gluten-free snacks and treats instead of regular cookies or crackers, organic blue-corn tortilla chips instead of regular ones, make homemade grass-fed burgers instead of McDonalds, Quinoa pasta instead of the regular, gluten-free english muffins instead of wonderbread, gluten-free frozen pizzas instead of regular ones, Kombucha instead of beer, and organic dark chocolate instead of traditional candy. EVERYTHING has a healthy and delicious alternative! 🙂

9. Find delicious healthy recipes and make them.

  • One reason why many people don’t even try to eat healthier is because they have this preconceived notion that it will be miserable and taste like cardboard! I don’t blame them for thinking that since they are usually judging by the taste of the synthetic high fiber cereals and crap-loaded protein bars that DO taste like cardboard. You have to show your hubs and your family that eating REAL food IS delicious! So, take a few of his favorite dishes and re-do them with healthy ingredients. Or make new recipes that you know he’ll love and wait to tell him it’s healthy until AFTER he devours it. 🙂 Soon enough he will see that eating healthy not only tastes great, but makes him FEEL great too!


8. Hide superfoods and vegetables in traditional dishes.

  • In the beginning stages especially, this is one of the best ways to sneak nutrition into your husband and your family. 🙂 I used to love reading the cookbook, “Deceptively Delicious”! It’s all about sneaking vegetables into classic recipes. Since I don’t do gluten or pasteurized dairy, I would twist the recipes even more, and it sparked something within me to find every way to sneak healthy foods into not so healthy dishes. Mac n’ cheese is a GREAT example! Traditional Mac n’ Cheese from the box as completely toxic and loaded with junk. But, homemade mac n’ cheese made with quinoa pasta and a homemade cheese sauce that combines a cauliflower puree and Daiya Vegan Cheese or raw cheese….now THAT is genius! Another one of my favorite things is to sneak in homemade or raw sauerkraut into their smoothies! Make them a delicious tasting smoothie and add a huge scoop of sauerkraut! They won’t even taste the difference and they’ll be getting LOADS of immune boosting nutrients & probiotics! Also try to integrate vegetables into every meal, whether it’s a salad with steak, veggies with an omelet, or roasted veggies with fish, the more veggies you can integrate the better off everyone will be!

7. Bribe him 😉

  • As his wife…I’m sure you can use your imagination on this one! 🙂 Buy him a new toy or have a special date night to tell him how much you appreciate him valuing his health and integrating these new things. Positive reinforcement is powerful ladies!

6. Exercise together.

  • Every man loves to see a hot and sweaty wife! Get active together. Go hiking, swimming, skiing, jogging, or whatever else would be fun to do together. If you’d rather not exercise together, then make a deal together that you both will go to the gym every day or at 3pm every day you go do an Insanity video and he goes to the garage to do P90X! Keeping each other accountable and enjoying getting fit together is a great relationship strengthener!


5. Help him protect his prostate.

  • Pretty much every man wants to avoid prostate issues, and the majority of the time all prostate issues can be 100% avoided! This has everything to do with his lifestyle, nutrition, stress levels, environmental toxins, etc, and the more he does now, the happier you both will be in the long term. Maybe find some articles to show him or find a moment when it’s right to talk about it. You both can be protecting your vital organs. Breast cancer and prostate cancer now effect between 1 in 2 & 1 in 3 Americans. Those rates are ALARMING! Make a decision together to change your lifestyle so you don’t become one of these statistics. Work with someone who can take a comprehensive look at your entire mind-body status and educate you about environmental toxins and the top things to do in order to protect these areas. For those who work with me in my health programs, you will get all of this life-saving information and help implementing it into your life in no time!

4. Buy him good-smelling toiletries.

  • There are WAY too many men walking around with high levels of estrogen these days and one of the major factors contributing to that are all of the men’s toiletries LOADED with xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are chemicals that mimic estrogen and enter the body usually through the skin. Our skin is our largest organ, and everything we put on it goes straight into our blood stream. Nice, huh? One of my favorite non-toxic men’s brands is Every Man Jack. They have everything and it smells amazing! You can purchase this brand at some regular stores, health food stores, and for sure on my amazon store. 🙂

3. Don’t be a nag.

  • THIS is where we all get into trouble isn’t it? This used to be a weakness of mine, but thankfully I have gotten much, much better! We want SO bad for our husband or our family for that matter to know all that we know and do all that we do so they can feel great and protect themselves from future illness! Our heart is right, but our actions and words end up pushing our loved ones away and making our “healthy lifestyle” the enemy! The BEST thing we can do is to be a loving example in our own lives and help our family to make better choices. It’s different with your kids than it is with your husband. You are not called to be his mom and order him around. You are called to be his wife, his partner in life, his encourager and to lift him up with your words and respect him as your man. When we get after them day after day after day about every little thing, it gets old! I totally get that! So, do all you can to love your man no matter what and through that love show him a better way of living through your actions.

2. Help him create a routine.

  • Routine ALWAYS helps! My mom & pops are super busy working and with their lives, but every morning they have a routine. They wake up and make their Sunrider smoothie and their gallon of Calli tea before they head out the door. It is as routine as brushing their teeth and keeps them super strong all day. Help your man create a routine to get his nutrients in. Maybe that is a smoothie every morning, or a superfood shot every evening. Whatever he prefers, creating a daily routine really helps to remember to get in the greens!

1. Teach him how to make superfood shots!

  • Honestly, my husband does not like smoothies, so me trying to force a green smoothie down him every day just doesn’t work. What we found DOES work instead though is a superfood shot! Does it taste good? NO WAY! BUT it is much more convenient and is over in about 10 seconds! Take a shot glass or a small cup and mix in your favorite superfoods. We use: Quinary, chlorella, spirulina, maca powder, Reishi powder, magnesium powder, and sometimes vitamin C. He mixes it up in a small amount of liquid and downs it and then does sort of a manly grunt after because it tastes SO gross! Honestly, I was so impressed when I first saw him doing this! Not even I could handle the taste and that’s a big deal! Maybe this will work for your man better than hounding him with salads and smoothies all the time?

    My Studly Man supporting the green mustache and grossed out face after his superfood shot.

I hope you enjoyed these tips! Do you have a special trick you use to keep your guys strong and healthy? If so, share below!

In Health, Hope, & Happiness,


For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.

~ Psalm 84:11


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  1. Jessica, I love this post. I can’t agree with you more on your 10 tips. It was a hard lesson for me to learn and it applies to my 18 year old son as well. As much as I would love for them to eat 100% healthy foods, I understand it has to be when they are ready. It is frustrating to have the knowledge that what they eat is doing them potential harm but we can not force anyone to change. I am definitely going to incorporate sneaking more into their favorite dishes and I am going to see if they will do the super foods shot. That even sound manly, lol. Thanks for the great info.

  2. First of all your husband is absolutely adorable and a true champ for posing for all those shots. I’m with you though with not being a nag and letting them be but encouraging them to try what your having and taking no lightly. My husband has come around since its all he’s ever known of me. His first gift to me was a gift certificate to the health food store. He checks in with me before we select a place to eat and respects my boundaries (like no fast food). As I continue to do my thing he is coming around and that’s all I can ask for – my kids are another story – they have been raised this way. They are health food snobs and I mean that after my 16 year old happily chewed up 20 chlorella/Spirulina tabs that you recommended and both my kids like to chew wheat grass ( along with my gabby and healthy guinea pigs). Bravo Jessica on another great and informative blog post. I will keep at it!!

  3. Jessica I love this article. Xavi is so handsome. Looking so forward to seeing you in some 20 days. Love you and so proud of you. As I study my books for my classes, I have been listening to the chapters of Empowered Women as you say were are multi-taskers, that is the only way I can concentrate on my reading and studying. See you soon.

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