Perception Changer- Forgiveness

Today I was inspired to encourage everyone to forgive. The POWER we have when we CHOOSE to forgive instead of resent and hold on to the past is incredibly freeing. For those of you who want to experience freedom in the deepest way, today could be a huge day for you. Today you have the opportunity to forgive even the worst of acts that have been committed against you.

Despite what our flesh likes to believe, THERE IS NO ACT that cannot be forgiven. I know that sounds radical and this statement in no way is going to make me popular. We like to believe we have the “right” to hold on to things. The enemy (aka- the bastard Satan) likes to speak lies into our hearts and tell us that we need to retaliate, the other person needs to see justice and we need to make sure that happens, there is no way we can forgive that unforgivable act….Do these thoughts sound familiar? We all have experienced them at one point in our lives.

Today is a new day and we have a new challenge. It is both incredibly simple and incredible difficult. Right now you could change the rest of your future. There is a split road right in front of you. Which way will you choose?

I will be honest with you, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to forgiveness in my life is forgiving the drunk driver who hit my father and I when I was 11 and as a result, killed my father. I have two choices: A.) I could HATE this man, and have every reason to. He deliberately drank too much, got behind a wheel irresponsibly and caused a man to be killed, a family to forever be changed and filled with pain, a wife to lose her high school sweetheart and kids to grow up without their real father. This death was 100% preventable…it wasn’t an illness, an accident…no, it was stupidity of another human being that changed my life forever. In the world’s eyes, I have every right to be angry and want to see this man pay for the rest of his life for what he did. That is one choice I have…to hold onto anger, resentment, bitterness… B.) The not so popular choice. I could forgive him. I could forgive this unforgivable act. Why would I do such a thing? I’ll tell you it is definitely a supernatural act! But, you know what?I have been called to live a life set apart. I WANT to live a life free from hatred and resentment. As a health expert, I know what negative feelings such as hatred and anger do to the human body and let me tell you, it is extremely damaging. This man has already caused enough pain in my family. Why in the world would I give HIM power over my body, happiness, and health? I don’t think so mister…

So, I choose the second choice. I told this man when we were in trial that I forgave  him and I meant it. I sat there in a wheel chair with 14 screws and a metal plate in my leg and told him I forgave him at 11 years old and I hoped he found Jesus. To this day I hope the same thing. I refuse to let the enemy have victory over ANY area in my life, and that is my prayer for you.

What area in your heart, and your life have you not surrendured? The definition of Forgiveness is really helpful. Forgiveness is releasing another person of the responsibility to fix what happened. That simple. Who in your life do you need to release of the responsibility to fix what has been done in your life? Did they come to mind? Now say these words with me ” I forgive __________ from any wrongdoing that has been done in my life. I release them of the responsibility to make it better and can now move on with my life knowing this bump in the road will only make me stronger and a warrior for God’s kingdom.”

There you go! DONE! You have just chosen which direction the rest of your life will go. MAKE today an amazing day and share forgiveness, peace, love, and joy with whoever you encounter today.



“Forgive the unforgivable…because that is what Christ did for us”

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  1. You are so wise beyond your years!!!! What a blessed young lady you are!!! I’m going to repeat this everyday to try and forgive so i can be set free!! Thanks Jess!

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