Share Hormone Health Tools + Earn Extra Cash!

Who LOVES sharing healthy living tools with others to improve their quality of life AND earning some side money to do it? YOU? Awesome…
And to help you get started, through February, for anyone who joins me in our mission, I’ll send you a $10 gift card for every $100 you spend when purchasing your own hormone-safe products with your enrollment!
As you probably know, I recently gave up an 8 year partnership with my previous company to link arms with Hugh + Grace because I so deeply connect with the mission and goal of H+G to educate and empower families to effectively remove endocrine disrupters from their homes and support hormonal balance through cellular regeneration.

Home - New 2023 - Hugh & Grace

This company provides products for 3 vertical problem areas.
What we put:
In: Hydrate+Detox, Premiere Marine Collagen, Morning + Night Supplements
On: Skincare line, luxury organic tactile line
Around: Home Cleaning line
Glitter Magazine | Hugh & Grace Vegan Skincare Has Clean Beauty Down to a  Science

*It’s important for you to know H&G is a newer company (only 2 years since it’s origination!) and it’s grown exponentially and projected to be in luxury spas across the world including the Waldorf Astoria,  Four Seasons spas and many more.
I get to be in direct communications with our product development team + CEO and I assure you, the products on the ducat for formulation this year and beyond are very exciting and needed by the consumer!
Our latest partnership was with IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)- ALL Advocates get 45% off their Hormone Certification Course (and any other courses) through February! WOAH!

Now, I need to find some friends to help share the mission and resources!
Here are a few resources for you to review to see if this would be a good fit for you. After checking them out, there are registration links below or you can give me a call to further discuss. 🙂 209-840-0900
Here’s the story behind the creation of the company (4:20)- 
Here is the quick video I made about the affiliate + advocate opportunities (< 7min) –
Hugh & Grace: Toxic Chemical Exposure and Hormone Health
Want to check out the website first? 
* The “Learn” tab is really inspiring and educational!
RETAIL ACCOUNT: Do you own a brick and morder business where you sell products off the shelves?Salons, chiropractors, massage therapists and spas are LOVING the option to be featured as a H&G Retail Partner to carry branded Hormone Safe products.
The only differences with a retail account are you get 30% off and your registration package options are larger to get more products on your shelves. What most businesses are doing is enrolling with a personal advocate account first to try everything. Then, if they decide they want to move forward with a retail account, they enroll their BUSINESS with a retail account under their personal advocate account. Then, your personal advocate account earns the commission on your business enrollment if that makes sense. 🙂

HG Home Launches Today! - Hugh & Grace

Ready to jump on board with us??

  • To register with an Affiliate account, click here: 
    • FREE registration- no discount, earn 20% commission, no trips, no enrolling advocates.
  • To register with an Advocate account, click here:
    • $45 Enrollment Fee (No monthly fee- only $45 annually)
    • 25% off all personal orders
    • 25% commission + volume bonuses, trip incentives and the ability to build a team if desired *NOT REQUIRED.
    • The 3 most popular options to enroll with as an advocate are the Routine, The Wellness Set + The Possibilities Set.
  • To register with a RETAIL account, click here: 

Want to learn more about the health benefits?

Here’s a 30-min hormone training me and another subject expert  did teaching on the impact of “The Routine” supplement stack. It’s been so powerful for so many. It helps to understand a little behind why you’d want to share something (30 min)

Thanks for checking this out, I really hope to link arms with you!!

Dont forget to enroll in February to capitalize on that $10 gift card per $100 spent! You can use those for yourself or for future customers to kick start your business!


Coach Jess!

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