Sunrider Spotlight: 91 yr old with COPD, wheel chair, 24/7 oxygen

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This week I am going to be spotlighting some awesome Sunrider testimonies! In the world of healthcare, we hear all kinds of stories and tactics to teach us and form opinions. Many times people use fear to to push us a certain direction. Sometimes it’s necessary, but when I can, I would much rather use testimonies and encouraging news to education and encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle.

Today, I’m going to share an amazing story with you about Norman Blake, a 91 year old who struggled all of his life with COPD, Chronic asthma, and severe pain. Here is his story:

(Excerpt from Health Plus Newsletter)

My name is Pattie Blake and I am a Sunrider. I have heard some encouraging stories about Sunrider. This story, however, is about my father-in-law, Norman, who is 91 years of age and came to live with us on May 1, 2011. Experiencing a story like this first hand will open your eyes and make you a believer in whole food nutrition.

When Norman came to our house, he had been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and was in a tremendous amount of pain. Some days he could not get out of bed without help and was using a wheel-chair to go out.

Along with this, he had chronic asthma with fluid built up in the lungs for 20+ years which resulted as COPD and an oxygen tank being attached to his wheel chair.

He has also had pneumonia multiple times in the last 10 years to which he was hospitalized for. He was on oxygen 24/7, heavy steroids, breathing treatments 4 times per day and many stool softeners to compensate for the oxicodone that he was taking for the pain in his back and shooting down his legs.

I had introduced him to Sunrider the year before and he was dabbling in it but didn’t fully eat it to make a difference. The very first day he was with us, he started drinking a glass of Calli diluted to a gallon with 1-2 fortune delight added to it with a packet of NuPlus and a packet of Quinary added to it with his meals. He did this the whole month of May at least 2 times but mostly 3 times per day. In June, I started adding 2 Conco capsules to his Sunrider meal in the morning and a miracle started to happen.

He coughed up the most disgusting stuff for a full 3-4 weeks. My son would ask me what was what as in the bathroom sink and I would come back from cleaning it up with a huge smile on my face (after a few gags) realizing what amazing regeneration was taking place. Norman did complain a few times about this phlegm that wouldn’t go away so I would ask him if he felt well and checked to see if he had a fever and he would say, “I feel fine, just can’t get rid of this gunk in my throat.” I would encourage him that his body was cleaning house and although it’s not pleasant, it won’t last forever.

Another miracle was that he went from Oxicodone for the pain, (which caused uncomfortable constipation), to Vicodin, to 2 Extra Strength Tylenol/day in just 3 months.

After 4 months, he no longer needed any pain meds at all. He no longer complains about the shooting pains down his legs or back and has gone from a wheelchair to a walker to now, but her mostly uses a cane unless he is going on a long walk around the block, which is also a miracle in itself.

His oxygen tank has been long gone for over a year and the doctor told him to stop using his pulmo-aide machine unless his asthma made it hard to breathe.

In fact, the doctor has now weaned him off of all medications and he has been med free for over a year.

We are so thankful for the Sunrider foods. Without them, who knows where we would all be.


How awesome is that story, right?!?

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