No Doctor Could Heal Her…She’s Now Full of Hope, Health, & Happiness!

Today’s story is from one of my dearest clients. After you read this, you guys are going to be amazed at what this woman went through…what’s truly amazing is that this is 1/4 of what she has lived through. I can’t wait for the day she writes a book!!! It will be a BEST SELLER for SURE! PLEASE take the time to read through Candace’s story below, it will blow your mind!


The Digest Version of how I got to today, which isn’t tomorrow, but it sure isn’t yesterday ANYMORE!!

In May of last year I was blessed to become “adopted” by one of my spiritual little sisters Carmen.  She had been attending my church for a while; we had made a couple of connections in our busy lives that just didn’t mesh.  Finally she started having me come over for lunch while I was working a couple of blocks from her house.  She started telling me about a life style change.  Not a diet change.  On my visits to her house she would feed me Sunrider foods.

But wait, maybe I should give you that quick Readers Digest version I spoke about.  It begins with my irresponsibility, lack of knowledge, and health history.  I am 45 (yikes that looks horrible to type) years old.  I began having health issues at around 14.  Digestion issues, stomach pain, diarrhea, cramps, heartburn.  At this time I began a 30 year love affair with Pepto Bismol, my constant companion.  I would eat, and food would explode through my body, I couldn’t go anywhere, I couldn’t eat out, so around my 16th birthday I began making myself throw up after eating.  It made all the sense in the world; no stomach pains, no one needed to know, and I didn’t get those embarrassing long trips to the restroom.  It also shrunk my stomach so small I could go days without eating.  A pack of cigarettes (or 2), a lot of soda, and I was good to go, throw in a couple of candy bars and I was golden.  Then when I did eat, if it went through me I could hide at home later.

This craziness worked until I got pregnant at 21.  Then everything started falling apart.  I was hypoglycemic during my pregnancy, I had severe anemia, and I had morning sickness so bad, that I couldn’t eat at all (home iv during pregnancy YUK!).  I threw up all the way through to day of delivery.

Then I had a new baby, and I was so sick I could barely get out of bed to take care of him.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  The doctor said it was post-partum depression, and that was my first time a doctor told me I needed antidepressants, unfortunately, it would not be the last. As my symptoms worsened I was told it was low serotonin, regular depression, and irritable bowel syndrome.  After having my second son 2 years later, a baby and a toddler, breastfeeding…All I remember is never feeling good.  Ever.  The only answer I received from the doctors was anti-depressants. 2 years later I was divorced, and a single mom with two small children, no time to feel bad….so the crazy cycle of no sleep, caffeine and 3 packs of cigarettes a day…I dropped down to a 00 in pant size.  I am 5’6 ½” tall…and yes you read that right, a 00, not a 1 or a zero, but a double zero.  I never ate, thus, I didn’t have to throw up, or have severe diarrhea. CCI06042013_0003

Life slowly became more normal after about 4 years.  I gained back enough weight to be a size 3, and I was only working 1 good job instead of 3 crazy hour jobs.  Praise God for my mom and all her help through this crazy period.  I got remarried when I was 29 and right before we tied the knot, I was poisoned by toxins during a remodel. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks with no idea what happened, other than I messed myself up. I was released from the hospital with no specific diagnosis, no understanding by doctors why my heart rate took so long to regulate, no damage to heart, I just felt horrible.  After that, I just couldn’t make it happen, couldn’t get back on my feet.  About three months later I was remarried and pregnant again. I made three separate trips to the hospital for pneumonia during my pregnancy (doctors had no idea why…hello??? Poisoning???). Anyway…by the time my new son was 6 months old I had been diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos Thyroidism, mytrovalve prolapse, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, and depression.  At 30 with all of that, wouldn’t you be depressed??? The answer…pain pills, sleeping pills, and antidepressants.  Did anyone ever speak to me about diet, NO.  Never!

Around this time, I was taking an antidepressant, migraine headache medicine, and very strong muscle relaxers…a side effect of Lupus is weird reactions to drugs.  I went into anaphylactic shock as if I had overdosed.  The ambulance showed up just in time to not have to cut open my throat and trach me.  Scary stuff…another week in the hospital, more doctors thinking I tried to kill myself, until blood work came back negative to an overdose.  Again, released from the hospital with doctors scratching their heads and no help.  At this point I quit doctors.  I was done.  33 and feeling like crap all the time, I was done.  I was taken under the wing by a wonderful Christian woman who owned a health food store.  I spent about $1000.00 on every supplement ever made (okay a slight exaggeration), but a lot.  I was taking smoothies, and juicing, and pills, supplements, air filter….It took several months, but I was able to get out of bed.  I didn’t feel good, but I could get out of bed.  I kept on taking the sleeping pills, and the heavy duty muscles relaxers.  Eventually, I got tired of spending all the money and not really having much to show for it, so I quit all the supplements.  Did I feel like crap, yes.  It was just the way it was.  Then life took a drastic and major turn.  I was a single mom again, and this time with 3 children, and to say my life at that point was stressful, well, that is a whole other story, just suffice to say that the stress was through the roof.

No time for rest, no money for supplements, most of the time no money for much food.  So, I quit eating, and started smoking (again). And I went to work as a contractor.  To say that I was in pain is an understatement.  I took Tylenol and Motrin (800mg) like it was candy, on top of the muscle relaxers just to get through a day.  Bad days were Vicodin, or anything that I could get my hands on.  By 43 I was tired, exhausted, in pain, and running 16 hour days, 7 days a week trying to make ends meet.  I was using three different inhalers a day, and still fighting 2-6 (yes that is NOT a typo) coughs with bronchitis that usually progressed to pneumonia.  Then the ride came to an end…a typical California day in August 107 degrees, and working outside.  Chugging water (which was not normal) and I started feeling dizzy, then everything went crazy sideways, and I passed out on the job site.  I came to in the dirt, and my mind wouldn’t work right, nor my body.  I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t speak right, I couldn’t get it together, drool running down my face.  An employee told me to not come out of hiding and surely don’t talk to any customers because I sounded and looked drunk.  30 minutes of lying in the dirt, I finally was able to walk to my car.  I know I passed out again in the car, once there at the job site, and another time on my way home about 2 hours later.  It took me over an hour to make it 6 miles.

So, at this point I probably should have taken the next day off of work.  Probably should have, but I did not.  I made it almost a whole day, splitting headache, slurred words, and weak as a kitten, and the following day I passed out again at the job site.  I was able to sneak off the site, and drive myself to the urgent care.  I felt I was losing consciousness on the way, pulled over, and came too with car in park on the shoulder of the road.  I made it in the doors of the urgent care before I passed out cold again. I came to in an ambulance on the way to ER with them shouting that they could not get my vitals to stabilize, and I was out again.  I came to in the ER as they were running all kinds of tests.  I was kept all day and released with no diagnosis. I had to take a taxi to urgent care (my car was there), I made it in the doors and all the way to a room at urgent care before I passed out again.  To say the doctor that at sent me to the ER 7 hours earlier was unhappy would be a gross understatement.  And yes, you probably guessed it, off in an ambulance AGAIN to the ER.  More tests, and the diagnosis; heat stroke, with high probability of regular stroke.  I was passing out because your heart rate can be between a certain amount of beats a minute and be in the normal range, and mine was in the normal range, but jumping everywhere within that range.  I was released after a meeting with the nurse that was exactly this: “ Please return immediately to the hospital if you are feeling dizzy, nauseas, or are going to pass out”.  I asked the nurse, why am I being released when I feel all of those things, and was already released once and have come back….her look was priceless….and she again repeated…”Please return if any of those symptoms return”.  I truly am not a talented enough writer to make this stuff up!  So…there I was, dizzy and can barely walk across the room, I made it outside the doors before I threw up the first time, and there I sat, on the curb, not even feeling good enough to google or search for the taxi cab number from before, and completely out of cash.  Alone, 11 pm at night.  I had gotten to urgent care that morning at 9:30 am.

I went back to urgent care after calling an ex employee (still on speed dial on my phone) to come pick me up and carry me to the car.  As we pulled into the urgent care, a nurse that had seen me there before sees me trying to get out of the car, calls the doctor, and the doctor comes out to the parking lot with the nurse following with a wheelchair.  He was livid they released me.  I was taken into urgent care, hooked up to IV’s, a heart monitor, and various other tests.  I was released from there sometime around 3 am.  The employee drove me home, and I was down for about 3 days.  I could barely move, couldn’t speak right, and felt like a big rig ran me over.  This whole time period is a blur to me.  As days wore on, then weeks, I continued to get worse.  My coordination, which was seriously affected, seemed to be failing.  My cognitive powers were weakening.  My memory was getting worse and worse with each day.

I had an MRI and between the noise and the vertigo, I fought throwing up through the whole test, I made it as far as out the door before I passed out again in the waiting room floor.  What was sad was no one came to help for so long, I was drooling all over myself, as I came to, I felt partially paralyzed and unable to move. I was finally moved into a room, and a doctor came in and told me to put several blankets over my head until it was dark, and told the nurse to leave the room and make no noise for 15 minutes.  It worked.  I was able to “get a grip”.  This saved me as my weeks and months dragged on and my condition worsened.  Riding in a car, driving in a car, noise at the job site, a radio too loud, all put me on overload.  A quiet place, under my hoodie, by myself for 15 minutes would do me wonders.  If not saving me from throwing up, passing out, it would at least stop it from reoccurring, if I caught it quick enough.

I began getting more symptoms- bloody urine, bloody stools, complete lack of coordination, and driving became almost impossible.  Some days I would be pretty good, but the majority of days I felt like my body had begun to revolt.  Thoughts were no longer my own, they would begin properly, then float off to be grabbed later distorted and confusing.  I would tell my legs to move, and they would not move, or move in the wrong direction.  I began losing time.  If I did drive, I would realize I was at my destination without remembering the whole trip.  The worst was losing myself.  I woke up several times, and I didn’t know who I was, at all.  There was nothing there to grab, all memory, understanding, or deductive reasoning was gone.  Getting lost if I did drive became the norm.  I would drive around in circles until I could possibly remember.

I began to truly believe I was going to die, because I could literally feel my mind, and my body were quitting on me.  To say I was walking in fear does not describe my emotions.  And due to unfortunate circumstances, I have literally had to hide for my life, so you could say I have dealt with some fear before. Six months after the two strokes, after practically every test that my neurologist, internist, and my regular doctor could think of, it culminated in a heartfelt conversation with the neurologist.  Tears in her eyes, and her hand on my arm, she told me “You are a freak of nature, and I have no clue what is wrong”.  She said “go home, spend time with your kids”.  She didn’t have to spell it out for me.  They couldn’t figure it out. I had been helped into the office because I couldn’t walk on my own anymore.  I had to take someone with me into the room to speak for me, because I had gotten to where I could not articulate full thoughts, and I wanted to make sure that someone spoke to her, and explained that I felt like I was dying, she did not disagree.
But, obviously the story does not end there.  Three weeks later, through a miracle of my Lord Jesus, I had a reason for my symptoms.  Long term, low dosage, carbon monoxide poisoning.  The leak was found, the healing began.  At first it was very fast.  I could walk, I could have a thought and follow it through to a sentence.  But after approximately 4 weeks the healing hit a plateau. An appointment with the neurologist said she had seen this before.  You reach a certain place or plateau of healing, and that is where you stay.  It was definitely better than were I had been, but it was nowhere in the same country as being healed.  And to say that this was what I had to accept…this new broken version of myself.  NO. NO NO NO NO NO! It wasn’t going to happen.

And that is where Carmen came into my life.  Carmen changed my whole concept of health, body, diet, life style; she opened my eyes to the possibility of not only healing from what had recently happened, but healing completely.  A couple of months later Carmen introduced me to Jessica Lopez, of Jessica Lopez, RN.  Have you heard the expression this is where the rubber meets the road?  Well this is it.  This is where we started smelling the odor of some burning tires!!

Jessica first took me into her one-on-one program.  Meeting once a week, and being available for my constant and never ending questions.   When she told me to contact her at any time, she meant it, and I did it.  Jessica, taught me about the incredible Sunrider Foods, what to eat, how to cook it, when to eat it, what to eat with what….Why we eat this, and don’t eat that.  What system connects with this ailment, and why this ailment causes this other ailment, that causes this other…. I hope you are beginning to get my drift.  Her website calls her a health coach.  She became my life coach.  She cheered me, and she scolded me, she made me cry tears of joy, she allowed me to cry tears of pain.  Jessica upheld me faithfully in prayer, talked to me not just about my physical health, but also my emotions, and she never forgot that I am a spiritual being that needed to have spiritual healing.  Then there’s the crazy things our mind comes up with! Oh Boy.  So we definitely did mental healing.  The whole package of “me” received attention, confirmation, and then healing.

My journey is not over.  As I said in the beginning, I am not at yesterday anymore, and my tomorrows are brighter, and today is pretty darn good.  The irritable bowel syndrome…gone.  My friend, Pepto Bismal, in the trash and has not been seen in over 6 months.  Heartburn…gone.  Asthma…gone.  Pain meds…gone.  Sleeping pills…gone.  Pneumonia…gone.  Bronchitis…gone.  Blurry eyesight…gone.  Dizziness…gone.  Fibromyalgia…gone.  Hand eye coordination…a work in progress.  Memory…a work in progress.   I am a total work in progress…but where I was working at falling apart, now I am working at healing.  With strong, every day successes… successes that the doctors told me would NEVER HAPPEN.


HOW you say?  Well…call Jessica.  She can help.


It has been a true privilege for me to watch Candace heal and transform before my eyes! This woman has superhero strength! How did we get her to this place of new healing and hope? She went through the same thing each woman goes through in my Empowered Woman program, learning how to heal the body at a foundational level, healing the mind and learning how to heal past traumas, and spiritual nourishment. God has created our bodies to be ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Our bodies can overcome nearly anything if we give it the tools it needs. As you have read on my website, the Sunrider Foods are a HUGE  tool and have been a HUGE part in Candace’s healing! Of course there are many other foundational areas that need to be addressed in achieving optimal health, and that is what I’m here for!

If you need someone to help de-code your health and teach you how to not only HEAL but PREVENT illness in you and your family, I would love to be that person to help you through.

What are you waiting for?

Contact me today!

In Health, Hope, & Happiness,

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This Woman DEFEATED Breast Cancer & Ovarian Cyst Disappeared for GOOD in 4 Months!

I am absolutely LOVING sharing these inspiring stories!!! We all need more inspiration in our lives, right?! Today’s story is about an amazing woman who went through a roller coaster ride of cancer diagnoses, surgeries, radiation, and medications only to find more cancer, which is when she chose a different road that healed her for good! Check out her story!!



-This story is featured on where you can find multiple testimonies!-


Hi! My name is Sharon Hruska. I am 46 years old and I am a Director in Sunrider. I live in Courtland, Ohio with my husband Jim. We have a married daughter named Desiree and a son-in-law, Matthew. I am a public speaker for women’s organizations.

My journey with Sunrider began two years ago. I have had a series of health challenges that led me to these regenerative foods. Nine years ago I was being treated for fibrocystic disease. The night before my mammogram, I discovered a tiny lump that was extremely hard with irregular edges. I had surgery to have the lump removed and after the diagnosis, more procedures were needed. I had radiation, a lymph node dissection and was put on a drug called Tamoxifen. I was then given a ninety-five percent chance to totally recover. That was exciting! However, six years later when I heard my doctor say that a more aggressive approach was needed, this brought more surgery and devastation.

Once again, I was put on the drug called Tamoxifen, this time doubling the dose. I found myself descending into depression. A new drug called Fareston was introduced to try to stop this from happening. I found myself with no energy. I couldn’t sleep without assistance and it took every bit of strength to get through the day. I was desperately trying to stay above board. I did get through that year only to be faced with another challenge. I was having some problems on my left side so my oncologist did some blood work and sent me to a gynecologist. When she came in she said, “I am the bearer of bad news.” I couldn’t believe I was on this roller coaster again. My CA 125 blood count was 171 so she sent me to an oncologist/gynecologist for more testing. They discovered an eight-centimeter cyst on my ovary. The doctor wasn’t sure what was going on and said the next step would be exploratory surgery. I said, “no thanks” and we headed for home.

I guess you could say I had had enough. I told my husband I couldn’t go through another surgery. We prayed for another way and I believe this was answered when I was given a video called “Healthy For Life Seminar” by J.W. Emerson. I heard some things I had never heard before and it offered me hope. I asked my husband to watch the video and he said that he would watch it “tomorrow.” I said, “No, please watch it today.” After he watched the video, he too could see how this could change my health. I was ready to do whatever it would take to get my body back to a healthy state.

The first thing I did was become a vegetarian. This was not a hard choice for me as I never thought I should be eating “dead” animals. I just needed someone to tell me it was better for me. I began eating the basic Sunrider foods – one package of Quinary a day (equal to 10 capsules), two packages of Alpha 20C (to build my immune system), one package of NuPlus, one package of Fortune Delight or Calli, with Suncare (Sunectar in the U.S.) added. I didn’t like the Calli much, but have since learned why. Apparently my acidic body was cleansing and I was getting a metallic taste in my mouth. The Fortune Delight didn’t seem to have such a strong effect. But now I love my Calli! I drink at least 4 carafes a day. (I make it in a drip coffee maker that has never had coffee it in). I put the bag of Calli or Fortune Delight in the carafe and fill the back portion of the “Calli Maker” with filtered water.

There were moments when I wanted to get off track, but I just kept reminding myself that my health was more important than a few moments of fleshly desire. I followed this regimen for four months and then I had to go back for more blood tests and a sonogram.

When the results were in, the nurse called and said she couldn’t believe it! My blood count was down to a 26.64, which means it is in normal range and there was a resolution to the cyst, which means it is gone! She said she would have to call me back, as they didn’t know what they were going to do with me. On her return call, she said they were going to release me and I should call if there was any problem.

I haven’t needed to call them, but I do continue to see my local oncologist on a 6-month basis.

So, our Sunrider Journey has begun! We are excited to share what the foods have done for us. Yes, Jim is enjoying the benefits of Sunrider too! Though my husband appeared to be in excellent health, he did lose 25 pounds of toxic waste. He also became a vegetarian – something I would never have asked him to do with his Hungarian/Slovak heritage. As well, we never intended on building a Sunrider business, but we feel it would be a grave injustice if we kept these wonderful foods to ourselves.

I continue to eat one package of Quinary a day, two to three packages of Alpha 20C, and three to four scoops of NuPlus every day. And of course I drink my Calli! I have added Beauty Pearl to my program. I was having sixteen “hot flashes” a day and now it is a rarity to get even one. I no longer take Fareston or take a sleeping pill. My energy level continues to soar!

There are some other choices that I have made that I believe have contributed to the improvement in the way I feel. As a vegetarian, I do not eat meat of any kind. I do my best to stay away from refined sugar, hydrogenated oils and dairy. I must confess though, dairy is my hardest to give up, and from time to time I have a little cheese.

Sinus infections were something I dealt with at least five times a year and since my diet has changed, I have not had one sinus infection! Another bonus is our Sunsmile Toothpaste and Whitening gel. I was using whitening toothpaste from another company, and it was burning my mouth. I guess I should have read the warning label that was on it. When I called that company and told them what was happening, they quickly refunded my money. Since using our SunSmile toothpaste, I get great checkups, and don’t need to worry about my mouth burning. And I don’t have a “warning” label on my Sunrider toothpaste container!

For those of you reading this testimony, remember these are foods and NOT medicine. The concept is a little strange at the beginning. We are not used to eating foods that come out of little packages. Think of Sunrider as the highest form of nutrition in a fast-food form. I’d like to encourage you to begin as soon as you can and eat as much as your budget can afford. The person who gave you this testimony can show you how you can earn money to pay for these wonderful foods, or how you can travel the world if that is your heart’s desire.
We recently returned home from our Sunrider convention in Los Angeles, California. It was wonderful to hear Dr. Chen speak of the way he formulates these wonderful products. It is obvious he puts a lot of knowledge, love and care into his work – and he does it for us!
My prayer is that my story will not fall on deaf ears but will offer hope to all that read it.

– Sharon Hruska


Fascinating, Right?!?! I want YOU to experience these INCREDIBLE life-giving herbal foods for yourself! They have radically changed my life and I have tried A LOT! I am NOT a sales person, I am a person incredibly passionate about helping others prevent and defeat disease, and I have NEVER found something as powerful as the Sunrider foods!



Check out our Sunrider page!


JOIN our FREE Sunrider community on Facebook here!

And as always, you can email me at!

In Health, Hope, & Happiness,

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She defeated depression, anxiety, & obesity!

Today’s Sunrider Spotlight is a woman’s story about defeating life-long depression, severe anxiety, and being over weight with one secret weapon…the SUNRIDER FOODS! Check it out!

(Taken from the Health Plus Newsletter)

In 1995 as a junior in high school, I was diagnosed with depression.

From then on out, I was off and on anti-depressants. Every time I had a baby, post-partum depression would follow. Immediately, I would be put on meds yet again. After having my third child, I no longer only had post-partum, but severe anxiety attacks and many hospital visits.

In June of 2011, Sunrider was introduced into my life through my sister, Shawn. She always has some pretty cool tricks up her sleeve. Within six weeks of being on the Sunrider foods, I made the decision to no longer be controlled by meds. I don’t recommend everyone dropping their meds like I did. I was just sick of being controlled by a chemical.

It’s been 16 months since I took my last medication. In August of this year, I had an anxiety flare up due to stress. Through Sunrider and lots of prayer, I’m still medication free.

I also give a shout out for the Biggest Winner Challenge! I have lost 34 1/4 inches and 63 pounds. Woot! Woot! I need to lose four more pounds to be considered a healthy weight. I can do it. Even my doctor is freaking out!

You are probably wondering what Sunrider Foods I eat every day. Here it goes: NuPlus, Quinary, Calli Night, Fortune Delight, Sunnectar, and Beauty Pearl.

If I feel anxiety coming on, I’ll talk to Jesus, take Sunrider’s Ese, and the anxiety will be gone. You have no idea the FREEDOM I feel knowing I can Sunrider my way out of a panic attack.

Also, know that my husband and I lost jobs this year. We live from paycheck to paycheck. I made the decision to sacrifice to keep Sunrider in our lives. I have four children, and they are all on Sunrider along with my husband.

For us, Sunrider isn’t a choice. We have to do it no matter what the cost. You see, my 7 year old is a cancer survivor and my 2 year old is a failure-to-thrive survivor. Every single one of my family members needs Sunrider. It has brought life back to the Hughes party.

If there is one thing I can tell you about Sunrider, it would be this…Make Sunrider a priority and be consistent with the amount of Sunrider that you eat.


So Inspiring! Depression, Anxiety, & Obesity are taking over our population and wreaking havoc on families around the world. The solution really is quite simple…Give the body the tools it needs to heal itself and remove the toxins. That’s exactly what I walk people through in my personalized health programs. It’s so amazing to see families transformed through going back to the basics and taking care of the mind, body, & soul. 🙂

Want to learn more?

Check out all my Sunrider info here- Sunrider Info

If you ever have any questions, you can email me at


In Health, Hope, & Happiness

Jessica Aubrey

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Love Yourself As Your Neighbor

Today’s post is aimed at a very specific group of people. This won’t apply to everyone, but for the people it is relevant for, today could be a powerful moment in your life.

Today, I’m speaking to those of you who are victims of abuse…from yourself.

Those of you who daily speak damaging words to yourself, tell yourself you’re a failure, you’re not good enough, you’re too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, too light-skinned, dark-skinned, etc. Do these statements sound familiar?…

  • I hate my body, why can’t I be thin like the other girls?

  • I hate my job, I feel like my life is such a failure.

  • I will never been good enough to get a job/salary/house/spouse…like them.

  • My body doesn’t work right, its broken, I will always feel sick.

  • I can’t believe I messed that up! I’m so stupid!!

  • Nobody loves me, everyone hates me, I should just go away.

  • Ugh…I am so fat! No one will ever love me, and why should they, I am gross!

  • I am so ugly, I hate the way I look.

  • I’m going to fail this test.

  • I’m not good at anything! Why am I even here?

These statements are pretty intense, but there’s a good chance that you have said something similar to yourself, and possibly on a daily basis. I know I have damaged my body and mind in this way numerous times over the years.

Whether you are a Bible reader or not, almost everyone has heard the verse, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. The truth is that no one will take care of you as well as you can. No one knows our feelings, thoughts, needs, like we do ourselves. Normally, we take care of ourselves better than others, so this Bible verse is helping open our eyes to the fact that we need to treat others as we want to be treated. This verse helps us to understand what Jesus is teaching as we all know how we want to be treated. Everyone wants to be loved, respected, and cherished, and through this verse, we understand we need to treat others with the same kindness.

In our day and age, we have a unique problem that is progressively getting worse, and that is SELF DESTRUCTION. This is especially true in women. The enemy (aka the devil) has come to steal, kill, and destroy. In women, he is especially effective at destroying our confidence, our sense of feeling beautiful, and our self-worth. Can I get an Amen?

For some of us, if we were to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, our neighbors would be pretty pissed!

Think about all the things you say to yourself on a daily basis. Now, imagine saying those things out loud directed at someone else! Yikes! Do you ever tell your inner self “I love you”? I know that may sound foreign to you, but why not? Loving yourself is not cocky, conceded, or arrogant. In fact, when other people have these attitudes of arrogance, 99% of the time it’s because of lack of self-confidence. Loving yourself is not arrogance, it is one of the BEST things you can do for your health!

I am reading a book right now by Louise L. Hay, called “You Can Heal Your Life“. AMAZING book and probably unlike anything you’ve ever read about health. Louise believes that nearly all state of dis-ease in the body comes from a lack of self-love. She also believes that any lack in life- finances, love, success- also stems from a lack of self-love. Obviously this is a very basic statement, and the book goes into much more detail, but this theory has a lot of merit to it, and many specialists have proven this to be true over the years as they continue to heal disease & cancers by addressing mental/emotional factors.

Think about it, if you love your body, you’ll take care of it- you’ll put healthier foods into it, you’ll exercise more, groom it better, you’ll feel better, be happier, and meditate on being, feeling, doing good.

If you loathe your body, you’re in an abusive relationship with yourself. You’ll end up putting junk into it, damaging it with hateful words, you most likely will hate exercise, and you’ll be stuck meditating on all the negative things in your life.

You attract into your life what you focus and meditate on. Those are two VERY different lives stemmed from one simple difference- their perspective and the way they love themselves.



I want you to take notice of how you’re treating yourself today. Stand in front of a full length mirror and look at yourself with eyes of love and appreciation. Tell yourself “I love you”, “Thank you for working so hard and doing a million things per second to keep me alive. I promise to love you a little more each and every day, because you were created PERFECT.” Maybe write down all your thoughts that you have towards yourself so you can reflect on what’s really going on. We all have an inner child within us. This isn’t voodoo, hocus pocus, new agey philosophy, it’s reality. Talk to yourself as if you were talking to a 3-year-old. If a 3-year old fell down, would you kick them while they’re down, call them a failure, and tell them that no one will ever love them because they fell? OF COURSE NOT! You’d help them up, dust them off and tell them to try again, keep going, they’re doing great!

SO MUCH WILL CHANGE if we can do this one simple thing. I know you can do it! Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Let me know how it goes!

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!


“One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?”

“The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”

Mark 12:28-31


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Feel Good Friday- Top 11 Reasons to Go Outside!

Welcome back to FEEL GOOD FRIDAY!

Do you ever feel like you’re just in a funk? I know I have those days. Those days where you can’t find motivation, you feel kinda down, like you’re under a cloud and you just don’t know how to get out of it…Well, today’s tip really can bring you some extra “umph”!

Research has proven that going outside can have many mental & physiological benefits! Here are some of those benefits:

1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D comes from the sun, and works miracles in the body! Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, but a hormone. It is responsible for boosting the immune system, fighting against cancer cells, regulating hormones, and keeping you in tip top shape. Vitamin D has even been referred to as “The Happiness Hormone”. All you need to do is go outside and let your body soak up the sun’s gift of Vitamin D. If it’s winter time and you have absolutely zero sun, you can refer to Dr. Mercola’s tanning bed guide to find a safe one near you. If you are deficient in this essential hormone, you have an increased risk for many illnesses and depression. Read more here…

2. Enhances Focus & Concentration

Sometimes we get so wrapped up into what we are doing in the office that we lose focus and concentration. Stepping outside for some fresh air to take a walk and get our mind on something else can really improve your focus and concentration when you return to work. Next time your brain stops working, go take a breather outside for a few minutes. 🙂

3. Stress Reduction

Research has shown that there is something very powerful that happens when we are outside in nature. Everyone’s environment is different. Maybe you live in a big city and the closest thing you have is a city park, or maybe you live in the mountains, where the forest is your backyard. Either way, use your resources to connect with nature. This has proven to decrease stress & tension in the body, no matter where you are. With how stressful life can be sometimes, this is a KEY tool to use whenever you need it. Step out of the office, get out of the house, spend some time with just yourself and the beautiful scenery around you. Even if it’s raining, put on a jacket, rain boots, and an umbrella and go take a walk in the rain, breathing in the fresh, clean air!

4. Get Grounded

What does it mean to “get grounded”? You may have heard of this technique as “earthing” as well. Some people get more into the “hippie” language than I like to, but the important part is that you know the incredible benefits of getting grounded! All it is really is putting a piece of your body in contact with anything in nature- a tree, the ground, a plant, etc. The best thing to do would be to get barefoot on the ground- not cement, but the grass or dirt. Why is this so important? Because in our society, no matter where we are in a building we are surrounded by EMF’s- ElectroMagnetic Frequencies. These come from all of the electronic devices we have around us- cell phones, house phones, WiFi, Laptops, radios, TV, etc. If you live in an apartment like I do, you are not only exposed to your own devices but EVERYONE’s around you… Electromagnetic Radiation goes through everything! This is very unnatural and very dangerous if you don’t know how to keep your body protected.

Each time you touch a tree or the ground, or anything connected to the ground, all of the radiation goes straight from you and is released into the ground. What happens when you don’t do this? Most of the time we wear shoes with a rubber sole. This means, the frequencies are basically bounced around in our body creating chaos. This can make you feel more stressed than usual, scattered, it has been linked to insomnia, tumors, infertility, etc. The risk is very much real and the most dangerous part about it is that you can’t see it.I personally use EMF protecting devices on all our cell phones, laptops, and WiFi router. You can learn more here- I also have a grounding mat that I love! They are available at

So, try to get outside today and get in touch with nature and get rid of this added stress that you definitely don’t need!

5. Stimulate the Balance & Happiness Parts of your brain

Just looking at a natural scene activates parts of the brain associated with balance and happiness. In a study at South Korea’s Chonnam National University, fMRI scans showed that when subjects saw images of mountains, forests, and other landscapes, they experienced heightened activity in the anterior cingulate gyrus (which is linked to positive outlook and emotional stability) and the basal ganglia (an area that’s been tied to the recollection of happy memories). (Source)

6. Stimulate your senses

When you’re stuck inside a building all day, you are usually staring at a computer screen or indoors doing a repetitive task- of course depending on what your occupation is. When you go outdoors, your eyes are strengthened and SEE different colors, distances, and shapes, your skin FEELS the cool air, breeze, and sunlight, your nose SMELLS the fresh air and the different smells of restaurants and buildings, your ears HEAR birds chirping, cars buzzing, and people talking, and maybe even your mouth TASTES a cup of warm tea or fresh juice if you stop by your favorite outdoor cafe. 🙂 Your body feels alive and happy as you stimulate all of your senses outside.

7. Increase oxygenation

What would happen if you stop breathing? Obviously, we would stop living. Oxygen is critical to our health and survival. Going outdoors and breathing the fresh air increases our oxygen consumption, therefore improving our health. Air quality indoors can be very poor, and in some buildings even dangerous. Breathing in the fresh cool air is one of the best things you can do on a daily basis. Oxygen has been proven to kill cancer & diseased cells, which is what we all want, so go outside today and take an extra deep breath of fresh air and get that oxygen moving all over your body!


8. Stimulate your Immune System

Going outside has various benefits for the immune system- moving increases peristalsis in the digestive system where 80% of your immune system is, increasing oxygen has been shown to fight cancer cells, reducing stress causes reduced cortisol levels, which lets your body do it’s job and fight off pathogenic invaders, and Vitamin D is proven to increase the immune system and kick the crap out of dangerous carcinogens. What’s not to love?

Researchers at Tokyo’s Nippon Medical School have quantifiable evidence: In one study, women who spent two to four hours in the woods on two consecutive days experienced a nearly 50 percent increase in the activity of cancer-fighting white blood cells. (Source)


9. Increased Energy

If you’re dragging and feeling low energy levels, research has shown that just going outside for a quick walk can boost your energy levels more than a cup of coffee! Being outdoors stimulates your brain and puts an extra pep in your step. So, next time instead of heading over to the coffee cart or vending machine to get a dangerous energy drink, go for a walk and breathe in some fresh air!


10. Fights against Depression

As you have read above, being outdoors has tremendous effects on the body, and each of the above reasons plays a role in fighting against depression. If you find yourself in a place of feeling depressed, spend as much time outdoors as you can. Maybe try gardening, sit in the sand, go for a swim, go hiking or camping, and watch your mind & body begin to change. 🙂

Norwegian researchers discovered that subjects with moderate-severe depression who participated in a horticultural program experienced reduced symptoms after 12 weeks. “Humans are innately engaged in nature,” says study author Marianne Thorsen Gonzalez, PhD, making gardening an ideal distraction from the rumination that fuels depression. (Source)

They sound like science fiction, but negative ions—particles that are plentiful near waterfalls, breaking waves, and river rapids—can act as natural antidepressants, according to Columbia University researchers. And an Indoor Air study found that after breathing negative ions for an hour, subjects’ blood lactate levels dropped 33 percent, improving their energy levels. (Source)

11. Easier Exercise

I can attest to this proven fact, that exercise is perceived easier outside. For me, running 10 minutes on a treadmill indoors feels like an eternity, but 10 minutes outside is more like an adventure and passes incredible quickly. I can easily go jogging for 30-45 minutes and feel great outdoors, but indoors, I’m lucky to last 10-15 minutes. It is also better for you, because when you exercise outdoors, you are also reaping all of the above benefits simultaneously!

So, today’s challenge is to get outside more and enjoy your scenery. Are you up for it? 🙂 Let us know how your journey’s outside go today by leaving us a comment below!

Have a beautiful day everyone!


“By entering through faith into what God has always wanted to do for us—set us right with him, make us fit for him—we have it all together with God because of our Master Jesus. And that’s not all: We throw open our doors to God and discover at the same moment that he has already thrown open his door to us. We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we might stand—out in the wide open spaces of God’s grace and glory, standing tall and shouting our praise.

 There’s more to come: We continue to shout our praise even when we’re hemmed in with troubles, because we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us, and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next. In alert expectancy such as this, we’re never left feeling shortchanged. Quite the contrary—we can’t round up enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives through the Holy Spirit!”

~ Romans 5:1-5 (The Message)



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SUNDAY SOUL FOOD- Feeling Hopeless???

Unfortunately hopelessness is becoming all to common these days. Mostly, I see people feeling hopeless in their health, which is why it is my mission is to restore hope to hopeless health situations. Too many people have found themselves overwhelmed with diagnoses, medications, and theories that don’t bring any results or relief. Some people are so burnt out that they believe they will never be well again. Unfortunately that mentality does not do any good to attract good health and healing either.

Health isn’t the only area that brings the ache of hopelessness into people’s lives. It could be in your finances, in your marriage, your job, chronic pain, any number of things. Is there an area in your life where you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Like there are no solutions?

Today I want to encourage you that there IS HOPE. No matter how ugly your current situation may be, God can make something incredibly beautiful. HOPE is such a beautiful thing. HOPE can motivate us to endure through difficult circumstances. It can help us see beauty in ashes, it can put a smile on our face when we are experiencing pain, it is extremely powerful!

I also believe we have a calling to BE HOPE to others. You never know who is feeling hopeless. You never know the challenges people are going through around you. So, instead of judging someone’s actions or circumstance, choose to BE HOPE to those around you today. Encourage someone, love someone, listen to their problems, be their friend, and encourage them. If we all chose to live this way, this world would be a much different place. When we serve and encourage others, it is amazing what it does for the soul. You will be blessed more than you would imagine just by loving on others.

Have a beautiful Sunday, confident that no matter what you are going through, it can be turned into something beautiful and a testimony that will inspire many people. And take a look around you, looking for an opportunity to be that person to bring hope to someone else today.

If you find yourself in a hopeless health situation, I want to talk to you. Visit my calendar here and schedule a free consultation with me. I want to show you how YOU can feel better both now and for good! Talk to you soon!



For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. ” 

Jeremiah 29:11

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Feel Good Friday- What’s your gut got to do with it?


Today is Feeeel Good Friday!

Today’s topic is on the gut-brain axis and what your digestive system has to do with your emotions and mental health. Check out my video and info below…

2 extra tools to heal the gut-brain axis that are worth mentioning is Vitamin D and Essential Fatty Acids.

Vitamin D has been proven time and time again to improve your immune system, decrease inflammation, fight cancer cells, and support all around healing in the body. The sun is the optimal source of Vitamin D. For those who do need supplementation, I only recommend a few sources that are truly safe and effective, so make sure you speak with someone before you purchase one.

Essential Fatty Acids are amazingly effective when it comes to inflammation in the body. These EFA’s are phenomenal healers for both the gut and brain. Deficiency in EFA’s can cause multiple problems including disruption in the gut-brain axis. Great sources are Jeff’s Best Hemp oil (found in my amazon store), Dr. Mercola’s Krill oil for women (also found in my Amazon store), soaked walnuts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, amd pure flax oil to name a few.

Keeping our gut clean & healthy is proving to be one of the most beneficial things we can do for our overall health. Taking the simple steps to heal our intestinal tract could in itself drastically change health statistics for the better. If we start instilling this information into our kids and making sure they are full of healthy bacteria and are being fed nutrient dense foods, I know we would see amazing changes in our future.

It is heartbreaking to me how many children & teens truly do not have the nutrients to be happy. The rate of depression and suicide in our country is out of control and WE can make a difference. “UCC scientists have shown that brain levels of serotonin, the ‘happy hormone’ are regulated by the amount of bacteria in the gut during early life.” What if instead of serving chocolate and strawberry milk with toaster struddle and deep friend tater tots at schools, we served fresh strawberry kefir with whole food gluten free blueberry muffins and organic fruit? Or grass fed hotdogs with sauerkraut. If we give kids these foods early in life, they will begin to crave them!

As adults, we are grown up to make choices. It is no one elses responsibility to take care of our bodies. WE must choose to nourish our bodies. If someone wants to cultivate illness, then don’t sleep much, drink energy drinks and sugar free sodas, eat Taco Bell, have donuts for breakfast, drink fluoride filled tap water, and never exercise. If you want to cultivate health- give your body the tools it needs to regenerate itself and it will do just that. We are perfectly created and when our bodies have the tools, it knows what to do.

So today, CHOOSE to cultivate health. Cut the sugar & gluten and add some Sunrider foods and probiotic sources to your diet. You will be AMAZED at the difference you feel!!!

Here are some additional resources about the Gut-Brain axis and what you can do to make sure they have a good relationship…


Have a great weekend and have fun healing your gut and feeling good!!





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