Hey Everyone!

I’m SO sorry this is last minute, but I wanted to make sure you all know that tomorrow at 1pm I will be speaking for FREE in Sonora, CA!

It’s off of Tuolumne Road in the Warehouses. Because I don’t know what address to give you, here are general directions…

Turning off of Tuolumne Rd. or Standard Rd. (depending on which way you’re coming), into the warehouse/storage area, you will see a road turning into the warehouses that has a sign advertising dance. Once you turn in there, it will vear to the right and you will see a large Century 21 sign advertising a building for sale. Turn left at that sign and then the immediate right. You will see lots of cars and the warehouse that we are in will be on the right.

PHEW! Did you get all that?? 🙂 Just incase you didn’t you can text me at 785-477-4988.



This will be a very unique class/discussion where I want to highly encourage dialogue and question asking. I am going to be talking about some of the most important things you can do for general health, including:



Great, right?!

I really hope to see you all there!!!!







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10 Causes of Infertility


     Infertility rates have reached an all time high. U.S. birth rates have hit a record low that has destroyed families all over the nation. What is it that is causing this widespread epidemic?

     Every time a problem arises, we must find the cause. Unfortunately, the American mentality for some reason tends to avoid this common sense reasoning and focuses solely on looking for a “cure”. Sure, a cure is a wonderful thing to find, but in my opinion we are wasting so much of our resources looking for a “cure” for cancer, infertility, diabetes, obesity, etc, but we are completely avoiding looking at the common sense CAUSES of these issues.

     This week I wanted to highlight some of the main causes of infertility to help prevent more families from dealing with this heartbreaking condition, and if you have been diagnosed with infertility issues, hopefully these steps will help give you a guideline of healing what may be the root cause of your struggles.

1. Endocrine Disruptors

  • There are certain chemicals in our foods, plastics, and cosmetics that mimic estrogen and wreak havoc on the body, especially our hormones and fertility. Read more here…

2. Hormonal Imbalance

  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Endometriosis, Metabolic Syndrome (AKA Syndrome X), all of these common disorders that effecting fertility are related to hormonal imbalance in the body. We MUST learn how to balance all of our hormones via the adrenal glands, thyroid, sex organs, flush bad estrogens out of the body, and create a fertility friendly environment in both women AND men to increase odds of pregnancy. This is one area I go into detail in with The Empowered Woman program.

3. Chronic stress

  • Stress jacks up our hormones and creates a very hostile environment for pregnancy. Stress directly impacts our hormones, and our entire body goes into crisis mode. Think about running from a bear. When this happens, your adrenal glands kick in, your hormones shoot through the roof to make you run faster than ever and get you out of this potentially fatal situation. Now think about the bears in your life that are causing those same hormones to be released. When you’re running from a bear, the last thing your body is thinking about is “oh, let’s get pregnant right now!”.

4. Toxic Diet

  • What we eat is incredibly imperative to the health of a future child, even before conception. Eat organic whenever possible, eat whole foods, remove the main damaging foods such as gluten, dirty dairy, sugar, and processed foods, and start eating nutrient dense superfoods to boost fertility in both partners. Click on the following infertility culprits for more info.

5. Over Exercise

  • This may be a surprise, but overexercising can easily impact a woman’s menstrual cycle to the point where she doesn’t have one. If you are trying to get pregnant, it is important to have a healthy exercise routine that will keep you in shape, but not push your body too hard. Read more here…

6. Low sperm count

  • There are many factors attacking male sperm in our culture. Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, laptops, & i pads have shown to significantly reduce sperm count, medications, drugs, tobacco, environmental toxins such as creams, soaps, and colognes, and toxic foods all have been shown to impact sperm production and longevity. Read More Here…& Here

7. Environmental toxins

  • The chemicals in our household are some of the most dangerous to our health. We breathe and bathe in these endocrine disrupting, fertility busting toxins and without even knowing it is decreasing our fertility. Clean up your environment and DETOX YOUR BODY to give you and your growing family a healthy start! Read more here…

8. An over or under active immune system

  • Healing the immune system via healing the digestive system (remember 80% of the immune system is within the digestive tract), is critically important in preventing miscarriage and increasing fertility. An out of balance immune system can lead to multiple issues with pregnancy. Having a healthy digestive system free of candida is also one of the BEST things you can do before getting pregnant as your candida issues will most definitely be passed onto the baby.

9. Nutrient & mineral deficiency

  • When mom or dad to be are deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals, it makes growing another human being much more difficult. My recommendation is to get on the Sunrider foods ASAP. I have heard numerous stories about couples struggling with infertility, even who went through IVF and were unsuccesful, but via the Sunrider foods were able to conceive a healthy baby.

10. Radiation

  • Ever wonder why they make you wear those lead covered vests when you go get an X-Ray? All of the radiation in CT scans (which are some of the worst), X-Rays, MRI’s, etc put us at risk for infertility issues in both men and women, so try to avoid them as much as possible. That also means opting out of the full body scanner at the airport. Read more here…

Another great article:


Infertility can be heartbreaking. If you are at a place where you are thinking about starting a family, PLEASE take these 10 factors into consideration. The health of our future generations depends on it. Together we can raise a strong, healthy future generation.

If you are OVERWHELMED by all of this “health stuff” and need someone to take you through it step by step and figure out exactly what YOUR BODY NEEDS. Let’s talk! I offer private 75-Min health consultations for only $100 where we cover every system in your body, environmental toxins, and mental/emotional health. It’s perfect to get a clear snapshot on the areas in your life that need the most TLC. You can also look into my 120-Day women’s health training where I am empowered women around the globe to live at optimized health & wellness-Physically, Mentally, & Spiritually! We have a blast doing it too!

In Health Hope & Happiness,

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NEWS!! NEW “Empowered Woman” START DATE!!

Hey Friends!

I just wanted to give you a super quick heads up that after speaking with the current participants of the new Empowered Woman program, we have all decided to push it back a couple weeks!


What does this mean?

Even though we have formed a pretty good group, I am going to open up a couple more spaces just in case a few of you have been going back and forth and weren’t ready to dive in yet. I am SUPER excited about this next group, I can feel the positive energy already from the women who have already signed up!

So, if YOU are looking for a way out of all your health issues…if you’re looking for someone who will hold your hand through the healing process….if you are ready to stop going for “quick fix” methods that don’t work and ready to heal your body, mind, & soul at a foundational level, then now is the time for you to take that leap of faith and….JUMP!

I am starting health assessments already for the next group! I cannot wait to get started and see a whole new group of results! It is the most rewarding thing in the world to see someone go from a health mess to a health MASTER!

If you have any questions, I would love to speak with you over the phone. Email me at so we can set up a time.

Have a BLESSED Day!!!

In Health, Hope, & Happiness,



Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

Proverbs 3:5

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Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 3.24.54 AM

Hey Friends!

I just looked at the calendar and I cannot believe how time is FLYING! I am SO excited for what this month holds, there are tons of exciting things planned, ONE of the most exciting being the start of Group 2 of The Empowered Woman!!

To be honest, with my crazy schedule ahead, I’m not sure when another group after this will be starting again and I would HATE for you to miss out on this opportunity to be nourished to the core- mentally, physically, & spiritually. We are having way too much fun over here learning tools that can GREATLY impact your life and change the direction of your future!

I am NOT a sales person, I am NOT trying to manipulate or coax you into anything, I just want to get the word out to the right women who have been desperately searching for the answers to their health issues and who want to protect themselves and their families from becoming the next health statistic.

Do YOU Struggle With…

  • Hormonal Horrors such as infertility, PMS, hot flashes, PCOS, or endometriosis?


  • Digestive disasters such as bloating, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, gallbladder issues, or pain?


  • Chronic fatigue even to the point of being an autoimmune diagnosis?


  • Chronic inflammation and pain in certain areas of your body or just all over?


  • A weak immune system that has you feeling down in the dumps constantly?


  • Anxiety or depression that disables you from living a normal happy life?


  • Inability to handle stress due to chronic exposure to it?


  • Being COMPLETELY overwhelmed with all the information and opinions out there? You just want to know what’s right for you!


  • Inability to lose weight no matter what you do?


  • Mental or emotional barriers that you know are holding you back but you don’t know how to deal with them?


  • A lack of spiritual nourishment in your life?


These are just a few of the areas we cover in this comprehensive, uplifting, and effective women’s health program. I KNOW there are thousands if not millions of women out there who are looking for exactly what I have to offer in this life changing program. I’m not able to help everyone, but I am able to help YOU! Please contact me ASAP at to secure one of the final few spots left in this next group. I promise you won’t regret it!

In Health, Hope, & Happiness,



No one will work harder to get you healthy!

I restore the crushed spirit of the humble and revive the courage of those with repentant hearts.

~ Isaiah 57:15

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