I’m looking for 3 Women for a LIFE-CHANGING Opportunity…

Hey Ladies!!!

I am thrilled to announce that in only 12 DAYS from today I will be starting a new group in The Empowered Woman program!

The results women have seen throughout this 4-month journey have been more than I ever anticipated. My passion to educate and empower women around the globe is only continuing to grow. I feel incredibly blessed to be in a position where I can teach this foundational mind-body-soul health program from anywhere in the world and TO anyone in the world!

So, let’s get to the point, shall we?

I am looking for ONLY 3 MORE WOMEN to join me on August 12, 2013 to start this journey together, and YOU may be that perfect person. I know there are numerous women out there who are desperately looking and praying for a place where they can learn everything they need to know to reach the pinnacle of wellness. A place where they can explain all of their struggles, questions, fears, health ailments, and stressful life factors and have it all sorted out in a way that makes sense to them. THIS is what I do and what you will get within weeks of this program.

There are thousands of opinions out there when it comes to health, but only specific ones fit your body and it’s unique needs. In these 4 months together, you’ll learn all foundational elements that need to be addressed to keep you and your family running strong.

What Will I Learn In The Empowered Woman Program?

In Summary, here are a few topics that will be covered during these 17-weeks…

  • Key nutritional theories and strategies to fuel your body with exactly what it needs.
  • Instant energy boosters to keep busy women going strong.
  • How to easily and safely reach your goal weight and keep the unwanted pounds off…really!
  • Easy switches to feel sexy & confident in your own skin.
  • How to master your hormones no matter what phase of life you are in.
  • Heal & Bullet-proof your digestive system to ensure proper nutrient absorption.
  • Learn what environmental factors may be preventing you from ever getting well…and how to address them.
  • How to get to the ROOT cause of Depression, Anxiety, & other mental/emotional imbalances and heal it for good!
  • How to handle acute health situations for you and your kids (cold/flu, injuries, asthma, food poisoning, etc)
  • Importance of oral health and how you can take charge of your pearly whites from home!
  • Learn powerful tools against cancer, learn how cancer operates, and how to starve cancer cells.

As you know…this is MUCH MORE than a program only focusing on your physical body because as individuals we are much more complex. We will also be addressing areas such as…

  • The power of faith over fear
  • How to stress detox & tools to manage stressful situations
  • Restoring a positive outlook on life
  • The power of forgiveness
  • How to use life’s challenges in the most POWERFUL way.
  • How to let go of past struggles and trauma
  • Restoring and balancing your relationships
  • How to eliminate anger and restore peace in your life
  • And much more…



So, my question for you is…


Women of all walks of life have dramatically benefited from investing in this program for themselves. I have had successful entrepreneurs to stay at home moms connect together and support each other through this process. We all have needs and need support and guidance in one way or another to flourish and blossom into the best individual we were created to be.

Your family benefits.

Your career benefits.

Your relationships benefit.

YOU benefit.


This is where I come in.

I want to help you in any and all ways I can to ensure your success.

What people are saying…

“Tears well up in my eyes just in calling to memory the progress I have made since choosing to go through the Empowered Woman program…LIFE CHANGING!!!!” – Rashell, 37, CA

“I am so glad that I made the decision to join The Empowered Woman program. It makes perfect sense- healing of the mind, body, and soul all in one program; any program that just focuses on one aspect of our lives is lacking. I hadn’t realized it, but before I started the program, I had accepted that I was going to have to live the rest of my life in pain. I had basically given up on any hope that my symptoms and my quality of life could get better. I truly believed that things were as good as they were ever going to get. For over ten years, I have struggled with the chronic abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, and nutritional deficiencies that come with Crohn’s disease.  I have had multiple intestinal surgeries and had tried every medication out there that was available for inflammatory bowel disease. My senior year of high school my doctor decided to give me a double dose of an immuno-suppressive drug, and that is what finally put me into”remission” so I could finish high school and attend college.

Ever since then, my symptoms were tolerable enough so I could function, but I still suffered from chronic abdominal pain and all symptoms I previously suffered from, but in a milder version. Although I was taking extra doses of strong medication to try and treat my anemia, I became so iron deficient and anemic that I needed 2-units of blood to restore my body. Getting out of bed each morning felt like an impossible task some days, it was hard to accept that I would have to endure another day in pain. It was no help that coupled with my Crohn’s disease, I suffer from chronic and sometimes crippling anxiety and depression.

I met Jessica first in nursing school,  and I had been keeping my eye on her activities via Facebook since graduating.  Her Empowered Woman Program caught my eye, but I have to admit, I was quite skeptical at first. With each video and article that I read about her program, it just made more and more sense to me, and I knew I had to do it. Now, I can honestly say, after only 6 weeks in the program I have never regretted joining, and I am so overjoyed that I did it. She introduced me to the Sunrider foods, and they have already benefited me so much. My nausea has diminished, my energy has increased, my abdominal pain has decreased, and I look forward to each new day. Jessica is so approachable and has a genuine friendliness and care about her that makes it a joy to learn form her. I have already gained so much knowledge and wisdom from her about taking the best care of our bodies, and how to tap into the amazing sustenance that God continually offers us. Most importantly, Jessica has restored my hope. God is working through her to do amazing things, and though her and by His grace I was reminded that Jesus our Lord is our healer, and that even things that I thought were no longer possible are through Him.” – Stacey, 25, CA

Read more here…

What is Included In The Empowered Woman Program?

  • A Comprehensive Health Analysis looking at all your major body systems, nutritional intake, toxic load, mental/emotional health & more.
  • A Delux Welcome Kit LOADED with goodies to get you started
  • 17-Weeks of information to empower you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of
  • 17- Q&A Calls (1 per week) where you can call in and ask me any questions about any part of the process you are learning
  • 1-on-1 private calls as often as you need to talk about your personal journey and how I can support you in the process.
  • Unlimited email & text support- email or text me 24/7!
  • Membership in our PRIVATE VIP online forum where you can find additional support and build relationships with others in this same journey as you.
    Special surprise gifts & incentives along the way!


I am ONLY opening the group to 3 more women. I keep the group small so I can offer each person as much attention as they need during the process. These spots will fill up rather quickly as the word spreads, so make sure you contact me ASAP if you are interested! Email me at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com.

For pricing info & payment options, please visit- http://members.jessicalopezrn.com/membership-options/

I hope to hear from you soon!!!

In Health, Hope, & Happiness,

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I am feeling SO BLESSED today to be in Sunny San Diego, my absolute favorite place in the world! The sun in shining, birds are chirping, people are smiling, and new beginnings are happening on the first day of this new month. March 1, 2013- There will never be another today and before you know it, it’s 4 months from now…where will you be?

Where will you be on July 4, 2013?

As we get closer to summer & bikini season, people are starting to get anxious, making new goals of new diets, new exercise programs, and new habits that unfortunately don’t usually stick. This is where I come in. I want to help you reach all your health goals and reach a new level of success & vitality that you may not even know is possible!

MONDAY, MARCH 4TH I will be starting the Empowered Woman program. This is a 4-month journey to maximized wellness for your mind, body, & soul and it is impacting women around the nation. How FUN it will be to celebrate the graduation of our program with fireworks on July 4th! It is VERY RARE to find a program that not only teaches you how to heal your body at a foundational level, but also teaches you important emotional wellness strategies such as stress management, what the inability to forgive others does to you (not the other person), and integrates Biblical principles throughout the entire program, leaving you feeling refreshed, nourished, and empowered to take on whatever comes your way in life.

I am ONLY accepting a handful of women into this program to ensure I can give 100% of me to each of you. Time is flying and before you know it the doors will be closed! To be completely honest, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to start another group for a while, so if this at all resonates with you, I STRONGLY urge you to jump in now. I promise, you will NOT regret it!

For more info, check out The Empowered Woman page here- http://jessicalopezrn.com/the-empowered-woman/.

Email me at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com to talk to me about your personal situation and see if this is the right fit for you! I can’t wait to get started!! Woohoo!!!


As a SPECIAL GIFT to you I am posting below a SPECIAL VIDEO that is for members only that I just released in Chapter 13 of The Empowered Woman. The Topic in our “Soul” Section was the Power of Choosing Faith Over Fear and features my studly handsome brother and his take on the topic. Check it out-

Contact me ASAP to get started today!


In Health, Hope, & Happiness,



Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.
When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.
-B.K.S. Iyengar


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NEWS!! NEW “Empowered Woman” START DATE!!

Hey Friends!

I just wanted to give you a super quick heads up that after speaking with the current participants of the new Empowered Woman program, we have all decided to push it back a couple weeks!


What does this mean?

Even though we have formed a pretty good group, I am going to open up a couple more spaces just in case a few of you have been going back and forth and weren’t ready to dive in yet. I am SUPER excited about this next group, I can feel the positive energy already from the women who have already signed up!

So, if YOU are looking for a way out of all your health issues…if you’re looking for someone who will hold your hand through the healing process….if you are ready to stop going for “quick fix” methods that don’t work and ready to heal your body, mind, & soul at a foundational level, then now is the time for you to take that leap of faith and….JUMP!

I am starting health assessments already for the next group! I cannot wait to get started and see a whole new group of results! It is the most rewarding thing in the world to see someone go from a health mess to a health MASTER!

If you have any questions, I would love to speak with you over the phone. Email me at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com so we can set up a time.

Have a BLESSED Day!!!

In Health, Hope, & Happiness,



Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

Proverbs 3:5

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What Will Your 2013 Look Like?

Hey Friends!

Can you believe this is the last day of 2012? It’s incredible! Time is flying by at a crazy fast speed! I hope you all had a wonderful year full of blessings and wonderful experiences.

Now is the time we look back on what we have learned and look forward to what we want to accomplish in the future. A new year is like a fresh piece of paper, a clean slate, and we get to decide what we are going to do with it! In a time where the world seems a bit hectic and uncertain, there are ALWAYS key elements that are in our control that only we can decide. These decisions we make are some of the most important of our lives. They have the ability to dictate our future and our level of vitality and success.

As we start out this new year, i wanted to illuminate the areas that each of us DO have control over in hopes that we all will achieve an even higher level of happiness and success in the new year. We each have a calling in this life. You have unique desires, skills, & resources that were given to only you and it’s your decision what you do with those. Your response to theses simple areas can have incredible power over the rest of your life…

  • You have complete control over your perspective.

  • You have complete control over your response to situations.

  • You have complete control over your attitude.

  • You have complete control over your level of loving others.

  • You have complete control over your goals.

  • You have complete control over your actions.

  • You have complete control over your thoughts.

  • You have complete control over your words.

Looking to the future with these in mind, how and what will you change in this new year? The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. NOW is the time to shoot for the stars, believe in yourself, don’t just think about an idea, DO it! Love those around you more than ever, CHOOSE to only respond to situations in faith instead of fear, CHOOSE to be happy, CHOOSE to have a positive perspective in EVERY situation, CHOOSE to take captive your thoughts and only meditate on what is good, CHOOSE to only speak constructive words, CHOOSE to have dreams and BELIEVE in them, choose to look your fears in the face and conquer them!

I know this may sound a bit cheesy to some of you, but just imagine with me for a minute if we all did this! How DIFFERENT would our world be! BE the change you want to see in the world. A change starts with each person taking an internal look and changing themselves for the better.

We are in week 5 of The Empowered Woman program and with each week I have more confirmation that this is what I have been called to do. This group is absolutely amazing and watching other women grow, learn, become empowered, and transform their health in every way is such a privilege for me to watch. I have decided to start another group mid-January for all of you who were not able to make the first group.

NOW is the time you choose what you want your future to look like. These next four months are going to fly by just like the past 4 months have. Where will you be? Will you be stuck in your same routine, unable to progress? Or will you be at your goal, where you have dreamed to be for so long, but didn’t have the tools and encouragement to get there? This is your opportunity, will you take it?

It’s Your Choice.

I am opening up this group to just 15 women who are passionate about becoming empowered in every area of their life. 15 women who want to learn how to make their bodies invincible to disease, their minds impenetrable to negativity and depression, and their souls stronger than iron, ready to defeat the devil and all his schemes.

This is a very unique program as we go through a 120-day journey together to heal your body in a step-by-step process founded on Christian Principles. If you are ready to take this step, if you want to change the way things have been going for your life in a positive way, then email me at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com to schedule a free consultation.

For more information about the Empowered Woman program you can visit my page here.

Have an AMAZING 2013 everyone!!! I’m so thankful for all of you!



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The Empowered Woman

I am SO excited to announce the launching of my revolutionary program, “The Empowered Woman”! For all you women out there, you have to check this out! This program will rock your world- in the BEST way possible!

To learn all about it, CLICK HERE!

There are only 15 spots available and they are already starting to fill up! Save your seat now!

I’m excited to talk with you!



Want to hear what others are saying? Check out the TESTIMONIALS section here!

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