Hepatitis C & Liver Failure….VANISHED!

This story BLEW. MY. MIND. I cannot wait for you to read it!

For those of you who don’t know, the liver is INCREDIBLY important for us to be alive. It effects every other organ in the body and without a properly functioning liver, we can have horrific symptoms and very quickly deteriorate. This man’s story is absolutely amazing! If you know anyone with any kind of liver issues or Hepatitis C, PLEASE pass it on!

My Husband’s Experience with Hepatitis C
By Debbie

Last summer my husband became jaundiced and we did not know why. The doctors performed a liver biopsy which revealed that my husband did indeed have Hepatitis C. We were shocked because nothing in his lifestyle could account for this. We were told that Hepatitis C could, in time, turn into liver cancer. The doctors also told us that the only treatment was a drug called Interferon and that my husband would have to take injections three times a week for six months. We were informed that this treatment has a cure rate of ten percent. With no other options, my husband began the treatments. The side effects of Interferon included fevers, shakes and severe flue-like symptoms. Needless to say, it was horrible for my husband. He missed a lot of work and was unable to work the necessary overtime to keep up with our bills. He was too sick to go to our son’s baseball games and participate in other family activities.

When my husband’s worries increased towards the end of the six month treatment period, I decided to call my friend Jane for help. I knew that Jane had suffered for many years with symptoms associated with chronic Lyme disease. I also knew that she was finally better than she had been in years. When I had first heard about Jane’s improved condition, I just filed it away in my brain and was thankful that Jane was well again. The Sunrider Philosophy of Regeneration made sense to me as we decided to try the samples Jane gave us. Soon after, I ordered some more of the Sunrider foods. My husband was still on the Interferon when he began eating these foods. The first thing he noticed as that he had more energy and that he just felt better. This was after only one week on Sunrider.

It turns out that it was a good thing we had found Sunrider because two weeks latter the doctors told my husband that the Interferon was not working and that he should no longer take it. The next thing they told us was that my husband needed to be put on the liver transplant list. Needless to say, my husband and I were stunned and very upset.

Because my husband began to feel so much better on Sunrider, I began to do some research. I read like crazy and researched the Sunrider company. My husband and I decided that we would get him on the liver transplant list while at the same time we would give the Sunrider foods a four month trial period. So, we made an appointment at the liver transplant center in Philadelphia and ordered some more Sunrider.

About one month later my husband went to have more blood drawn and a few days later the doctors called us in to discuss the results. The doctor showed us a paper with three columns on it. The first column showed the levels a normal healthy person has in his blood. The second column showed my husband’s levels three months ago, and the third column showed his current levels. The current blood levels all showed drastic improvements over the previous levels, something which had not happened while he had been on Interferon. It was easy to see that the doctor was impressed and stunned.

Happy and thankful are weak words for how we felt!

It had only been a month since my husband had begun eating Sunrider. Even before we received the blood test results, our family and friends noticed several positive changes in my husband’s appearance. The black circles under his eyes were going, his skin color and hair were better and his eyes sparkled. We could all see the high level of energy he now had. My husband stated that he wanted to continue eating these foods because feeding his body right made him feel better.

My husband still needed to be evaluated at the transplant center so we set up an appointment in Philadelphia at one of the country’s foremost transplant centers.

Two weeks before the appointment the doctor took more blood tests and this time the results were NORMAL! I felt like doing flips down the New Jersey Turnpike!

On the day of the evaluation appointment, we filled out forms and had some interviews. The first doctor we saw asked a lot of questions and we told her all about the food herbs my husband was eating. Next, the doctor looked at my husband’s chart and examined him. She didn’t say much as she left the room except, “It seems that you’re doing better on Sunrider than on Interferon.” (I already knew this!) Next, the head of the transplant team came in and also looked at my husband’s chart. We also told him about the foods that my husband was eating. After the exam he said that my husband was “too healthy for a transplant,” but just to be sure, he would have to have a meeting with the whole team to compare results.

I was not surprised that my husband was too healthy for a liver transplant. I had seen him deteriorate while on the Interferon but had seen him come back to good health while eating Sunrider. After the transplant team met, we got a call telling us that my husband was indeed too healthy for a transplant, but at the same time they wanted to do an additional blood test to see how much Hepatitis C was in my husband’s blood.

This latest blood test indicated there was no Hepatitis C in my husband’s blood – it was gone – zero – nothing there! We were shocked!

I guess you are all wondering how my husband is doing now, four months after beginning Sunrider. He still goes for blood tests and still eats the foods and thankfully, is doing well. We just found out that his liver is no longer inflamed. He looks and feels one hundred percent better and his test results remain good. He is working full time and even doing overtime. Our lives have greatly improved and my husband can now play ball with our son. We are so thankful for Sunrider foods!


Absolutely incredible. As you can tell by the testimonies I’ve been sharing with you lately, these people aren’t just recovering from a cold or the flu, this is SERIOUS, life-threatening stuff!


I want YOU to experience these unique herbal foods for yourself! They have radically changed my life and I have tried A LOT! I am NOT a sales person, I am a person incredibly passionate about helping others prevent and defeat disease, and I have NEVER found something as powerful as the Sunrider foods!

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In Health, Hope, & Happiness,

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This Woman DEFEATED Breast Cancer & Ovarian Cyst Disappeared for GOOD in 4 Months!

I am absolutely LOVING sharing these inspiring stories!!! We all need more inspiration in our lives, right?! Today’s story is about an amazing woman who went through a roller coaster ride of cancer diagnoses, surgeries, radiation, and medications only to find more cancer, which is when she chose a different road that healed her for good! Check out her story!!



-This story is featured on www.regenerateyourlife.com where you can find multiple testimonies!-


Hi! My name is Sharon Hruska. I am 46 years old and I am a Director in Sunrider. I live in Courtland, Ohio with my husband Jim. We have a married daughter named Desiree and a son-in-law, Matthew. I am a public speaker for women’s organizations.

My journey with Sunrider began two years ago. I have had a series of health challenges that led me to these regenerative foods. Nine years ago I was being treated for fibrocystic disease. The night before my mammogram, I discovered a tiny lump that was extremely hard with irregular edges. I had surgery to have the lump removed and after the diagnosis, more procedures were needed. I had radiation, a lymph node dissection and was put on a drug called Tamoxifen. I was then given a ninety-five percent chance to totally recover. That was exciting! However, six years later when I heard my doctor say that a more aggressive approach was needed, this brought more surgery and devastation.

Once again, I was put on the drug called Tamoxifen, this time doubling the dose. I found myself descending into depression. A new drug called Fareston was introduced to try to stop this from happening. I found myself with no energy. I couldn’t sleep without assistance and it took every bit of strength to get through the day. I was desperately trying to stay above board. I did get through that year only to be faced with another challenge. I was having some problems on my left side so my oncologist did some blood work and sent me to a gynecologist. When she came in she said, “I am the bearer of bad news.” I couldn’t believe I was on this roller coaster again. My CA 125 blood count was 171 so she sent me to an oncologist/gynecologist for more testing. They discovered an eight-centimeter cyst on my ovary. The doctor wasn’t sure what was going on and said the next step would be exploratory surgery. I said, “no thanks” and we headed for home.

I guess you could say I had had enough. I told my husband I couldn’t go through another surgery. We prayed for another way and I believe this was answered when I was given a video called “Healthy For Life Seminar” by J.W. Emerson. I heard some things I had never heard before and it offered me hope. I asked my husband to watch the video and he said that he would watch it “tomorrow.” I said, “No, please watch it today.” After he watched the video, he too could see how this could change my health. I was ready to do whatever it would take to get my body back to a healthy state.

The first thing I did was become a vegetarian. This was not a hard choice for me as I never thought I should be eating “dead” animals. I just needed someone to tell me it was better for me. I began eating the basic Sunrider foods – one package of Quinary a day (equal to 10 capsules), two packages of Alpha 20C (to build my immune system), one package of NuPlus, one package of Fortune Delight or Calli, with Suncare (Sunectar in the U.S.) added. I didn’t like the Calli much, but have since learned why. Apparently my acidic body was cleansing and I was getting a metallic taste in my mouth. The Fortune Delight didn’t seem to have such a strong effect. But now I love my Calli! I drink at least 4 carafes a day. (I make it in a drip coffee maker that has never had coffee it in). I put the bag of Calli or Fortune Delight in the carafe and fill the back portion of the “Calli Maker” with filtered water.

There were moments when I wanted to get off track, but I just kept reminding myself that my health was more important than a few moments of fleshly desire. I followed this regimen for four months and then I had to go back for more blood tests and a sonogram.

When the results were in, the nurse called and said she couldn’t believe it! My blood count was down to a 26.64, which means it is in normal range and there was a resolution to the cyst, which means it is gone! She said she would have to call me back, as they didn’t know what they were going to do with me. On her return call, she said they were going to release me and I should call if there was any problem.

I haven’t needed to call them, but I do continue to see my local oncologist on a 6-month basis.

So, our Sunrider Journey has begun! We are excited to share what the foods have done for us. Yes, Jim is enjoying the benefits of Sunrider too! Though my husband appeared to be in excellent health, he did lose 25 pounds of toxic waste. He also became a vegetarian – something I would never have asked him to do with his Hungarian/Slovak heritage. As well, we never intended on building a Sunrider business, but we feel it would be a grave injustice if we kept these wonderful foods to ourselves.

I continue to eat one package of Quinary a day, two to three packages of Alpha 20C, and three to four scoops of NuPlus every day. And of course I drink my Calli! I have added Beauty Pearl to my program. I was having sixteen “hot flashes” a day and now it is a rarity to get even one. I no longer take Fareston or take a sleeping pill. My energy level continues to soar!

There are some other choices that I have made that I believe have contributed to the improvement in the way I feel. As a vegetarian, I do not eat meat of any kind. I do my best to stay away from refined sugar, hydrogenated oils and dairy. I must confess though, dairy is my hardest to give up, and from time to time I have a little cheese.

Sinus infections were something I dealt with at least five times a year and since my diet has changed, I have not had one sinus infection! Another bonus is our Sunsmile Toothpaste and Whitening gel. I was using whitening toothpaste from another company, and it was burning my mouth. I guess I should have read the warning label that was on it. When I called that company and told them what was happening, they quickly refunded my money. Since using our SunSmile toothpaste, I get great checkups, and don’t need to worry about my mouth burning. And I don’t have a “warning” label on my Sunrider toothpaste container!

For those of you reading this testimony, remember these are foods and NOT medicine. The concept is a little strange at the beginning. We are not used to eating foods that come out of little packages. Think of Sunrider as the highest form of nutrition in a fast-food form. I’d like to encourage you to begin as soon as you can and eat as much as your budget can afford. The person who gave you this testimony can show you how you can earn money to pay for these wonderful foods, or how you can travel the world if that is your heart’s desire.
We recently returned home from our Sunrider convention in Los Angeles, California. It was wonderful to hear Dr. Chen speak of the way he formulates these wonderful products. It is obvious he puts a lot of knowledge, love and care into his work – and he does it for us!
My prayer is that my story will not fall on deaf ears but will offer hope to all that read it.

– Sharon Hruska


Fascinating, Right?!?! I want YOU to experience these INCREDIBLE life-giving herbal foods for yourself! They have radically changed my life and I have tried A LOT! I am NOT a sales person, I am a person incredibly passionate about helping others prevent and defeat disease, and I have NEVER found something as powerful as the Sunrider foods!



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In Health, Hope, & Happiness,

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Conquered Cancer & Regenerated His Liver with NO Chemo or Rads!

I would like to share with you an AMAZING story about a Cancer Conqueror who was given a life-changing cancer diagnosis and BEAT it in total amazement to the doctors! 


Few people would think of my husband as the typical alternative medicine user. He preferred meat and potatoes to vegetarian fare. He headed straight to conventional medical doctors when he was sick. He was a conservative 50-year-old director of counseling at a large church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was also a colon cancer patient and a soon-to-be firm believer in Sunrider nutritional products as an alternative medicinal treatment to chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

When Doug’s cancer was diagnosed in 1993, the tumor was so large it nearly closed off his colon. After a colon resection the outlook was not good. The cancer had permeated the wall of the colon and was also found in his lymph nodes along with several small tumors in his lower abdomen. Chemotherapy and radiation were prescribed as post-surgery treatments. Even with chemo and radiation, the doctors could not promise that the cancer would not return.

When you hear a diagnosis like that, it’s like a stake driven through your heart. Even with our faith in God, we felt vulnerable and very helpless. Doug underwent a colon resection followed by one year of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. During that year, Doug began to investigate alternative treatments to chemo and radiation. He began treatments from a naturopathic doctor but four years later the cancer metastasized in his liver. The tumor in his liver was the size of an orange. Surgery was performed once again and the tumor removed. This time, even though chemotherapy was once again prescribed, Doug decided against it. All of his research pointed to nutrition and building his immune system as the “key” to fighting this disease.

I translated his decision as a death sentence. Doug urged me to read the books and information that had transformed his thinking. We became vegan vegetarians. Dairy, meat of any kind and eggs were eliminated from our diet. We were introduced to Sunrider foods and encouraged by a woman (named Faith) to begin eating these foods to bring his body into balance and eventually allow it to fight against the cancer cells. Faith had been walking free from lymphoma cancer for four years at that time, eating Sunrider products (six years at this point) with no chemotherapy treatments. She explained Sunrider nutritional herbs are designed to boost the immune system and inhibit the cancer cell growth and even shrink existing tumors.

Three months after our introduction to Sunrider, cancer was found again in his liver, exactly where it had metastasized before. Surgery and chemo were once again encouraged. Doug immediately began eating 100 times the normal amount of Sunrider’s Alpha 20C, specifically for boosting the immune system until the time of his surgery and for quite some time after. We chose to go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center in Houston and have the tumor removed. Two-thirds of Doug’s liver was removed along with the tumor. He continued to eat the Sunrider foods and refrained from chemo or radiation treatments. When the tumor was removed, it had already shrunk and was encapsulated, proving his immune system was attacking the cancer cells and eating away at the tumor.

One of Doug’s doctors at M.D. Anderson, told him to continue eating the herbal foods from Sunrider. After examining the contents of NuPlus the Doctor exclaimed, “There is nothing in this that can hurt him – it’s just food!” Doug did not eat the hospital food – he ate only Sunrider foods. After eating Sunrider for only six months, his doctor told him he had the respiratory system of a 30-year-old. He was released from the hospital earlier than anticipated. His liver regenerated in 4 weeks and the cancer has not returned.

“Chinese herbs can maximize the functions of a person’s immune system and improve overall health,” practitioners insist.
We believe in the quality of Sunrider products and trust the integrity of the company to produce safe herbal products for people like us. I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Tei Fu Chen who is a pharmacist and herbologist. Dr. Chen’s wife, Oi-Lin is a western-trained physician. The Chen’s herbal formulas are from 5,000 year-old Chinese herbal formulas handed down from his ancestors. He has taken these formulas, condensed them and is able to offer them in as pure a form as the old Chinese methods when the herbs were cooked, the fiber discarded, and the remaining liquid drank for ailments of all kinds.

In a radical change from just a few years ago, many doctors now say it is perfectly fine for cancer patients to try other things. What do complimentary therapies offer the cancer patient? Practitioners say these therapies can abate the side effects of other treatments, such as nausea. They can improve the quality of life by reducing stress, anxiety and pain. Perhaps most important, they can alleviate the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness so common among cancer patients. Many people, of course, also are hoping that these therapies will alter the course of the disease, even if they have not been proven by western medicine to do so.

Sunrider does not claim to have the cure for disease. However, special formulas of Chinese herbal nutritional products are known to build the immune system, thus providing the body with fuel to fight the disease itself. And that’s what Sunrider does best!


It’s SO amazing what the body can overcome when given the right tools. I’ve experienced it for myself and now want to SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS!!!!

I would absolutely LOVE to talk with you about the exciting opportunity for optimum health in the Sunrider foods and answer any questions you may have! Email me anytime at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com.

Want to learn more?

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In Health, Hope, & Happiness,

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She was told she was dying and there was nothing they could do…

Wow do I have an AMAZING story to share with you today!! This woman had a tumor, endometriosis, I.B.S., Diverticulosis, blood disorders, an electrolyte disorder, was in severe pain every day and wasting away…How many people do we know who have been written off by medical professionals saying “There’s nothing we can do”? I have seen this happen one too many times, and the woman in today’s story was told that same thing. Read on to see how she proved…them…WRONG!

(Taken from Health Plus Newsletter)

Hi, my name is Christy McKinney and I have been eating Sunrider foods for 3 1/2 months, so I am a “Baby Sunrider”.

I have been sick for many years but 2008 is when I really started feeling that I could barely move. Everything in my body hurt. At times I couldn’t even get enough energy to eat.

My friends and a few Doctors said it was sad to see someone dying right in front of their eyes and there was nothing they could do. I was sent to so many doctors.

I had been dealing with medical issues since 2001, severe disc degeneration in my neck (which caused migraines) and in my lower lumbar, arthritis in many places, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, facet joint arthritis. My sciatic nerve is pinched in two places. I have had many spinal injections in both areas and they even tried to burn the nerves in my lower back to help take away the pain but that was not successful. I have polymorphous light eruption and a lot of different allergies. I had a hysterectomy in 2001 and also a lumpectomy in 2000.

I have severe endometeriosis that has spread to other organs. I had liposuction in 2006 and that was when the worst part began. The doctors had found a pituitary disorder and a tumor growing on my pituitary gland with high Prolactin levels along with abnormal hormone readings.

They sent me to an oncologist and then to Moors Cancer at UCSD and they found some blood disorders but they couldn’t work out why I could barely move.

I had fevers of unknown origins and I lost weight so fast they were very worried.

They found colon polyps that were adenomas and told me I had diverticulosis (along with the I.B.S I’ve suffered from my whole life).

In 2010 after many different ER visits they finally found a potassium disorder.

I could not hold potassium or sodium in my body which was why I was so drained and could not move and everything on my body ached. “Ached” is a very mild word for the pain that I felt. I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen.

From that day on I have been in and out of the ER trying to get my body in balance but it was proving to be very difficult. In August 2011, I had a laminectomy and a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my back to decrease the back pain. That was only 20-30% effective. I still had to be on pain medication and potassium medication that made me sick.

In June 2012 my neighbor saw me barely making it to the mailbox. She came right over with Sunrider food (Nuplus, Fortune Delight, and Quinary) and told me she was not leaving until I ate it. So I did. After all, all I wanted to do is go to bed at 6pm which was my bedtime, staying up later was too painful.

I was AMAZED at what I felt 30 minutes later. It was like my body had been starving for the nutrients and I was giving it what it needed for so long. The next morning I called her and placed an order then a week later I started the Biggest Winner.

Since being on the Sunrider foods my pain management doctor has been prescribing the food and I have been able to return to doing activities with my family that I haven’t been able to do in many years, church being one of them.

I am so happy I have found a way to feed my body what it needs so I can heal the way God intended our bodies to heal. Oh and by the way, we eat the NuPlus, Calli, Fortune Delight, Quinary, and a Sunbar every day.

The most amazing part of my life-changing experience with Sunrider is hearing my eldest child tell me, “I will always be grateful to Desirae for bringing you Sunrider because now I have my Mom back”.

Thank you to all the people involved with Sunrider and God for changing my life in ways I never thought could be possible!



It’s SO amazing what the body can overcome when given the right tools. I’ve experienced it for myself and now want to SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS!!!!


Want to learn more?

Check out more about Sunrider here- Sunrider Info

If you ever have any questions, you can email me at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com.


In Health, Hope, & Happiness,

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6 Ovarian Cysts- VANISHED & 30 Pounds Lost with these AMAZING Foods!

I am super excited to share this story with you all. PCOS or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome affects millions of women around the world today. Most women given this diagnosis are given a scary prognosis that includes infertility, weight gain, facial hair, and being on artificial hormones for pretty much…ever.

Today’s story is about a 24-year old woman named Amber whose life radically changed through the Sunrider foods. Here is Amber’s story…

(Story from Health Plus newsletter)

Hi! My name is Amber.

I live in Kansas, am 24 years old and have been using Sunrider Foods for 18 Months.

Five months ago I started being extremely consistent with the Sunrider foods by drinking my one gallon of Calli per day without fail and a few months after that added Fortune Delight.

Today I was working away at my desk when my phone rang. I saw that it was my doctor’s office and picked it up quickly. I was taken off guard when I said hello and my doctor answered with a shaky voice… “Amber, Dr. C here…I have received your results from your tests to day and I have a few concerns. I need you to go TODAY and get a sonogram.” Obviously I was shaken up. OK, I was REALLY shaken up!

About 5 months ago I had a sonogram due to a cyst rupturing. I was in the ER because of the excruciating pain and they found 6 cysts on my ovaries. One stood out because of he size, 6.5 cm, which is SCARY. I was told that if one ruptured I would be in excruciating pain again.

Today when I went and got the test done, the radiologist asked if I was on birth control and I said no. She looked at me in a strange way and said, “Usually docotrs always put people with massive cysts on hormones to make them taper away and not rupture.” I told her I had been on birth control since I was 15 years old due to heavy cycles.

Three months ago I decided to stop birth control because I knew that I had some major hormone imbalances in my body. She proceeded to tell me that I had probably added to my cyst collection because I had not been putting hormones back in to help the cysts go away. When she put the sonogram on me her eyes got large and I said, “What’s wrong?!?”

She said shockingly, “There is not one cyst on your right ovary!!!” Then she moved to my left ovary and, astonished again, said, “Not one!”

She said, “You are a miracle girl. What have you been doing?” I proceeded to tell her about Sunrider and the products I had been using. She also asked me if I had felt the pain from the 6.5cm cyst rupturing. Honestly, I had, had some pain, but nothing like what landed me in the ER before. I was amazed that my body had done that much in just 5 months.

In addition to the good news above, since beginning the Sunrider foods, I have lost 30 pounds and my skin has transformed from tired, wrinkled eyes to looking fresh and rested.

My husband testifies that my mood is much better and he notices I am not tired. Exercise is now a daily stress reliever and overall my whole lifestyle has changed. No more late night fast food cravings; salt and sugar are at a minimum and I never feel swollen (In June I couldn’t wear my wedding rings because they were too tight due to the swelling in my fingers; now they fall off and I really need to have them re-sized!) I plan on eating the Sunrider foods for life.


WOW! Isn’t that an amazing story?! I personally know many women who have had incredible results with the Sunrider foods giving their body the tools it needs to heal from PCOS and many other hormonal issues such as infertility, anovulation (no menstrual cycle), thyroid disorders, adrenal disorders, and more.

Want to learn more?

Check out all my Sunrider info here- Sunrider Info

If you ever have any questions, you can email me at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com.





  • Operates in 45-PLUS countries.
  • Over 30-Years of continual service to millions around the world.
  • Still privately held, by its founder, and is a debt-free company (Not many companies can say that!)
  • Family-owned and operated since 1982.
  • Self-manufactures every product.
  • Self-determined in all aspects of product formulation, development, and production.
  • Well over a million square feet under roof in the USA plus in centers serving other countries.
  • Recognised around the world as a benchmark of quality.

But all that is minor detail. Just eat the foods consistently and see the results that truly count.


In Health, Hope, & Happiness,

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Spring Cleaning: Body Edition

People like “stuff”. We tend to hold onto more of it year after year. We save and stock up on many useless items that we don’t even know what to do with. Maybe we keep things because they hold precious memories of days gone by, or they remind us of our parents, grandparents, past loves or childhood. To part with these precious possessions may seem painful or even out of the question to some. There is a saying that goes, “You have to get rid of the old to make way for the new.” If you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your life, try some spring-cleaning. Throw out some of that old “stuff”, say goodbye to your nuances of the past and welcome the new energy of your happy, healthy future. Try these four ideas:


1. For good mental and physical health, we actually have two “houses” that need to be spring-cleaned: our physical homes and our physical bodies. Just as we accumulate “stuff” in the form of outgrown clothes, magazines, rusty bicycles, tools and random keepsakes, so do our bodies accumulate old food residues and toxins that need to be cleaned out.


2. To spring clean your body, give it a break from rich and complicated foods by either cleansing or fasting for a short period of time. Cleansing means paring down your food to just simple fruits and vegetables, lots of water and perhaps gluten-free whole grains. Fasting means limiting most foods and drinking lots of water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, teas and soups. Without much energy going toward digestion, more energy is available to the rest of your body and mind. Cleansing and fasting can sharpen your concentration, help you gain insight and promote spiritual awareness. It can also bring improved immune function and better digestion.


3. While you’re cleaning out your body and home, don’t forget to spring-clean your heart. Throw away negative thoughts and habits you’ve been harboring that no longer serve you. A clean, open heart will allow you to receive all the good that awaits you each and every day. If your heart and mind are cluttered, there is no room for life’s gifts and surprises to enter.


4. Sunrider foods are the perfect solution to nourishing, balancing, and CLEANSING the body safely and effectively. Calli tea & Fortune Delight pulls stored toxins out of our tissues and acts as a scrubber at the cellular level to get the junk out and make room for new healthy cells to be produced. Out with the old and in with the new! Contact me for more information on how to get started! (jessica@jessicalopezrn.com )

Food Focus: Greens

Leafy greens are some of the easiest and most beneficial vegetables to incorporate into your daily routine. Densely packed with energy and nutrients, they grow upward to the sky, absorbing the sun’s light while producing oxygen. Members of this royal green family include kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, mustard greens, arugula, dandelion greens, broccoli rabe, watercress, beet greens, bok choy, napa cabbage, green cabbage, spinach and broccoli.

How do greens benefit our bodies? They are very high in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous and zinc, and are a powerhouse for vitamins A, C, E and K. They are crammed full of fiber, folic acid, chlorophyll and many other micronutrients and phytochemicals. Their color is associated with spring, which is a time to renew and refresh vital energy. In traditional Chinese medicine, the color green is related to the liver, emotional stability, and creativity. Greens aid in purifying the blood, strengthening the immune system, improving liver, gall bladder, and kidney function, fighting depression, clearing congestion, improving circulation and keeping your skin clear and blemish free.
Leafy greens are the vegetables most missing from the American diet, and many of us never learned how to prepare them. Start with the very simple recipe below. Then each time you go to the market, pick up a new green to try. Soon you’ll find your favorite greens and wonder how you ever lived without them.

Shiitake and Kale

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Yield: 4 servings

1/2 pound shiitake mushrooms
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1-2 cloves crushed garlic
1 bunch kale, chopped
pinch of salt

1. Warm oil in pan on medium heat with minced garlic until aromas of garlic are released, about 2-3 minutes.
2. Add chopped shiitake mushrooms, stir-fry for 5 minutes.
Add chopped kale, stir-fry for a couple of minutes.
Add a splash of water and pinch of salt to pan, cover and let steam for 4 minutes.

Kale, Lemon, apple Green Smoothie
2 leaves kale
1 apple
1 lemon peel removed
1-2 cups water or cold calli tea
Stevia to sweeten
Ice (optional)

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!


Enjoy your spring cleaning!

In Health, Hope, & Happiness,

Jessica Aubrey, RN


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Feel Good Friday: Why I Feel SO Good

The other day I was reflecting on where I was just a few years ago with my health. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget how horrible you felt in the past when you start to feel good again! I remember sleepless nights, holding my stomach because it hurt so bad and was so distended. I remember being so scared as I was going through an MRI machine for a brain MRI, as the doctors thought I might have a brain tumor that was suppressing my hormones and causing me to not have a menstrual cycle for 7 years. I remember being in the middle of a conversation with a friend when all of a sudden I felt as if I had to burp, and a mouth full of mucous and undigested food came out of my mouth…ya, gross!  My body was in bad shape.

Reminiscing about the past years and knowing what I know now, it’s almost as if I’m watching an old film of my life and now I can recognize how my body began to deteriorate at such a young age. Thinking about the past, makes me SO thankful for all that I have been through, all that I have learned, and the people who have come into my life at the perfect times to help me get to where I am now. It also makes me excited for the future because I know my story is only beginning. I know there is so much left to experience, learn, and do, and THAT gives me goosebumps with anticipation!

As I was remembering how horrible I used to feel and the myriad of doctors, specialists, and even natural remedies I tried, I realized I need to emphasize the moment in my life when things really began to turn around for me. And with that, I introduce you to the Sunrider foods.

Maybe you’re thinking the same thing I was when I first heard about them…

   Oh, she’s just trying to sell me something…

      This is just another MLM Scam…

          I’ve tried products like this before and it didn’t work…

In June, 2010, I said these very same things. I was at my lowest of lows, and desperate for something different. I had some relief from switching to a holistic doctor in place of my regular doctor, but after a year and a half of loads of supplements, expensive testing, acupuncture, and anything else I could get my hands on, I should have felt better than I did at that point. I honestly was at a place where I couldn’t imagine myself healthy. That is a very dangerous place to be.

Then one day a friend of our family handed me a DVD and with excitement told me to watch it as it had changed her life. I thought, “sure, i’ll watch it but I probably already know what it’s talking about”. That night my husband and I watched this old home video together. It was nothing flashy or a grand production, but instead a home video made in the 80’s! The people sharing their testimonies were wearing puffy shoulder pads and huge bows in their hair. It was hilarious! Then JW Emerson started talking and teaching the principles of Regeneration and sharing how and why it changed his life and saved his wife from dying.

I was blown away.

We finished the DVD and the very next morning I called to see how I could register with the company and place my first order. I remember the woman, and now dear friend, Yvonne, who helped me sign up was pleasantly surprised that I wanted to sign up as an “IBO” (Independent Business Owner) before I even placed an order! The honest truth is that I really wanted the 25% discount, and there was something stirring within me and I just knew that this was completely different than anything I had every tried.

I immersed myself for 3 straight months with Sunrider Information- CD’s, CVD’s, testimonials, books, pamphlets, whatever I could get my hands on. I wanted to make sure I knew every inch of this company and the products before I started telling others about it. I NEVER would recommend anything I wouldn’t put in my own body. The more information I crammed into my brain, the more AMAZED I was that this information wasn’t in the headlines of newspapers and in every hospital! It is unreal!

Throughout the following 6 months my body did things I never thought it would do again…

Rather soon after starting the Sunrider foods, my digestion improved dramatically! Constipation- gone, bloating- diminished, chronic daily indigestion- gone, I was amazed! Little by little my body was responding, and faster than it had ever done before! My energy, concentration, drive, and focus greatly improved. I also had a very high viral load including HPV, Epstein Barr, Herpes simplex virus (the one that gives you cold sores), and more. I was sick ALL the time! Now my immune system is incredibly strong and I hardly ever get sick!

Two of the biggest landmarks in my healing journey was when my menstrual cycle started after 7 years of not having one and when my sebaceous cyst on my head…popped!

I don’t know another girl on the planet who gets excited to have her period…sounds weird, but after not having one for 7 years because my body was so out of balance, the day it came, I was ecstatic! It meant I was normal! That is such an amazing feeling to feel like my body is working properly after so many years of struggle!

Shortly after, I started getting a sharp pain in the sebaceous cyst that had been on the top of my head for 9 or so years. The doctor said I would always have it, but to keep an eye on it. When it started hurting, I was getting nervous that something was wrong. Then, one day as I went to look at it, it popped!!! SO GROSS!!! And it continued to “pop” for over a week until finally it was completely flat and went away. Ugh…it gives me the chills just thinking about it again.

Isn’t it AMAZING what the body can do when it has the tools to Nourish, Balance, & Cleanse itself? Those are the main principles of the Sunrider foods. I could go on for forever, but I will leave you with JW Emerson’s video.

When something changes your life so radically, you want to SHOUT IT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS!!! For those who need healing, I hope you’re listening, because I AM SHOUTING!!!

I have loads of information and research I can send you from my years of intensive learning, so if you’d like more info, send me an email at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com, and I’ll send you some amazing literature.

Here are some facts about Sunrider that you should know…Why this company is set apart:

  • Formulas are over 1,000 years old! Sunrider is the only company on the planet who has these specific ancient manuscripts that have been passed on through the generations. The company itself has been around for over 30 years and only continues to grow testimonies around the world.
  • No outsourcing- Sunrider NEVER outsources any of their products. They grow all of their herbs on their own property located in both America and locations outside of the US that is UNTOUCHED by civilization, meaning there are no chances for cross contamination, pollution, or pesticides to corrupt the Sunrider Herbs. Most companies get their products from other companies where they then put their label on it.
  • Products based on the Philosophy of Regeneration instead of Substitution. Most supplements and medications substitutes for a certain action the body should perform. These products feed the body to heal itself to function how it was created to. See the difference?
  • Each batch is closely inspected. If there is any piece of a batch that does not meet Dr. Chen’s extremely HIGH standards, the entire batch is thrown out. All herbs are BETTER than organic. Dr. Chen thought it was an insult to put a USDA Organic label on these herbs, as his standards are much, much, MUCH higher than the USDA’s organic requirements.

Here is a great documentary on the Sunrider company

Want to know more? Check out my Sunrider Page to get a FREE PDF! You can also read some of the testimonies of the wonderful people I have worked with and how it has changed their life on the TESTIMONIALS page here! 

Have a question? Email me at Jessica@JessicaLopezRN.com or leave a comment below!

Have a wonderful Friday!!


 “Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 8:39


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