Ultimate Reset Diaries: His and Hers journey through 21 Days of Cleansing- Week 1

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I have some AMAZING friends! Two in particular who are near and dear to my heart who have sacrificed their time, busy lives, and comfort foods to devote themselves to the Ultimate Reset 21 Day program AND to document their journey for all of us to see! How awesome is that?! I have to also mention that BOTH of these bad ass friends of mine work full time with a kiddo at home AND are in school! I seriously don’t know how they do it….but I know if THEY can do it, ANY OF US CAN!! Without further adue…I give you a snapshot into their experience in week one…

Pre-Ultimate Reset Day:
Today was what I can Murphy’s Law!! My daughter was performing at a Martin Luther King Junior Celebration which was supposed to end at 12:45; well it ended at around 2:30. We were all starving and since it’s the last day before we start eating “lettuce and tree bark” (hubby’s words not mine) and because I was craving Italian food we went out to eat!! We then came home and meal prepped for at least two days of meals. And of course I was starting to feel the beginning symptoms of a head cold!! Oh and here’s some words of advice before you embark on the ultimate reset:
1- Do NOT read the book in one sitting. It has a lot of information, instead try to take a couple of days and read it; I took a week to read it.
2- Do NOT try to prepare 21 days of different meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) unless you have three weeks off, and have nothing to do. Instead take a look at the back of the book where it gives you an ultimate reset in a crunch.
3- I color coded the book with tabs with which meal plan we were following to match up with same color tab as the recipe, otherwise you will go back and forth and drive yourself crazy- (see example below)

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 5.53.10 PM

Our reset in a crunch plan for week one was:
Breakfast Options:

  • Oatmeal with blueberries and yogurt sweetened with maple syrup
  • Farina with walnuts, apple and maple syrup

Lunch Options:

  • Lentil-Lime Salad with Microgreen salad and toasted pumpkin seeds
  • Quinoa Salad with ½ cup hummus and vegetable plate (tomatoes, baby carrots, green beans and red bell peppers)

Dinner Options:

  • Baked Salmon, with steamed asparagus and baby potatoes seasoned with lemon and olive oil
  • Southwestern Veggie Taco
  • Miso Soup, Stir fry veggies and ½ cup of brown rice (I omitted the Nori Gomasio- there is no way Chris is going to eat that!)

Snack: ½ a green apple with almond butter

Day 1
I woke up with a head cold! Remembered to weigh myself- I weighed 135.2 this morning. My normal weight is around 130 usually until last year when I was up to 145; I did 22 Minute Hard Corps– which is an 8 week awesome Beachbody program. I lost over 20 pounds doing that! Anyways last night was the first night I made overnight oats so I was super excited to try it this morning! It was a little runny but delicious! Hubby of course rejected it right away and said he will make his “own” oatmeal at work. My redneck just does not understand why someone would put yogurt in his oatmeal☺

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.36.17 AM

Lunch was awesome and filling to me. I got a text from hubby around 2pm regarding the “power greens”. I had to excuse myself from a meeting because I was laughing so hard. See for yourself. And those “power greens are nasty!

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.36.33 AM

Overall Day 1 wasn’t bad. Things I noticed- I went to the bathroom a lot more then I usually do (5 bottles of water will do that to you). I was tired but I think some of it was due to me being sick. Salmon asparagus and baby potato dinner was awesome and very filling.

(Hubby) I was really hating the power greens. I later found that mixing it in warm water instead of cold and cutting the volume to about 10 ounces really helps. Less of it to drink and not gritty.
Day 2
The quinoa salad was awesome and hummus tasted so good at lunch because I was starving.  So proud of hubby as he went duck hunting in the morning but took his oatmeal and all the reset supplements withScreen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.36.42 AM him proving that if you have the will you will find a way!!

I came home after lunch today as the head cold is getting worse and crashed for two hours.  Dinner was southwestern veggie taco, we skipped the rice in the tacos and had two tacos instead of one and I stayed up till 1pm to finish all my school assignments for the week (I’m in grad school as well☺). I am really feeling good so far besides the crud that I have.
(Hubby) I was doing well with day two. I was surprised that I had no caffeine headache. The biggest reason I agreed to this restart was because I knew that I was consuming way too much caffeine and sugar. I shouldn’t be able to take in the sugar due to having a gastric bypass about 3.5 years ago. Unfortunately, I am one of the lucky/unlucky bypass patients that can tolerate sugar. Another issue that I have been dealing with for some time is inflammation in my feet and in my hands. I had heard that a possible cause for inflammation was a gluten allergy. A work buddy had told me that he cut gluten and feels a lot better with his severe arthritis problems.
Day 3
Day 3 is a blur. I don’t remember much of today except hubby missed his dinner! I worked late today and he had class this evening (we are both in school) and couldn’t finish making dinner so I took over after I got home and made green beans (swapped them for asparagus in our baked salmon dinner) and texted him to drop it off to his class but he said NO!
By the time, he got home (around 10pm) he was not hungry☹
(Hubby) Well the headache found me on day three. The caffeine headache was so bad I thought I was coming down with the flu. Absolutely felt like crap and skipped dinner and went to bed.

Day 4
I woke up early and made Farina with walnuts and strawberries (we eat green apples and almond butter for snack) so I swapped the green apples in this recipe for the strawberries we had left over from last week which needed to be eaten. I know I am supposed to pick low glycemic index fruits but I was improvising plus hubby skipped dinner so I figured it will be okay. Breakfast was delicious. I savored every last bit of it.
Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 4.36.52 AMI was in a training off site from work and the pizza they had for lunch and cookies for after lunch smelled so delicious! I almost caved in with the cookies but a friend reminded me to stay strong and I stuck to it- Yay so proud of myself because I physically reached out for the cookie and stopped. I had taken my lunch with me –quinoa salad and assortment of veggies with hummus and I gobbled that up like a turkey.
Dinner was left over salmon from yesterday that hubby did not eat and I had made enough last night for two days’ worth. Thank God we are Salmon lovers!

Since the next two weeks are supposed to be vegetarian, this is the last day we will be having any type of meat/fish.
OH and get this!! Hubby weighed himself this morning and had lost 8 pounds!! And I have lost ONLY 0.9!! WTH
(Hubby) The headache was less than the day before but still there. Still a less than normal appetite. Ate most of the food during the day.
Day 5
Yay, it is Saturday! But I woke up feeling blue and emotional. I skipped breakfast…I was not remotely hungry but I drank all the water and supplements I was supposed to. Hubby was out hunting again so I had the house to myself and did some major cleaning. By lunch time I still was not hungry but had my lentil-lime salad with microgreens and toasted pumpkin seeds.
Hubby had the southwestern taco (dinner) for lunch since we are trying to get rid of leftovers and also plan menus for next week.
I found miso paste at Raley’s so I made miso soup and stir fry veggies for dinner since it is the weekend and I have more time on my hands. I also took the time today to plan out next week’s meals and make a grocery list.
Day 6
Arggh, I did not sleep all night long! This cold and cough kept me up pretty much all night but I still had energy all day. We had Farina for breakfast, I combined the Qunioa and veggie plate for lunch into a stir fry and for dinner we finished of the Southwestern Veggie Tacos. All prepped and set for next week which for us starts on Tuesday. Sorry no pictures today, I may not be feeling good from the lack of sleep, my brain is not functioning at top capacity today. Even though I did not sleep last night I went to bed at 1am on Day 6- I was wide awake and lots of energy- and of course got tons of assignments for school done.☺

(Hubby) Well the headache is gone and the appetite returned. We went shopping and the smells of grocery store roasted chicken and the samples at Costco were harder to walk away from than I suspected.

Day 7
5 hours of good sleep and ready to conquer the day- or so I thought!! Murphy strikes again and I did not get around to eating my Farina until 11am. I had all the energy and felt like my body was in overdrive today. I had a bunch of staff call in sick today (Monday) and 1 new person start today and it was a clinic day so work was crazy!!  I didn’t have lunch (in fact I didn’t notice the time until 5pm) and figured I’d just wait for dinner. Hubby made me miso soup and stir fired veggies- miso soup (or some form of it) is a definite keeper for us even after these 21 days are over.
Week two starts morrow and some of my takes from week 1:

  • Water is key, follow the water intake and supplements.
  • Have fun with the food, pick a couple and figure out how to incorporate it to suit you. Like today we put brown rice into our miso soup instead of eating it with the stir fired veggies- we both liked it better that way.
  • Hubby has lost approximately 10 pounds this week and I have lost 3 (don’t despair, the weight loss difference could be due to me being sick and stressed to the max with work and school) so my body is holding on to every last bit it can!
  • Those power greens taste horrible no matter what you do but they do go down a little easier in lukewarm water☺
  • (Hubby) One thing I realized today was that identifying bad habits or bad routines can help you after the reset is over. The last couple days I found myself walking towards the kitchen at home or the breakroom at work out of habit and not out of hunger. I look back now it seems like it would be a mindless act to forage in the pantry and come out with a hand full of trail mix or a granola bar. That may not seem so bad but you must make sure that if you do those things, don’t have the trail mix with chocolate and bars with corn syrup. So, I will stop buying those not so healthy snacks and find some better ones, but I will try first to just have a glass of water first. Hopefully that helps.

Wow!! What a week! I don’t know about you, but I am hooked! I can’t wait to hear what the next week has in store for these two! Stay tuned for more from this dynamic duo on Week’s 2 & 3!

For more information on The Ultimate Reset, feel free to contact me at TheHealthPatriot@Gmail.com.


-The Health Patriot, Jessica

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