Vaccine Resource

I’m the Conundrum.

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

I’m a certified Public Health Nurse.

I worked as an Infectious Disease RN…

I have 3 babies and none of them have EVER received any vaccines. Ever. Nor will they. Ever.


Because I’m an educated health professional who learned to read the inserts (not the handouts the doctor’s office gives you.). I looked up every ingredient in every injection.

I learned about DNA replication.

I learned about the blood-brain barrier and the metals in many of these injections that cross that barrier and impact the tiny brains.

I learned about the ZERO liability pharmaceutical companies have when tiny humans are injured or die after a vaccine.

I learned about the special vaccine injury court that pays out millions a year for injuries.

I learned about the mafia-style approach to scare parents into following the rules, scare doctors into enforcing them or they will lose their license, scare kids, remove school and daycare… all in the name of public safety.

I’m an advocate of TRUE informed consent before ANY medical intervention, which doesn’t happen.

I’m not “Anti-Vax”. To be honest I hate these classifications and the division it brings.

Just because I chose not to vaccinate my kids doesn’t mean I’ll judge another parent for vaccinating theirs. That is NOT what this is about.


I believe every parent and child deserves the right to know the true risks, the true research, the true side effects.

THEN you can make your decision for what’s best for your family.

As a parent, it’s our RESPONSIBILITY to learn the pros and cons so we can be the best advocate possible for our kids.

I’ve connected with an amazing mama who has 2 girls who were both vaccine injured.

She has dedicated hundreds of hours of research to compile beautiful color-code binders that she now sells at her cost for parents wanting all the hard-copy research in front of them.

She’s also provided a FREE google drive you can ACCESS HERE!

Remember, as a parent, YOU are the best advocate for your child. Never be bullied by anyone to go against your parental instinct.