Why I left the BODi (Beachbody) Business… and How I’m Re-Launching

This is a post I never thought I’d be writing…
After much prayer, consideration, tears and nearly 8 years, I’ve recently made the decision to end my partnership with BODi (Beachbody) in my Health Patriot business.
I will forever be grateful for the relationships built and lessons learned these past 8 years. The BODi opportunity changed our family’s life for forever.
To be honest though, it’s not what it was. I’m not who I was. And it’s no longer in alignment with the calling the Lord has placed on my heart and the needs of my family.
I’ve released a video with more details about this decision for those of you who are interested.
To my BODi fam, I love you all. I’m so proud of each of you and I’ll always be here cheering you on!
As for where I’m going next… I have been given an amazing opportunity to be a part of a newer company dedicated to creating hormone safe products and reducing our family’s exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals contributing to infertility, hormonal Imbalance, asthma, neurological issues and more. I am assisting in product formulation as the company grows and linking arms with other top notch business mama’s who are united in mission to address this issue impacting nearly every household.
We are creating hormone-safe products for what you put in, on and around your body.
If you know my backstory, my own infertility diagnosis, my struggle with anxiety attacks, nearly non-existent hormones, adrenal exhaustion and gut health mysteries… as well as my passion to educate and empower- you can feel it too. This is going to be BIG and such an amazing shift for my business, clients and family.
Learn more about the new company at https://healthpatriot.hughandgrace.com/
Have questions? Concerns?
Email me at HealthPatriotCoaching@gmail.com
Or Find me over on IG at @Health_Patriot
If you’re still reading, I’d love to stay in touch and send you info to what we’re building- in products, business, family life and more. Subscribe to my emails here.
As always, thank you so much for your support, trust and encouragement. I always promise to advocate for transparency, freedom and staying alignment with God’s best for you… in all things!

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