Why it’s Good to NOT use Sunrider!

Do you ever start a healthy routine or a new superfood concoction, etc, and after a while because you feel so good and forgot what it was like to be sick, you wonder if this new lifestyle is even working for you anymore…

Maybe some of you can relate to me…

I’ve been using the Sunrider foods consistently for the past 3 years. INCREDIBLE transformations have happened in my health during this time, that I am truly amazed about. There have also been times during these 3 years where I have been out of Sunrider for a significant amount of time (months) and although I was so sad to be out of it, I am VERY THANKFUL that these Sunrider deficient times happened. Why? Because when I wasn’t able to use Sunrider, I REALLY felt how big of a difference it was making in my life!

Living overseas makes life a little more difficult for things like these. For instance, I not only have to pay shipping from the manufacturer to my California address, but then from California to Spain! I want to cry every time I see how much shipping costs, but THAT is how important these herbal tools are to me.

So, now, I am in one of those Sunrider droughts again. I ran out and have not been able to re-order because my husband and I are in a huge transition and have been traveling across Spain for the past couple weeks and staying with my in laws. Although I still have other superfoods and supplements that I have been taking daily along with great sleep, daily exercise, and eating well, my body is DEFINITELY missing Sunrider! For those of you who know my Sunrider story, hormones & digestion where my two weak areas…VERY WEAK. I didn’t have a menstrual cycle for 6 years! Isn’t that crazy!? I tried tons of supplements, acupuncture, etc, and nothing got the job done. 6 months into Sunrider my cycles began again and have been regular ever since.

Now I have been 2 months without these amazing herbal foods and my body is starting to act up again in. THIS is why I am SO thankful for these times without Sunrider, because my eyes are opened again to how INCREDIBLY POWERFUL they are!!!

So, yes, I guess you could say, if someone is a Sunrider regular and you’re not sure if it’s working, maybe go off of it for a while and see what happens! I DON’T however recommend this for someone just starting out as the first 6 months are usually the most important and transformational, so be patient and the key is consistency and eating enough to make a difference. 🙂

Check out my previous posts with Sunrider testimonies! These are AMAZING and I’m sure you’ll find yourself encouraged!

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