10 Reasons Sunrider is Simply the Best

1.  The Philosophy of Regeneration: This is a fundamental philosophy behind all of Sunrider’s food products. Most nutritional companies market products simply because they know the products will be popular. Sunrider believes that when the body is consistently given the proper combination of “whole foods”, the cells of the body are strengthened and fully able to regenerate and keep the body systems balanced and harmonious which translates to being healthy.  A balanced and healthy body can self-regulate and self-heal.  All Sunrider products are consistent with this philosophy.

2.  Sunrider foods are whole foods: Most nutritional products are either isolated vitamin/mineral supplements or medicinal herbs. Sunrider herbal nutritionals are neither. They are whole foods (herbs) with only the indigestible cellulose and water removed keeping the life intact. Isolate supplements may meet a deficiency but never regenerate because they are only part of a food and are usually chemically synthesized. Medicinal herbs “control” and take over the body functions that the body is designed to perform. This weakens the body even more. Rather than medicinal, Sunrider foods are “food-grade” herbs that the body was designed to recognize and receive for its nourishment and life (Genesis 1:29). Since these are foods, they do not interfere with medications. Instead, Sunrider whole food-grade herbs nourish the body to regenerate.

3.  Sunrider’s owner expertise: Unlike most nutritional companies run by business people, Sunrider International is owned and operated by a uniquely qualified team of professional experts. Dr. Tei Fu Chen, a world-renowned herbalist and his wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen, a western medical doctor, thoroughly understand herbs and the human body. Dr. Tei Fu Chen recognizes that every plant has both weaknesses and strengths. By proper combining, he is able to magnify the strengths and negate the weaknesses. The combination of Dr. Tei Fu Chen’s working knowledge of over 2000 herbs and Dr. Oi-Lin Chen’s medical knowledge, provide the needed expertise.

4.  Sunrider manufactures their own exclusive high-quality products: Unlike most nutritional companies that contract out their products to be manufactured elsewhere and then put their private labels on them; Sunrider actually makes their own products according to Drs. Tei Fu and Oi-Lin Chen’s specifications.  A large area of Sunrider’s manufacturing buildings is dedicated for the Research and Development Department headed by Dr. Tei Fu Chen. Two million square feet of manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, Singapore, China and Taiwan.

5.  Sunrider herbal foods are unique:

  • Distinctive – Sunrider foods include system specific foods that nourish the five life support systems, the immune, endocrine/hormonal, digestive, respiratory and circulatory, plus the neuro-muscular system. Basically, all Sunrider foods assist the body in cleansing and provide nourishment at the cellular level. The body knows how to regenerate given the proper nourishment.
  • Concentration – Rather than chopping parts of herbs (1 lb. to 1 lb. ratio) Sunrider concentrates the nectar of the plant (4-30 lbs. to 1 lb. ratio according to the formulation) resulting in nutrient dense food that is many times stronger than other herbals. This is assimilable and very cost effective nutrition. Water- soluble plus oil-soluble nutrition – Juicing a food only captures the water-soluble nutrients. Sunrider’s unique processing designed by Dr. Tei Fu Chen captures both the water-soluble and oil-soluble nutrients into a powerful nectar that is spray dried and flow-coated together in the herbal formulas.
  • Combination – Rather than randomly mixing herbs for a common purpose, Sunrider has the expertise to properly combine the herbs. In proper combining, the weaknesses of each are balanced by the strengths of the other herbs in the formula. The strengths of each herb are also multiplied. Herbal experts agree that an herbal formula is balanced and helps bring the body into balance. Whole plants (herbs) properly combined create a positive synergy (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts).
  • Variety – Rather than selecting one or two herbs to bring the body back to health, Sunrider foods contain hundreds of plants that may be eaten every day without overeating. In just the three basics (Calli, Quinary and NuPlus) there are over 70 whole concentrated herbal foods.
  • Purity – Sunrider foods are further distinguished as pure whole foods because they contain no preservatives, artificial colors/flavors, isolates or additives of any kind.
  • Safety – Sunrider is impeccable in its integrity with FDA requirements. Their focus is on nourishing the whole family. The Chens and their five children (and grandchildren) along with many thousands of other families have enjoyed the healthful benefits of Sunrider foods in all stages of life – pregnancy, infancy, youth, adulthood and into senior years.
  • Total body nourishment – Sunrider’s 3 basic foods (Calli/Fortune Delight, NuPlus, and Quinary) alone contain 70 highly nourishing foods providing totally satisfying nourishment for the whole body. All one really needs in addition is water and fiber, such as the Vitalite SunBars. Shelf life – Guaranteed shelf life of the mylar-packaged foods are three years and bulk foods are two years.

6.  Sunrider has the highest standards of cleanliness and health: Whereas most companies are not involved in their herb selection and processing, Sunrider’s farming standards are so high that the imported herbs do not have to be sprayed with pesticides or herbicides. The cleanliness and manufacturing standards are so high that the FDA has given Sunrider pharmaceutical status and a food grade that exceeds the “good manufacturing practices”.

7.  Sunrider is well established: Not at all new to the scene of herbal nutritionals, Sunrider International is the world’s largest herbal food company. With millions of consumers, Sunrider does business in more than 42 countries, 22 worldwide offices, on 5 continents. Sunrider owns and operates its own International Headquarters located in Torrance, California and their million square feet U.S. Manufacturing Facilities at City of Industry, California.

8.  Sunrider foods and products have a proven history: Companies continually come and go with new nutritional products. Sunrider has 30 years (since 1982) of proven history committed to bringing these foods to the world. Thousands of families have been enjoying the benefits of “getting healthy, maintaining health, and taking health to higher levels” with Sunrider foods. These foods nourish the body for energy required in sports and also weight management. Furthermore, many Sunrider foods are based on herbal formulas that have been time-tested for thousands of years and recorded in ancient manuscripts (recipes), many which are personally owned by the Chens.

9.  Sunrider makes exclusive herbal based skin care products: Generally all skin care products contain animal by-products coming from rendering facilities (dead animals). Sunrider uses no animal products, petroleum or mineral oil in any of their skin care or cosmetics. Kandesn products are manufactured with plant-based proteins, herb extracts, mineral and other natural ingredients. Sunrider uses squalene from extra virgin olive oil in all their Kandesn products. Everything is PH matched to the skin (not just PH balanced to water) and is of the highest regenerative nutrition to the skin. Sunrider is the only food company that produces an entire line of skin care and cosmetics “under the same roof” as herbal foods. They believe that nourishing the skin on the outside, as well as the inside, are very critical and important since the skin is the body’s largest organ.

10. Sunrider provides products for a healthy home: Sunrider’s SunSmile line includes superior household and personal care products made with herbs and natural ingredients. These highly concentrated formulas include an all-purpose gentle, but powerful Household SuperClean, Laundry SuperClean, SunBright Bleach, Fruit and Vegetable Rinse…


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